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As we approach the period Dec. 21st 2012 and March of 2013, those who are on top of the issue of Ascension will need to know there have been amazing studies in Russia concerning health conditions. There is a weakening of the Earth's electromagnetic system as we approach the zero point. The major influences will be an exaggeration of health issues and many will "check out" with immune system, nervous system problems and cancer. On the positive side, Russian research has come up with some solutions (I refer the reader to Valery Uvarov at Project Camelot interview) with the focus  on pyramidal structures and more specifically Egyptian Healing Rods. The copper and zinc rods have quartz crystals  and forged inside pyramids. The effect is that they stimulate the stimulate higher chakras, increase blood flow, activate the immune system, balance the Yin and Yang energy flows in the body and cure many health issues. This is by virtue of holding the rods for 15 minutes a day; which is equal to an hour of acupuncture. We have all seen the ancient Egyptians holding what we first believed to be scrolls and now turns out to be the rods! Of course these were for those in the inner circles. My suggestion is to view this 'body maintenance' like you would 'car maintenance'. This probably wasn't necessary back in the 60's; but it is today. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to realize that for ascension purposes we need to get the toxicity out of the body;and boost the immune system. The best ways to do this, in my opinion, are by doing a total detox (see American Botanical Pharmacy, Dr. Shultze California) and using the Egyptian Healing Rods ( Television lowers the immune system and 70%+ of the American diet is now bio-genetic and these foods destroy the immune system. For those that don't know by now, drink pure water; as fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. This is your gateway to the stars. Also, if you do some research you will find that almost all foods now have fluoride in them! The foundation of good health (see at this website the article, "Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy) begins with pure water, oxygen (yogic breathing taught at, exercise, reduction of stress, detoxification and lightening the diet; which means to get off meat and work towards an organic vegan diet. Also, I am tired of hearing educated people that keep saying it doesn't matter to eat organic foods; because you can't get pure organic food. That is ridiculous. Look, if I say somebody urinated in two bottles and you were made to drink one, which would you choose? The one with the most or least urine? Get the picture!  Of course it would be nice if your immune system got off to the right start with mother's milk and no vaccines! But, as adults, statistics have shown that you can eliminate about 85% of bodily ill health symptoms by doing a thorough detox and providing the body with proper nutrients. Because we live in a world on which foods are filled with chemical additives, sprayed with pesticides, color enhanced, bleached destructured in microwaves and in general mutated, it is difficult to eat all whole-grain, organic, unadulterated food. Your body's health, as well as your spirit's ability to live in your body in a fully functional way, is dependent in part on the nature of the food you eat. The Pleiadians have said, "Plants have geometric creation signatures that match similar or identical ones in the human body. They were designed this way by Pleiadians and the Devic Kingdoms so that everything you need to be healthy and nourished, and to heal illness, exists on Earth in the natural world. If the bran and germ are removed from the grain before they are eaten, or if cane and beets are stripped down from their simplest sugar forms, the signature of the plants is altered and enter your body in incomplete and mutated ways.  Your body then tries to complete the picture so that what is being ingested makes sense to it.  Vitamins B and C are pulled  from places where they have been temporarily stored in your body to create a balance and health; they are used to help get these mutated grains and sugars through your system. Extra enzymes that would not be required if the foods were in their whole form are produced by your body to aid digestion. In the long run, the result is Vitamin B and C deficiency, premature exhaustion of your body's enzyme supply, immune system problems, propensity to allergies, and nervous system and brain damage.  Your colon cannot eliminate properly due to the paste formed by the white grains and sticky sugars, and toxins are sent back into your body through the wall of your colon due to ongoing putrefaction there. Your chromosomes and cells become mutated, spin erratically, begin to create disease, AND CANNOT CREATE A HOME IN WHICH YOU SPIRIT IS CAPABLE OF LIVING." Thus, if you are serious about Ascension do the work necessary to put your body in optimum condition. I also refer the reader to the site, 'Healing the Known and Unknown" at; which is not only about healing; but also putting the body in optimum condition. For some hot tips concerning cancer fighting foods I suggest first of all Monatomic elements. Yes, this is the topic your doctor does not know about. (See at this website the article, 'The Topic Almost Nobody Knows About-Monatomics' and 'Shhh...Don't Tell Anyone About Monatomics'). The monatomic elements are found in a natural vegetarian diet. They have been proven to reprogram cancer cells.  Rhodium and Irridium are found in Flax Seed Oil; which combined with cottage cheese was the basis for the Budwig cancer cure back in the 5o's.  I recommend the reader check out David Hudson Lectures I,II and III on the internet. Also, Earl B. Hall at Atlantean Healing Technologies is promoting Taheebo Tea as a cancer cure. "Over the past several years many of my friends, family and clients have personally experienced the amazing healing powers of this tea. I have researched the other so called Alternative treatments for cancer. These remedies are widely discussed and the varying results continue to be debatable at best. Pau D Arco Tea on the other hand, has shown that it may hold the secret fo the successful treatment of cancer and other diseases. Dr. Danie. B. Mowry, PhD, states in his widely published article on Pau d'Arco that "whole Pacho has produced clinical anti-cancer effects without side effects." Earl B. Hall  There is now a patent; which proves that constituents extracted from the Tabebuia Aveilanedae (Pau Darco) tree bark remarkably inhibits the growth and exhibits selective toxicity of 23  specific  types of cancer cells. The compound also was found to inhibit the growth almost completely and cause necrosis (death) in 12 specific  types of malignant cancer tumors! Elizabeth Jeffrey a professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, has also said, "Broccoli properly prepared is an extremely potent cancer fighting agent. Three to five servings a week are enough to have an effect. . An enzyme called myrosinase must be present for sulforaphane, the cancer preventing component to form in the vegetable." She suggest steam cooking the broccoli 2-4 minutes; as over cooking destroys the process. Also eating with radishes or mustard even increases the benefits. I might add that in addition to vitamin B and C deficiencies a cancer environment not only needs a weakened immune system; but also a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is from the sun; so get plenty of sunlight. (See the article at this site entitled, 'The Truth About the Sun and Sunscreens') Oh, and in case nobody ever told you, cancer cells love sugar. Get off as much sugar as possible. The bottom line is to get serious about detoxing the body and provide the proper environment for your Higher Self. Unquestionably, certain forces in this world are making a concerted effort to mess up your DNA and fill the human body with as much pollution as possible. The new wave in medicine is vaccine treatments; which I would also avoid like the plague. The only thing you really need protection from IS YOUR OWN BELIEFS. My suggestion is that aside from emergency, you are best served to not only start taking responsibility for your health; but also find ways to be as self sufficient as possible in regards to cures as well. Thus, distancing yourself from established medical procedures and the pharmaceutical industry. I would suggest you take a good hard look at any pills you are taking and find another way. There always is one. And let's not forget, the emotions of unconditional love, gratitude and compassion are the antidote for any disease! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green. 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