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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

The bottom line is "if you think you deserve it and you know you can create it", you can get it.  There are a few basic principals that must be understood , in my opinion. First, Belief is everything. (See The ET Yoga article at this site for 'The Power of Belief') I suggest you spend some time getting the hang of putting a positive spin on outer circumstances, until you 'Get It'! All outer circumstances are a reflection of your beliefs; which is why they occur.  They do not happen to punish you; but to show you what you believe. The outer world of experience is a direct result of your beliefs, definitions, emotions and intentions. Once you see that this is true, then you will naturally start putting a positive spin on neutral outer circumstances, as the spin you put on it, will create the future experience. Thus, you will already be doing Reality Creation. The more advanced step, is to consciously create the outer experience in the first place. What you have to realize is that there are an infinite number of scenarios for every occurrence. All possible versions of your reality are all actually simultaneously existing and "real", You therefore already have everything you desire or could ever desire. You contain it all. You have already been given everything you could ever hope to have or want. It's just that it may not be "visible" and therefore "real" to you. Creation all exists here, now, outside time, in one eternal now moment. Therefore, everything that you believe you might "someday" get, you actually already have. Everything is here now; but in varying states of visibility/invisibility depending on the frequencies on which you are vibrating;  which depends on the BELIEFS that you accept as "real". And remember, you cannot have an emotional response unless you first have a belief that you are reacting to. So, you can work backwards and say, "what would I have to believe in order to have this emotional response?" And this is also true with actions; which are stronger than words. "What would I have to believe to be taking these actions?" It is a good idea to evaluate the beliefs that are fueling your actions, before you actually take those actions. If you "say" you are expecting the best; but your actions are preparing for the worst, your strongest belief is " expecting the worst", and so that is what you would eventually experience in some form. If you are holding contradictory beliefs, it is always the strongest belief that determines the reality you get, and your actions are a clear indicator of your strongest beliefs. And of course the doozie of them all is that THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE REALITY; aside from what you define reality to be. Once you realize this and start spending time in the UNKNOWN you will get a feel for the realization that your new self empowering beliefs are just as real as your "old reality". The "old reality" is that which we usually compare our current situations to. It will be easier for you to accept the new definition, as being just as real, because you will finally realize that reality is up to you, that the degree of reality something has, the degree of reality a definition has, is completely up to you to determine. This is also completely verified by the actual teachings of Christ and Mary Magdalene; which can be viewed at the College of Christ Consciousness site on your computer. It is called the 'Ultimate Truths of Reality'; as was kept secret for a couple thousand years in the mystery schools. Now lets, look at four different versions of how to master the 'The Art of Manifestation'. First, the Bashar method. It states that there are 3 phases for receiving the "version" of reality you prefer. 1. SEE  IT- Visualize it, imagine it, daydream it, visualize it clearly, you don't need to visualize it for a long time, a short time is sufficient;  but you need to visualize it clearly. You need to have a solid clear picture, visualizing it creates the blueprint, so see it in great detail, see it; become an efficient mental antenna to receive this "version" of reality. 2nd FEEL IT- Get excited and passionate about it, how would you FEEL if you had it now? Feel that now! Plug into your vision with all your emotions and all your senses, as if you had it now! Involve all your senses-imagine smelling, touching it, tasting it etc. Feel it=become an efficient emotional antenna to receive this "version" of reality. 3. BE IT (Physical) Physical action, do it!  To ground the experience, do actions that most closely mimic the actions you see yourself doing in your vision. Gather and use whatever props mimic that scenario, and do a "dry run". Doing this "Make Believe" physical action trains the body consciousness. This makes it "Real for you Now", so the universe then delivers it to you. Note: This physical action does not directly cause this desired reality to manifest, instead, this physical action creates a more precise, vibration in yourself, making you a better antenna to receive it, by you becoming more aligned to the same vibration. The reality you desire already exists. You do not have to create it. You only have to receive it, be it =become an efficient physical antenna to receive this "version" of reality! Now for the Vywamus version of this; which in my mind is the ancient Yogic perspective on how to do this. This is where ET Yoga gets its name. The extra-terrestrial view point merging with the Yogic viewpoint. And concurrently, it is all being proven in quantum physics experiments. Why do you think the observer effects an experiment? It is because the belief or expectation of the observer effects reality! (See the article at this site entitled, 'Quantum Physics and You') Prime Creator did make us in its image and thus we are all CREATORS. