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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

The bottom line is that Belief determines your quality of health, rate of healing and everything else in your life experience. It is your beliefs, definitions, thoughts and emotions that create the outer experience of reality. In fact there is plenty of scientific evidence out there to support this position and it all starts with the definition of disease and the Placebo Effect. From the College of Christ Consciousness we get the following," All disease is caused by the denial of negativity within. Since negativity is a perception based on a neutral event or circumstance, it is essentially an erroneous belief out of which supporting false beliefs spring. Holding an erroneous belief system, especially in a suppressed or repressed form creates an environment of internal discordance on a subconscious level. Over a period of time denial of the judgment placed upon some aspect of oneself and then suppressed, begins to alter the cellular structure of the area of the body where the memory of the event or circumstance is stored. This cellular alternation has been labeled disease. IT IS REALLY EMOTIONAL SELF JUDGMENT." This information is channeled from Mother Mary by Jeanne Hatch and has been made open to the public over the last 5 years and formerly kept in the mystery schools. You will notice the comment "neutral event or circumstance"; because all events or circumstances are NEUTRAL and do not come with built in meaning. This is the fundamental principal of HEALING which is not practiced in conventional medicine. The spin you put on an event determines the experience you get from it. When one person heals another person it is not that they actually heal them, what they do is create an energy level and if the patient matches the vibration then they are healed!!  They actually heal themselves through belief. Ascended Masters could do this without assistance and the individual's circumstances would determine whether or not it was the appropriate thing to do. That is why I suggest Healing with your Higher Self to accomplish the same effect. Dr. Daniel Benor, compiled the most exhaustive collection of healing studies ever done--fully 191 studies where the power of the human mind alone was used in various attempts to heal everything from single celled organisms to plants, animals, birds, fish and humans--even at great distances such as from New York to Los Angeles. Of those 191 studies fully 64% showed that the simple focus of the mind upon healing another life form created a very substantial  healing affect. Not cure but effect. Russian research has also shown that viruses will not take hold unless the consciousness/torsion field 'frequency' of the person is diminished enough to allow it to activate. Thus you can see the connection between higher consciousness and disease. Like the Sirians said in Patricia Cori's book, 'No More Secrets No More Lies', when 6 strands of DNA are activated and rebundled then disease is not possible because the frequency shatters the disease. Also we see the connection between self empowerment and healing as the more self empowered you are the greater is your potential to heal. Healing is done from being grounded in unconditional love, gratitude, and compassion and not from a state of powerlessness and victim hood. Even more stunning is the Russian researcher Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev's groundbreaking study, where he proved that a disease could be energetically transmitted into healthy cells from a distance. This proves that viruses are not simply physical things. He proved that they are frequencies. And with a little imagination I think you can see that they can be transmitted through high technology such as TELEVISION.  The Russians also found out that higher intensity torsion fields automatically out-resonate anything that could be harmful to life--even turning toxic poisons into inert, safe substances. See the Valery Uvarov interview at Project Camelot for more on these studies. They also found that as the electromagnetic fields change and the Earth's rotation slows down as we approach 2012 that health issues will become more pronounced. Thus the development the the Egyptian Healing Rods. (  Holding them in your hands is like sitting inside a pyramid!! They also stimulate the immune system, activate higher chakras, and balance the Yin Yang system of the body. The reason the rods have such a profound impact on disease is that they improve the energy flow in the body. In Russia where the rods are made, medical doctors, physicists, and astro-psychologists have conducted numerous scientific tests on them. They observed that when holding the rods an electrical current moves through the body. Kirlian photography; which shows the energy flow in the body, reveals that 7 minutes holding the rods has the same effect as 30 minutes of acupuncture. The rods do not heal directly, Instead they balance the body and strengthen the immune response system so the BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF. This connects with Bashar information when he says that the human body is capable of healing 99.9% of health issues if properly detoxed and fed the proper nutrients. When the Egyptian dynasties ended. Knowledge of the purpose and use of the rods was known only to a few secret mystical societies who