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There are still some glitches to be worked out regarding this blog. It is my intention that all the archived blogs from the old Word Press blog will be transferred to this new Drupal blog. I feel this is important as those articles contain much of the information that is in my new book, 'ET Yoga 2012 and Beyond'-the true nature of reality. Thus far I have done three shows this year, Nov. 9th about the human condition on Earth from a spiritual perspective, Nov. 23 a focus on healing, including the concept of total immunity from disease, and Dec. 7th about how ET information enhances Yoga teachings- keying in on our ET heritage. Of course there are also 69 ET Yoga shows in the 'Old Archives'; so if you are an ET Yoga fan you will find these shows still timely, jam packed with information and I stand by all the information presented. If you are seeking to learn how to meditate with mantras, how to do Yantra meditation, how to do Yoga pranayamas, how to do the Pleiadian Pillar of Light and Spinning techniques, how to do a Merkaba meditation, or fiind information concerning real magic, obtain self-empowring skills, find miraculous cures or read about Pleiadian future societal systems of economics, this can all be found at It is also called 'Healing the Known and Unknown' and was designed to be a one stop shop for self-empowerment and healing. If you would like to ask questions, provide critical analysis of content presented, provide suggestions for future shows or share your successes utilizing techniques gained from the ET Yoga show, just go to and hit the 'Contact' button. My sincere best for your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles M. Green