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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and for over an eight year period was out of the country and when I returned I was shocked at how many obese people there were. It is obvious looking from the outside that Americans have been psychologically abused. I am not going to give excuses for this, because I think when you become aware that you are going over the edge you have to start making the proper adjustments. One of my readers at this blog site has asked me to write an article about this topic; so here are my thoughts: First of all, I do not prescribe to the medical definition of obese or the measurements of body fat. I am a spiritual being and there was nothing wrong with Buddha in my opinion or Babe Ruth in baseball. The Sultan of Swat hit more home runs one year than the rest of the league put together. And Bashar, who I admire, has said that there are all sorts of body types and unless you are at extremes it doesn't matter. In fact Alex Collier has said that the Andromedans told him that we have about 22 different body types on the planet  from the 22 different civilizations that contributed to our DNA! That being said America is still the fattest country on the planet. Of course it has been helped along  in my opinion by a purposeful plan to make it be that way. The pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the mainstream medical  has Americans on every kind of pill known to man. In my opinion almost all of it cures nothing; but only hides symptoms and creates huge side affects. I don't take any pills and will not take any pills. I am responsible for me and although a well intentioned Doctor, who follows the guidelines he was taught might recommend them, I will make that decision, thank you. To me it is all about attitude. Even a simple aspirin covers up the reason you got a headache. It is like hearing a fire alarm go off and cutting the cable. Americans have been brainwashed into giving all their power away and always seem to be looking for the quick fix. Most just don't want to do the necessary work or have the energy to do the necessary work. When people come to me and ask questions about medical concerns, first of all I have to explain that I am not a doctor and any advice should be taken as educational and philosophical only. That's to keep me from being sued or charged with malpractice. Disclaimer is the adjective. But the first thing you do in any situation is to put a positive spin on the circumstance; because the formula is positive spin in and a positive experience will be the result. Second, I ask the person to do the inner work to find out why they created the outer circumstance in the first place. Here is a simple techniques to use. Say to yourself " I feel frustrated. I chose to feel frustrated. Why do I chose to feel frustrated? " If you can answer this you are well on your way to recovery. In the mainstream medical, they do some tests always based on you being perfect and come up with a problem. They don't want to get involved in why the situation came about; so they are always in reaction modality. The truth is that your body "Is designed as a self-healing system; it has intelligence, and with proper rest and nourishment it can produce whatever is required to bring about a state of health, once changes in both attitude and activity are engaged. A lack of love and appreciation for your body will be expressed through poor eating habits as well as a general disregard for the very activities that nurture and support optimum health. To build the reality you want, create a clear, detailed mental image of your desired outcome; if you are ill, you must set your mind to full recovery with a healing phase that is short, easy, and sweet. Embrace the idea that everything works out just fine in a remarkable series of beneficial events. Imagination, visualization, activation of your willpower, expectation, and positive reinforcement are the keys to learning new behavioral patterns. You must expect results. When your body is not functioning properly, you have the power to change your attitude and heal yourself--this can be as simple as recognizing self-pity and changing it to self-acceptance; changing fear to desire, and anger and pain to forgiveness. Collectively and individually your cells know how to keep your body functioning, and if there is a problem, your body lets you know. There is always a point and purpose to every illness as well as to the pain that may accompany it.  " Pleiadians in Barbara Marciniak's 'Self Empowerment' Despite this abuse of pills,   research has shown that most people put on 10 pounds for every $10,000 of debt, the addictive additives to food like MSG and the outrageous amounts of calories that are at regular restaurants; as well as the fast food places. Poor health does not just land in your lap. You are ultimately responsible for setting the stage of your body's inner terrain based on the choices you make, and you actually restrict your body's natural healing processes when you readily accept only conventional medical labels and categories for your condition. You deny the purpose and power of your body's intelligence when you believe that you "just caught something out of the blue," rather than realizing and accepting that your body is merely responding to your inner feelings and commands. You are the ultimate authority when it comes to really knowing your body; because you are the one managing the show. Either by clear intent or by way of beliefs, you will eventually manifest whatever it is that you command. More from the Pleiadians, "The power of suggestion is well understood among the medical sciences, yet its negative applications can be readily seen with the relentless dire warnings about protecting yourself from harmful exposure to the sun and nature, or the need for vaccinations that are actually toxic chemical cocktails. And grave and foreboding announcements always anoint the arrival of the yearly flu season. Illness is now big business. You have to start thinking in terms of not catching everything that is going around, like going against the rules and and not lifting your mitt to catch that fly ball. Millions of people frighten themselves into various stages of sickness and death and contribute to the business of fear; because they have been taught to deny the connection between mind and body. A numbing, unquestioned acceptance of a given medical prognosis can stem from a variety of foundational beliefs; yet it will all boil down to a strong underlying belief in personal powerlessness that can be expressed as follows," Who am I to question a medical authority? What do I know? Modern medical has all the answers. I have no medical insurance--what if something happens to me? I have no control over my body. The largely ineffective, costly health-care system is sustained by such beliefs. From a larger perspective, this sense of powerlessness over how to create physical well-being has resulted in poor energy management of physical and mental resources, which has manifested in the current epidemic, of serious maladies". The path of positive energy is to be teaching ourselves and our children that the human body is a miraculous healing machine. The only thing we need protection from is our own beliefs and possibly the dumping of fear upon us from mainstream sources. I refer the reader to my blog "How to Keep You and Your Kids Healthy" for the basic foundation of health. Of course, as a society, I  also believe that the abduction scenario has played a major role in the abuse of Americans. As Bashar would teach, every event does not come with built in meaning and there is a positive side to this circumstance as well. However, I'm sure a lot of people out there only viewed the experience as shear terror and fear.  No doubt the symbol of lots of extra weight is a clear sign of emotional abuse. Again, not an excuse; because I also believe that you are never given tests that you are not capable of handling. But clearly the American public has been duly challenged in this regard. And couple this with a constant reminder of fear of this and that to the point of basically sacrificing liberty and freedom for a so called protection; which only comes in the mode of more abuse. The appearance of an obesity crisis is symbolic of a variety of health concerns facing the American public. The way out is to do your inner work and put enormous energy into the positive. I highly recommend the techniques at my new website and the E-books related to 'Healing the Known and Unknown'; because it is a one stop shop for self empowerment and can assist with any condition. My sincere best towards your success with obesity, full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at