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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

The following advice is to be considered as spiritual and educational in nature and not medical advice. For medical advice see your doctor. Having said that, if I had an unknown disease what would I do? First of all it is imperative to place a positive spin on the outer circumstance. The formula is positive emotional spin in and positive experience is the result. A negative emotional spin in will result in a negative experience. Our beliefs and our expectations create the experience as verified by the latest research by quantum physicists. I would place as much positive emotion as I could muster into the belief that something wonderful will be the result. Thus, turning the situation to a joyful experience. The energy being reflected in an unknown disease comes from the energy of frustration. I would internally say to myself, "I feel frustrated. I feel frustrated. I choose to feel frustrated." The next obvious thought would be "Why do I choose to be frustrated?" If I can answer this then I am well on my way to healing this situation,knowing that my outer circumstance was created from an inner belief. If the answer is not obvious at that point, I may have to search my emotions to find some area of suppressed guilt, shame or anger. Once I have discovered this, the next step would be to make an intent to contact my Higher Self. I would offer up my guilt, shame or anger to my Higher Self and ask that I be cured of this illness and guided to methods that I believe in to assist in giving me permission to overcome this challenge. It is important to acknowledge ownership of the disease because you cannot change what you do not own. Blame, complaint, and justifying the circumstance would be reflective of victim hood consciousness. You then create a point of power; as if you created it, you have the power to heal it! Remember your Power ends where your Fear begins. You will not want to live your life in fear; especially since what you focus on will attract the experience. In time you can view fear as a friend because it has helped you to identify an issue that you need to deal with. There are many techniques and methods available and it is important to do the ones that you feel are good for you and that you believe in. The most important thing here is to put your energy into positive beliefs. Do not let the initial echoes of your old belief to make you think the process is not happening. Something like hearing an echo of yelling out number 1 and then 2. You will still hear the last echoes of number 1 when the number 2 reaches your ears. The number 2 would represent your new self empowered belief in wellness. If you are looking for a good place to start. Do a thorough detoxification as from the American Botanical Pharmacy in California, Dr. Shultze's programs and order some Super Food to put the proper nutrition in your body. About 90% of all symptoms disappear once this is done. Toxicity lodges in our cells in a way that immobilizes the immune system. Egyptian Healing Rods are another good way to activate your higher chakras, balance your internal clocks, and stimulate the immune system. One quarter of an hour per day of holding these rods is like an hour of acupuncture. Drink lots of pure water. Water that does not contain fluoride. Get off meat or animal products of any kind. Stop watching television or limit it severely to 2 or 3 hours a week and spend an equal amount of time in nature. The bottom line is that about 90% of health issues come from animal fats in the body. I suggest you go to You Tube and see 'The Effects of Animal Fats on Humans'.  It also gives amazing insight into how our body is constructed to be vegetarian, and shows how there is no reason why we require meat in our diet. You will never see a High Being eating dead bodies as a food source. And I was taking any prescription drugs, I would start doing some research and find a natural way to deal with the issue. The side effects of pharmaceutical products is devastating not to mention over 200,000 Americans die every year from them. A point hardly covered in mainstream media. And Dr. Pete Peterson, Project Camelot Portal interview, has also revealed that medical diagnosis is only accurate 6% of the time! If you have not read 'How to Keep You and Your Kids Healthy' at this website, it is a must read. Adults and children need to learn the foundation of excellent health. If you are truly interested in healing yourself, then you need to do some inner work with regards to your Belief system. You need to know what your beliefs are about this subject. And you need to have a good grasp of the idea of the Placebo Effect. Basically, it means that people have been given sugar pills that should have zero impact on their condition, and because they believe they work they do. Once you know for certain, it is all about Belief, then the sky is the limit! Spiritual people have a big leg up in this area; as they are increasing their connection with their Higher Selves. There are many techniques that can be utilized in this area and the best ones for you are the ones that you resonate with. Basically, the ones that give you permission to heal the situation. Know that all disease is a message of some kind to learn from. Even terminal disease can be dealt with if the overall plan for you in this lifetime requires it. Unfortunately, many sources of authority in the Health industry are not interested in your well being; but more interested in your money. This is couple with a purposeful desire to make you sick in the first place. The entire food chain is contaminated by bio-genetic food, steroids, hormones, pesticides, fluoride, barium, aluminum, as well as what is passing for immunization shots. Unless you want permanent damage done to your DNA, or immune system failure, you need to distance yourself from this as best as possible in your individual circumstance. Strive towards a vegan diet. Even the latest news from the Cancer Research shows that 80% of people can avoid cancer with a vegan diet and exercise. Of course organic foods are best, even if not 100% organic, they are a better choice than fruits and veggies with no juice. The best advice I can give is not to give your power away to those who will abuse you. Take 100% responsibility for your circumstance and stop doing the things that are causing your problems. Remember. all disease is a result of dysfunctional emotion. Why the condition exists is very important, although not respected in mainstream medical; which is basically looking to disguise the condition with a quick fix that will cost you money for a long time until some other method like surgery is recommended. For information on how to activate your DNA potential for Perfect Health and Well Being I suggest my E-books at called 'Healing the Known and Unknown'. If your beliefs are similar to mine you will find all the information you need for self empowerment and healing. The E-books are about 70 pages of condensed information and connects to another 150 pages on the internet to make an integrated whole of these subjects. If you are willing to do the work, then anything can be healed! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you feel this article has made a difference in your life, you can help support the author by the purchase of spiritual products at or via PayPal donation to