kept their existence hidden. Of course not from the Pharaohs! Whether you are an experienced meditator or simply want to advance your psychic development, the Egyptian Healing rods have a profound effect on inner levels. Also, in the definition of disease above you will notice that "Self Judgment" is at the root of the problem of disease. Judgment is at the root of all problems, that and selfishness. Discerning the truth is one thing but when you invalidate someone, including yourself, or others or an organization it only serves to bring you down to that frequency. The emotional components of fear, hate, anger, guilt, shame make a huge contribution to the topic of disease. I like the Andromedan idea that fear is a distraction from your original INTENT OF BEING CONSCIOUS CREATORS. It is also a place of disconnection with the Higher Self; as energy channeled in alignment with your Higher Self reflects as joy, peace, love, gratitude, compassion, and excitement while the same energy channeled that is not in alignment or fear based will result in all the negative emotions. Thus, again we see the connection to the above definition of disease as it really is 'Erroneous Thinking' and BELIEVING. The fact is, that people think SEEING IS BELIEVING; but in actuality it is BELIEVING IS SEEING!! . Now your belief could be unconscious, so that by the time you see the manifestation of it, you think "Oh it is the seeing of this idea that has created the belief within me. And so you are looking to see things that will generate in you the beliefs you think you want. But the only way you see these things in the first place is to already have the belief  that you will see them. Then your physical external reality forms the symbols that are reflective of those beliefs. Seeing it in your reality is what let's you know you have the beliefs; so the beliefs no longer have to remain unconscious." Bashar The fact that taking a faux drug can powerfully improve some people's health--the so called placebo effect--has long been an embarrassment to the serious practice of pharmacology. Some other basics assumptions have also been invalidated: #1 That if a trial was managed correctly, a medication would perform as well or as badly in a Phoenix hospital as in a Bangalore clinic. However it was found that geographic location alone could determine whether a drug beat placebo or crossed the futility boundary. By the late 90's, for example, the classic anti-anxiety drug diazepan also known as valium, was still beating placebo in France and Belgium; but when the drug tested in the U.S., it was likely to fail. Prozac performed better in the U.S. than it did in Western Europe and South America. #2 That the standard tests used to gauge volunteer's improvements in trials yielded consistent results. But it was discovered that ratings by trial observers varied significantly from one testing site to another. It was like finding out that the judges in a tight race each had a different idea of where the finish line was!! #3 That placebo effects were short-lived. In a study done a few years back at Harvard Medical School by Ted Kaptchuck they focused on irritable bowel syndrome; a painful disorder that costs more than 40 billion a year worldwide to treat. First, the volunteers were placed in three groups. One group was simply placed on a waiting list. Researchers know that some patients get better just because they sign up for a trial. Another group received placebo treatment from a clinician who declined to engage in small talk. Volunteers in the 3rd group got the same placebo treatment from a clinician who asked them questions about symptoms, outlined the causes of IBS and also displayed optimism about their condition. Not surprisingly the health of those in the 3rd group improved most. In fact, just by participating in the trial, volunteers in this high interaction group got as much relief as did people taking the two leading prescription drugs for IBS, And the benefits of the placebo treatment persisted for weeks afterward contrary to the belief widespread in the pharmaceutical industry. (See the Posts The Power of Belief in this site and Healing the Known and Unknown and Quantum Physics and You) I am currently constructing a web site at, which will have available my e-books which give specific instructions regarding healing yourself or developing TOTAL IMMUNITY FROM DISEASE!!  Of course I advise not to go there if you are not open minded or too conventional in your beliefs!! Everyone has the potential to be cured but weed themselves out based on their BELIEFS. In the meantime if you have already researched the Power of Water by Masuro Emoto you will see proof of how our thoughts and emotions effect water. It can also effect the foods we eat. The Pleiadians have developed a way cool technique because they are aware of the toxicity in most of the food available to the public. You visualize what is called a transfiguration grid around the food you eat. Basically, visualize a cube around your food with GOLDEN lines crossing the cube from each of its sides to the other. Then visualize a GOLD  infinity symbol outside but touching the cube and send love to the infinity symbol; which in turn sends these higher vibrations along the lines of the cube and effects the food inside in very positive ways!! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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