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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Sometimes we are so inundated with information that it is challenging to keep our focus. Swami Satchidananda used to say to always Keep Your Peace. If you lose your peace, you are of no use to yourself or others. It is like a candle flame that must be kept flickering. There is a point in observing  our behavior where when we start to lose our peace it actually wakes us up! Always  keep in mind that we are not our thoughts. When we get lost in thought then we can become that. For sure when you get lost in anger you get lost in your thoughts. Even intellectually we can realize that we can be aware of our thoughts. So this is the place that we can keep our peace, where we are aware. Back in the 70's there was a lot of talk about "nobody can make you angry, we choose to be angry". When you are aware, you have the choice to respond to outer circumstances the way you want to. And the advanced lesson here is that outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning; so again we have a choice. We have the choice to put a positive or negative spin on any outer circumstance. There is always a choice if we are not lost in the situation and always two sides to a coin. It is your point of power; because either events are happening to you at random or you are creating them.  Once you acknowledge ownership of your outer circumstances you have the power to change them if you so desire. If you do not acknowledge ownership then you have no chance. In truth the meaning you give to outer circumstances determines the experience you will get. Your expectations also have a huge affect on that experience and this has all been proven by quantum physics. (See previous post--Quantum Physics and You). What is of paramount importance here is your belief. If you believe that all this inner work is hogwash, then it is. But objectively it is all about getting in the flow of how the universe works. It is also a key to moving on to the next dimension. Taking responsibility has to happen if you want to become self empowered. Outer circumstances show you what beliefs and definitions you have. They are not there to punish you; but to show you what you believe. Since early childhood we download information and beliefs from our initial caregivers. Some of those beliefs are great; but others may not serve us. You need to do the inner work of re-programming those beliefs that cause  experiences that we do not prefer. You can't do the reprogramming if you don't know what your beliefs are. This is also why in life the same situations keep coming up. Because if you have the same beliefs, then they will manifest the same type of circumstances. Of course this is great if your beliefs are positive and in alignment with your Higher Self. The bottom line is WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS. This is true with any situation and any area of your life. Objectively speaking there are only two facts. First that the entire universe was created with unconditional love and second is that we have awareness. All of our beliefs fit together to form our personality structure. Much like a computer we have the ability to reprogram the information. Excitement is the compass that points towards doing what it is that your Higher Self wants you to do. We are all spiritual beings and actually are one and the same with our Higher Selves. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your view point most of the people on this planet have lost the connection with their Higher Selves. The Higher Self has various incarnations, and from its viewpoint all happening simultaneously, that we view as linear or happening one after the other.  These individual incarnations are designed to provide experiences necessary for spiritual advancement. Regardless of what other people want you to believe about why you are here, you are here to attain a oneness with your Higher Self and until fully realizing this, incarnations are mandatory. After that you will have a choice whether to incarnate or not.  According to the Pleiadians, we have a template on the back of our necks which looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics that indicates the time and manner of death. Everything else is pretty much free will. Apparently, even if you are to have a life threatening disease that you cure or overcome, it is also coded there. The initial realization of the possibility of attaining a Oneness with your Higher Self is called the planting of the seed. Once this happens the seed is planted and you grow at the rate you grow. According to Bashar we actually try to do too much with the rational mind. The rational mind was designed to put a positive spin on outer circumstances. It does not have the capacity to know "How Things Work". That is why it is important if you do visualization techniques to just visualize the "What" and "Not the How" The universe will work out the "How". The rational mind is also not capable of genius. Flashes of genius come from the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the Conceiver of Ideas, the brain is the Receiver and the rational mind is the Perceiver.  