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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

I want to begin this article by making a connection between Beliefs and Magic.Magic is the ability to conjure something into form and Beliefs do the same, mass Beliefs create mass conjurings. Beliefs are essentially agreements about reality and both personal and collective Beliefs form the structure and the parameters of your life experience in any area. The Pleidians have said, "Understanding the power of Beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and en mass is the most pressing and crucial issue for humankind to grasp. The overall world structure is a framework of agreements that you operate within. It is not the Only version of the world. Nature is flexible and alive with multi-dimensional possibilities and your Beliefs, decisions and emotions play the decisive role in Creating the version of the world reality you actually encounter." (I also refer the reader to the articles at this site, 'The Power of Belief', 'Quantum Physics and You' and to the premise to this article entitled, 'Wizzardry 101' at Modern science has finally come to realize that at least 90% of the brain, that we supposedly never use, actually corresponds to the role of 90% of our DNA that was once called "junk DNA"; but is now understood as a communications interface between our physical brain and the universe at large. As Rupert Sheldrake points out in his theory of morphogenetic field resonance, " The 100th Monkey Effect occurs when enough people drawn together by a shared purpose create a "quantum field" of self-fulfilling potential. When that happens the rest of the world, in varying degrees, will experience an "internal shift" in 5th-10th dimensional consciousness." I may also point out that there is also a correspondence between our 12 strands of DNA and the 12 chakras, seven inside the body and 5 outside the body! If you are a regular visitor of this ET Yoga blog site, you are aware of how by placing a positive spin on outer circumstances, you can Create a positive experience. Just my personal opinion; but this is closely aligned to the idea of 'Shifting" to another version of reality, as there is 'No objective Reality'. Reality is the experience. For an amazing description of exactly how "Shifting" works I bow to Bashar's, (Essassani channeled by Darryl Anka) explanation: "It has been often said, you are shifting your frequencies from one reality level to another and this is so. But you are always shifting, you are shifting now, it is a natural thing that you do. You don't have to wait to shift. You've been shifting, you've been shifting all your lives. This is the way motion is created. This is what happens when you create the illusion of movement. The only way to create the illusion of movement is to actually shift from parallel reality to parallel reality that's slightly different than the reality you were in before. So you're shifting now, you're shifting now, you're shifting now, you're shifting now..through constant  constant constantly shifting parallel realities. The idea is you don't notice this so much because each new reality you shift to is very similar to the one you were existing in before. The idea of noticing the change is to create there to be a bigger difference between the parallel reality you shift to and the one that you were in before. That's when you know you're shifting, that's when you reveal to yourselves that you are always constantly shifting and that learning to shift is not something you have to do. You do it automatically, you do it by your own second nature. It is natural for you to shift. This is the nature of how reality works. This is the nature of how change exists. So the question is not can you shift, the question is what will you shift to, and how different will you allow the shift to be based on your definitions and your Belief systems of what you Believe is possible for you. And this is why it is of paramount importance as has been said this day for you to really focus on the idea of the frequency, of the vibrational frequency, the state of being that you prefer your reality to be and thus then understand based on what we have just said about shifting to parallel earth realities that when you  change the vibration of your being, it's not that you change the world, it's that you take yourself, you shift yourself to a parallel earth already existing on the vibratory level you have created within yourself. So it's not about having to force anyone else to change, it's only about you changing and taking yourself to whatever reality, whatever parallel earth is representative of the vibrational frequency you have created within your own state of being, and thus then, find yourself surrounded by other beings who already, already, populate that world but are already more representative of the vibrational frequency you have created yourself to shift to. Is this making some sense to you? The idea here again is that this is simple physics. As many of your scientists are beginning to realize everything exists all at once, all now, in a sense all here. But you create the illusion of separation by creating differences in vibrational frequency. As each and everyone of you goes to your home this day of your time after these interactions, many of you may sit down to your couches, you may pick up one of your remotes, you may turn on the television set, and your television technology is the perfect analogy of what we are talking about. The idea is that you know that at any given moment there are any number of dozens of television programs that are available to you at that moment all coexist simultaneously. But that you will only get the program that you tune your channel to. This is exactly how physical reality is holographically structured. Whatever vibrational realm you exist on, whatever sate of vibrational being you choose to be is the reality you get. What you put out is what you get back. Simple physics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Simple physics, that's all this is. It's about creating the appropriate sate that you prefer in your own being, and allowing reality in a sense to reflect back to you the shift you have made in yourself. But you must understand that the opposite is also true. You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of. If you tune your television set, to use this analogy further, to what you call your channel 2, you will not receive the program on channel 4. You have to tune your set to channel 4 to get that program. Likewise, based on the reality you say you prefer, if you do not allow yourself in your definitions, in your emotion, in your thought and action and behaviors, in life, to exemplify the vibratory reality that you say you prefer to live in, then you will not be actually capable of perceiving any opportunities that could actually allow you to synchronistically get yourself, shift yourself to that reality. Remember, what you are not the vibration of remains invisible to you. Many times individuals wonder "why can't I do this, why can't I get there, why doesn't this happen"--it may simply be an issue of that they are on a frequency operating in a frequency domain that creates certain opportunities to remain invisible to them, unknowable to them unimaginable to them,will never even conceive of those ideas nor recognize them even if they were right in front of their face,; because they are not operating on that level. You have to BE in the state to see the opportunities and the doorways that actually lead to that reality. This is again simple physics. It is a very very very simple concept, a very fundamental concept; but we understand that many people on your planet seem to have a lot of difficulty in relating to this idea, and creating the kind of changes within themselves they say they want to make. This all simply comes down to the notion of definitions--how you define your reality, Belief systems, basically is what we are talking about. Because you do not have, you cannot have an actual experiential reality except as is based upon the strongest thing you believe it can be, the strongest way you define your relationship to it and to yourself. All experiences in life are based upon in your physical reality in your dimension, all experiences are based on the strongest definition you have bought into about that reality. There have been many many discussions about the kinds of realities that your probable futures may hold. And I say this as has been said, they are probable futures, nothing is set in stone, nothing is chiseled in steel. You have the where withal to understand that these are simply a function of probabilities. That there is no "the future"--there are many many  many possible futures. The ideas as we have just explained it is, whatever vibratory realm you exist in, whatever state of being, you decide is true for you, will be--generally speaking the future so to speak you will experience. And even if there are other people who think completely oppositely, who believe completely opposite of you, they will have their reality experience as well. The idea here again is that you don't have to change your world, you simply need to shift to a world that is already representative of the change you wish to experience and allow those that wish to remain in the vibrational world they have been in to remain there; because that earth will exist and does exist as well. All these parallel realities exist right now, at the same time just like the television program. So to further stretch the analogy, what this all comes down to by using the analogy of your TV program, is to understand that it all comes down to Transformational Vibration-TV. That's what you're dealing with, Transformational Vibration-TV, you decide what TV show you're going to experience; but you have to tune to that channel or you will not be capable of seeing that TV show that you say you desire to be seeing." (End of Bashar quote) I should also point out that Bashar has given further clues as to the success of manifesting, by stating that the mechanism of manifestation is not just about intention, focus and concentration; but also in 'Letting Go'. The idea he suggests, is to spend 15 minutes, and no more, in the process of intention, focus, concentration and the build up of emotion with regard to your desired outcomes and then 'Let Go to the Higher Self. Let the Higher Self do the job. The Higher Self knows the How. Then move on to the next most exciting thing you can do." My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has inspired you or made a difference in your life and you would like to help support the author, please feel free to purchase amazing spiritual products at or make a PayPal donation to