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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Of course there is a lot of talk today about ascension and 2012-2013 and what may or may not happen. One thing is certain and that is we are all creating this as we go along. I have always used the analogy of a high stakes games where the value of the turn keeps doubling. Even in the last throw of the dice the outcome can change! It is so vitally important to keep a positive expectation concerning this rapidly approaching future. This is truly the greatest time to be alive in the history of the planet. The Andromedans have stated that there is a new sound and color coming from the center of the Galaxy. This new frequency will have a profound affect on us as a planet and as a species. It is time for GRADUATION. And it's called move up or get recycled in another 3D experience. They explain that all life comes from the VOID  and when one level density or dimension depending on terminology moves up there is a descending energy that creates a new space for a different experience. Those curious RODS that nobody seems to know about are a sign of two densities overlapping. We are going to get a front row seat. Russian scientists have already made astounding discoveries about torsion fields. They know the center of the Galaxy has a major influence on the consciousness of the planet by exerting torsion fields. The Earth has a torsion field and our auras are also a form of torsion field. Many ET civilizations are watching this all happen; as although this process happens elsewhere in the universe it is rare indeed to have such a dense vibration as 3D Earth get catapulted to the 5th dimension. Sort of like Bashar says, when you pull a rubber band back as far as you can, when you let go the farther you fly! Here's one to think about--the Andromedans are amazed that when we go to work and come back everything is still in the same place as when we left!!!! There will no doubt come a point when the Earth splits and there will be two Earths on different dimensions. For sure you want to be on the one in the higher plane. No wonder the Dark Side is so freaked out! Do you think they will make the transition? What are the necessary tools to place yourself in the optimum mind set for this transition? The most powerful is to remember there are always two sides to a coin. Your job and the primary responsibility of the rational mind is to put a positive spin on outer circumstances. None of us, unless fully conscious and one with our Higher Selves, has the brain power to figure this all out. Even when you become fully conscious you won't think you know so much; you will just ask a question and get the answer. Emotionally we have to let go of all perceived wrongs that have been done to us. This kind of baggage will not cut it at the next level. It is much easier to work on this once you realize that you are 100% responsible for creating your outer experience. If you are responsible then there is no one to blame! And once you realize this truly, you start to get the picture that you are not a victim. Blame, complaint and justification of circumstances only create you as a victim. Once you acknowledge responsibility then you start to come into your own Power because if you created it then you can change it if so desired. The other thing to remember is Fear is your friend. Fear has his foot on the toolbox you call Personal Power and your power ends where fear begins. You need to realize that fear just helps you to identify a belief or an area in your life where you need to make adjustments or gain a truer knowledge. Fear is always illusory and never in alignment with what you Higher Self wants you to do. In my opinion there are 3 ideas that must be understood. FIRST THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE ON THIS PLANET AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE.  . There are no bad guys. This is insanity. Think about it. If we individually and collectively create our outer experience, all we ever experience is ourselves our definitions, emotions and beliefs.  To have an enemy means that you are the enemy. We are all one energy seen from different perspectives. Only wrong thinking can have an enemy. This kind of negative thinking is over for those who will make the transition. So SECOND, WAR IS NOT AN OPTION. NON COMPLIANCE is what needs to happen. If we won't fight the war there won't be a war. Stop worrying about next month's paycheck and do the right thing. Why were you put on this Earth, to suck it up and go along to get along or to become your Higher Self. You make the choice. And 3rd learn from thousands of years of wars that GOING AGAINST NEGATIVE ENERGY IS NOT THE WAY, THE WAY IS TO CREATE A NEW POSITIVE.  When you overthrow tyranny with the same energy that created it, it only recreates itself. When you go against the negative it only brings you down to the level of the negative. Negative energy will destroy itself if left alone. All these so called wars against cancer, wars against drugs, war against terrorism only serve to perpetuate the same energy. You don't get peace by hating war you get peace by loving peace. Think about it. If enough of the people on this planet right now spend 5 minutes a day intending peace then peace is what we would have. Thought creates. Mass thoughts create mass intentions. That is why the Dark Side tries to always keep the people fighting among themselves and keeping the masses in fear. And putting their spin on all the news you get. In a sense creating their version of reality.  And don't kid yourself. The more spiritual you become the more you know about the Dark Side. Spirituality after all is inclusive and not isolated like negative energy. The trick is not to get lost in judgment. Discernment of the truth is fine. Ten people of higher frequency can have a much bigger influence than hundreds of the Dark Side; because the collective energy grows geometrically. Think the Dark Side isn't in Fear??? Fear of losing control!! The more they fear losing control the faster they will lose it; because they are subject to the same laws of universe that we all live within. By the way there are only 4 laws. First you exist, and if you exist now then you have always existed in one form or another as all time from a higher perspective is simultaneous. 2. What you put out is what you get back. Also known as the law of attraction. 3 Everything changes. 4 Even the 3rd rule changes to stasis which then gives rise to creating anew the 4 laws. I am going to throw in another idea that will be for each individual to seek the truth inside. The Andromedans put this like learning why you believe you know what you think you know is very important. First, knowing what your beliefs are is important. But all of us have been taught some erroneous beliefs. It is our duty as maturing spiritual entities to seek out those beliefs that no longer serve us. If you really think about it take a good long look at your life and identify an area where you have problems. For most this is very obvious. I can tell you that where you give your power away is where you get abused. If you have relationship problems it is because you give your power away in relationships. The same is true of the educational system, medical system, dental system. government, church etc.  You are responsible for you and if you want to be a self empowered human being you really need to take a close look at to who and why you gave away your power. This attitude of who am I to tell a doctor I don't like his advice because you didn't go to medical school is totally ridiculous. The truth is as I am told that only about 6 percent of the known information on any subject is available to the the public. What does that tell you about so called Higher Degrees?? Use your head. Does it really make sense to you that a loving God could Judge you to the point of damning you to hell? I can tell you for 100%  certain that you are a Spiritual Being, you were not born in sin and you don't need a middle man between you and your Higher Self or Higher Power or God or whatever name you want to use to describe the infinite,  that energy that always is, was never created and never ends. And I don't know this from reading books, or hearing this taught from anyone but by my own personal experience. Once you experience this you realize the whole world was created in unconditional love and you are 100% supported in your Beliefs. You are even loved so much that this energy will allow you to believe you are not loved. All beliefs are equally valid. However, if you believe the world is flat when objectively it is round--your belief is valid and for you the world is flat. What this means is that your experience of All That Is will be a limited one. A good clue to detect organizations or people that try to force you to accept their way of thinking is that they first create a fear in you or a need to accept their position and then they provide the solution. Once fear is used the act is spoiled. "Love gives pleasure to the one that gives and the one that receives and displeasure to none." The great Swami Satchidananda. My sincere best in your attainment of 5th dimension, full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green  (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author by purchasing spiritual products at or via PayPal donation at