As in past tense. This is why one of Bashar's techniques is a communication between the Higher Self and the rational mind in language the rational mind can understand. It goes like this, "Outer circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters. What state of being do I prefer? If it is Joy, then view the circumstance through the eyes of Joy and act that way in the outer world." Again, we have a choice, and if we choose Joy then it is a choice. Tying this together with the points made so far, first keep your peace, second put a positive spin on outer circumstances, follow your excitement by doing the most exciting thing you can that is available at the moment and then the next and so on, and constantly keep your State of Being in the frequency you prefer. You can research the latest scientific discovery of the neural network in the heart; which is also called the brain in the heart. It emits a frequency that can be measured by magnometers that extend about 10 feet from the human body. It has also been shown that this energy is 5,000 times stronger than the energy emitted from the brain in the head. It is this frequency that interfaces with the morphogenetic field and determines your experience in physical reality. Thus, the importance of Frequency!! If you are looking for some tips regarding Reality Creation here are a few: First I suggest that the next time you come across a situation that you view as negative to put a positive spin on it. Muster as much positive emotion as you can say to yourself that something really good is going to come from this and I just can't wait to find out what! Then log this on a piece of paper. Some situations will take longer before you realize the outcomes but keep working at this technique and in time IT WILL STUN YOU. BECAUSE IT WORKS!  It is particularly important to place a positive spin on outer worldy conditions such as 2012, or any national condition that you are JUDGING. Keep in mind discernment and gaining knowledge is one thing but don't get caught in JUDGMENT. It not only binds you to that frequency but it also helps to perpetuate the energy you say you are against. Again, when people watch the news, usually there is a spin put on it. Think about it, placing a spin on an outer circumstance determines the experience!! My suggestion is to not watch television, or severely limit it. I am particularly concerned about the many young people I see today who are addicted to the new technologies and don't need anything except that which exists in the black boxes! With respect to identifying and changing an existing belief. Let's take earning money as an example. If you have the belief that money is hard to come by, then you might want to change it to money comes effortlessly. Place the old belief and see it clearly in a light bulb and then visually unplug the light bulb. Then place your new belief in another bulb and visualize lighting it up. You can also visualize this light shining out to the outer world and see where it shines and then act on where it shines. You can also go on the internet to the College of Christ Consciousness and see a similar version of Belief Reprogramming. Bashar has offered a couple of clues to how we respond when we have made new choices or beliefs. Naturally, we look in time to the outer circumstances to see if our new beliefs have taken hold. Bashar says that even if the outer has not changed if your response to the outer has changed then that is telling you that you really have changed. He also gives the analogy of someone shouting number 1 at a canyon and the echo comes back number 1. Number 1 represents the old belief and then shouting number 2 which is the new belief. You will still hear some echoes of the first belief until the stronger echoes of the second belief reaches your ears. So don't get caught in the trap that you invalidate your new beliefs because you don't see results on your own timetable. It is also true that the Higher self at times delays certain beliefs from happening because other experiences are necessary first.  So always have the mental attitude that "I always get what I want" and if I don't get it right now, it is not available. Way better than "I'm not getting what I want". Of course it is always better to focus on what you want rather than on what you don't want. Keep in mind that blame, complaint and justification of circumstances reflects a victim hood scenario. Always keep to the positive. Another technique is to spend some time in the Unknown. It is a place kind of in between the old belief and the new belief. You do this to really understand, to really get a feeling...that there is no reality, except for the fact that there is no reality. Did that sound contradictory? There is no reality except that there is no reality...that there is no reality is the "Real" reality!! To quote Bashar, "The unknown is what you need to make a friend of, you have to let yourself be all right with the recognition, you have to let it be all right to spend time in the unknown, you have to let it be all right to have the recognition that there is no real reality, aside from your definition of the ideas of reality, and that then creates your experience of reality. Even your own scientists know this now. Many of your physicists are finding that it is the heart of many of their theories of reality, that there is no reality, empirically, inherently.... that you are responsible for creating your reality based on your view of what you think it can be. So when you find yourself experiencing any degree of difficulty in incorporating  a new reality, you will usually find, not in all cases, but very often you will usually find that it is because you have some idea that there's supposed to be some notion of reality that is real, against which you are supposed to measure your new reality to see if you can find yourself lacking or wanting or to see how close you match this idealized "real" reality. But no matter what idealized idea you come up with, that is still your creation, there is no real reality aside from your definition of it. So, you're only measuring against yourself not against any "real" background of reality, to find yourself wanting, to find yourself coming up short, as you say, there is nothing to find yourself coming up short against, you' re it in your  universe, your are it!!" My sincere best wishes towards your success with techniques in this blog and your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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