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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

This universe you find yourselves in began about 20 billion years ago as a point of light within the mind of God. This point was contained within a greater point of light, which was contained within a greater point etc. into infinity. As the Andromedan contactee, Alex Collier, has said, "even the advanced extra-terrestrials are continually learning about Prime Creator." In a sense, the powers that be, have kept our extra-terrestrial heritage a secret. Even the belief in extra-terrestrials was taboo; as delving into this subject leads to the discovery of our controllers. We are, in a way, like orphans, not knowing who our parents and ancestors were. At least until the last few decades, when this information has come to light. The majority of "hu-mans" are actually human hybrids--genetic interbreeding of Orion, Reptilian and other species blended and merged with the Adamic Pleiadian strains of DNA The ORIGINAL FOUNDERS OR SPARKS OF CONSCIOUSNESS began awakening about 1 billion years ago and began to explore the creation. Our strain of evolution, our extra-terrestrial heritage comes from..........(to view the rest of this article, for specifics of our heritage, the name of the first civilization to have 'First Contact' and for many suppressed secrets concerning how life functions in 3D, not taught in public education, please go to and click the article 'Secrets of Our Extra-terrestrial Heritage.)