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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Of course the Masters of Denial would continue to have you believe that a couple of Brits made the crop circles as a hoax. Have you ever really done any serious research into this? They have never duplicated a legitimate crop circle. They have never genetically modified the crop, made the stalks bend at precisely the right angles and they do not emit electromagnetic energy. Not to mention that by credible witnesses some of the circles appeared in a matter of twenty minutes.  It is all part of the suppressed information to keep a large part of humanity asleep and not know the truth about these amazing formations. The legitimate circles come from three sources: energy from the inner Earth, Ascended Masters and extra-terrestrials. In time, just like when the public finally becomes aware of the truth that we are not alone in the universe and have been not only visited but manipulated by extra-terrestrials for thousands of years, the truth will be known.   Of course the subject has become a social taboo and people with knowledge have been ridiculed because this planet has been under the influence of Regressive ETs who do not want this information available.  Are you kidding? Do you think the powers that be would like a self empowered society with enlightened beings running around espousing their freedom! When there is formal contact with benevolent extra-terrestrials it will be the end of the Dark Side's control over humanity. And the time is quickly approaching. Earth is under quarantine until 2012 and after that time all bets are off with regards to ET Contact. According to Bashar by 2033 Earth will be a full member in the Association of Worlds. He has also stated that by 2017 it will be an established fact on the planet that  extra-terrestrials from a variety of sources are already here. When the existence of ETs  first became known it was probably a good idea to keep this from the public; as we saw what happened with Orsen Well's 'War of the Worlds'; when people committed suicide over a radio program where we were supposedly attacked my Martians. Our civilization would certainly have undergone culture shock. So the powers that be made up committees to keep in touch with what was happening and according to Bashar there were deals and contracts made with extra-terrestrials. In exchange for technology agreements were made to have citizens abducted and experimented on in the search for developing a hybrid species. Apparently, this was eventually successful; as Bashar is a member of the Essassani, which turned out to be one of a handful of hybrids that were created between humans and Greys. According to Bashar, the Greys are actually more inter-dimensional than extra-terrestrial and are actually a future version of humans. Stands to reason we had something in common if the DNA's were compatible.  In my opinion the Greys overcame the problem of a soul attaching to the fetus by incarnating as humans first. Officially, this is all speculation; as is the secret space program and it certainly complicates any government officials opening the can of worms around the subject of disclosure of the real facts concerning extra-terrestrials. "The crop circles are actually 5th dimensional art and trigger codes in our DNA. Geometric shapes are simply symbols. A Higher Intelligence (Higher Being) is the symbol. The symbol is representative of Higher Intelligence. When you use the geometric shapes, you symbolically call the Higher Intelligence, whose sum total of identity is that sacred geometry. For example each of the Ascended Masters, throughout the course of Earth's history, penetrated the frequency control here on Earth and with great diligence and great commitment evolved beyond the systems and became a Master of Ascension, moved beyond the lock. Each one created a language form, a sacred geometric shape that was the sum total of their knowledge, their essence. For example, the Maltese Cross and St. Germaine. When you use these shapes, you are literally receiving the shapes from other forms of Intelligence, forms of Intelligence that really transform reality. The sum total of experience of an Ascended Master is a form, a symbol that we call the Language of Light. It is made up of a geometric shape. Each one of them has their own symbol for transforming realities. These geometric shapes literally share their intelligence the sum total of Who They Are as they are anchored onto the planet! To encapsulate, geometric shapes are the symbolic representation of a Collective of Intelligence, what could be called Ascended Masters, Supreme Beings who transformed themselves on this planet and created a language of light geometry based on the sum total of what they know about transforming reality. Each geometric form represents a specific form of Intelligence. Each geometric shape is the symbol of a certain collection of Intelligence. Certain shapes have a more gentle energy. Certain shapes are the beginning shapes. The tetrahedron is one of the primary shapes of intelligence, a symbol of a language of light geometry that has its OWN INTELLIGENCE!! Crop circles are another version of this sacred geometry. The crop circles are made by sound as geometric memory teasers. They allow the geometric shapes to come into your system because these crop circles create a frequency all over the globe. They are a language! You are encoded to look at these crops and respond to these things. You will find that there are certain angles that will literally have a master code within the angle based upon the combination of adding certain numbers of the angles together. It is a very complex communication system of intelligence. It was utilized in India eons ago. it was utilized in many of the ancient civilizations. These angles communicate something. When you see one of these forms or you see a photograph of it, it's like firing a code; so that your body literally remembers something! These geometric shapes hold combinations that make codes when they are combined in certain ways. And codes are needed to create certain forms of life and to create openings through doorways. The master numbers are needed to find one's way through a black hole and to enter many different dimensions within this particular Universe or to even go into other Universes. What you are going to have in your homes to stimulate you will be geometric shapes. They will be energy balancers and as evolving light beings, there will come a time when every one of you will have these geometric shapes in different places around your home to teach you to pull in a blueprint; so that it affects your body. You are looking into something beyond logic that your body knows, that your conscious human being cannot rationalize. The basic geometric shapes are implanted into the body. What they do is that they assist the body to remember its identity, and that creates a healing. When the Sacred Geometry is used in this way, it is like inviting the Intelligence into your body. The gentle, easier ones are used first to open you up and connect you, later on, they are more complex, and they create a changing of the endocrine system in the body; so that there are new secretions and new chemical substances that are unheard of at this time and will create a chemical reaction to evolve the human." Unknown author. "There are a number of reasons for the existence of the crop circles, Basically, they exist to force reality to move-to get you feeling rather than thinking. Most who explore these circles think their way through the circles rather than feel their way through them. Great Britain is having a rash of them because in general, the British have a very logically oriented consciousness. However, the land of the British Isles is imprinted with megalithic spirals and stone forms that have intensely imprinted the intuitive faculties of the inhabitants. This phenomenon has no logic to it. It is forcing a logically oriented society to recognize something that makes no sense, and it is being done  in a very playful and obvious way without creating a threat to anyone's view of reality. If ships were to land everywhere, people would get upset. When corn lies down in concentric circles and doesn't even break or die, no one really gets too upset. Do you understand how energies play with you? It is necessary to do certain things so that you can get it and figure it out without having your circuits overloaded!" Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak "A so-called official acknowledgment of the presence of intelligent life-forms that share time and space with you is just around the corner. Once this occurs the pace of change will speed up As your life takes on an array of new complexities, you will be challenged to recognize the difference between genuine occurrences and stage managed events designed to deceive you and distract your attention. A full acknowledgment of the extra-terrestrial  presence will unravel society's traditional religious beliefs concerning your origins. Your heritage is from the stars, and understanding the multilayered complexities of this truth is of premier importance to the spiritual transformation of humanity." Self Empowerment by Barabara Marciniak For further research into this topic I suggest Janosh Sacred Geometry. He has put the actual crop circles into color and also meditative format. A product called Hemi sync or Gaia Sacred Geometry was the product of the year on the internet in 2007. You can also Google search the' Infinity Codes of 2007'; which includes many crop circles that have not appeared in fields.  In my living room is a large mural of colored crop circles and I just love it and its frequency! My sincere best towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author by the purchase of spiritual products at or via PayPal donation to