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. The first state in the Vywamus system is to set a goal. Similar to the Bashar method, Vywamus says, "You see parallel realities, simultaneous time zones, they are all played out my friends. How many moves can you make in this game called life? How many moves on the game board of chess--that is the world of the physical reality. When you can grasp this concept , you will know how to achieve anything, because you will know that it already exists somewhere. So, you can know with a certainty that anything that you have asked for has already been given to you. It all depends on your level of vision or frequency. " And part of the first step is to believe that you have the goal already. The 2nd step is to Set the Resonance. You know that you can achieve anything if you have a resonance with those goals, you know they are possible and indeed exist if you choose to experience them. You need to delete your old beliefs and and jump forwards in time and say "I have created......" get used to the fluidity of time and creation. How does it feel to experience what you have manifested? Go back in time and keep that feeling, for that feeling or e-motion (feelings are energy in motion) will draw it to you from the future--that truly is setting the resonance. You must be exact in where you want to go, what you want to create, see it, know it, name it, feel it and you will have it. The 3rd step Get out there and make it happen. "Some of you are very good at the creation aspect on the higher levels, you are 75% of the way to achieving your goals, but you don't take the final step of actually doing something on the physical plane to create it. You have to do that too. That's the easy bit. The difficult bit is knowing and setting correct resonance for you--don't know why, seems very easy to Vywamus, But I'm told it's difficult. (It is because you doubt yourselves)." Vywamus  A good example is brushing your teeth. Of course, you can. Because you believe it. Have that same confidence and you can create anything. Of course there are those of us who will always be victims, powerless, believe nothing works and will no doubt be learning all of this great information on some distant planet in 3D over the next few thousand years! The same is true with healing yourself. If you want to know how, just go to; but then again if you believe in prognosis, diagnosis, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy don't bother! Now for the Elan method of Manifestation. 1st. Deciding. You can simply decide to be a certain way. And then by trusting that decision and acting accordingly you become that way NOW.  The 2nd step is Decision Maintenance. No matter the outer reflection, stick to your original decision. Don't be tricked into changing your decision. 3rd. Selecting from the already existing options. This is similar to going to a delicatessen and choosing the desired reality. And 4th Actions Indicate Beliefs  Do the actions that support your decision. I suggest for a detailed explanation of this system to go to the article at this site entitled, "Ever Heard of Elan the ET?' You will notice a similarity in all of the methods described above. You may need to experiment to find the best method or combination of methods that works for you. The Pleiadian Emmisary of Light  also agrees with a similar process. They always say to think, " I am creating, I am manifesting, I effortlessly intend to create....."  It is consistent with the Pleiadian premise that THOUGHT CREATES!  It is from the I AM place in you that is the easiest for manifestation.  The Andromedans also say the same, that everything in this Universe was created from INTENTION. Even Prime Creator intended to know itself or have aspects of itself realize certain experiences or realizations. We are created in that image. For related articles on the above information see at this website the articles, 'Reality Creation', '100% Trust and You Can Create It', and 'Hot Tips on Reality Creation'.) And for the Advanced version of all of the above: You get into a meditative mode and imagine yourself going 'up', you visualize you go up, you ask to be taken to a place where you can access your knowingness. There is a part of you that knows all things. If you know that you are worthy and you know you can create it, then you have it. Just like brushing your teeth. You know you can do it! My sincere best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health, and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer by purchasing spiritual products and techniques at or via PayPal donation to