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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Before I get to the heart of this blog, with reference to Bashar's Big Four, I want to give some back drop about the current situation on the planet. From my perspective, there is a lot more interest today about the UFO phenomena, some disclosure by a top Chinese scientist, the creation of a committee at the United Nations to deal with off planet interactions, and a general feeling that CONTACT IS IMMINENT.  Co-existing with this general feeling is continued manipulation of the world at large, behind the scenes,  by negative extra-terrestrials, controlling almost all the facets of power i.e. banking, government, religion, education and the mass media. Based on my sources of information, there is now clearly involvement and not just observation by a host of positive extra-terrestrials. Thanks to them we are having a much more positive experience on planet Earth. It has been my opinion that we live at a time and place with overlapping time lines. From this perspective I believe that things like the 'Big One', the quake that never happened in California, actually did happen in some other time line.  That as we approach the possibilities of ASCENSION (see at this web site the article, 'Heads Up On Ascension') we will each be drawn to and experience the time line that our Higher Selves require for our optimum spiritual growth. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the big questions of why are we here and where do we come from have been answered. We are spiritual beings having an Earthly incarnation for the purpose of growing and expanding our consciousness. The process includes activating dormant DNA and moving in the direction of full consciousness. Our ancestry is from the stars. (A new blog will address the specifics of this heritage in the near future). And while the forces of positive and negative are battling wits all around us, in my view there is still a little too much attention in the area of  whether extra-terrestrials are here, rather than THE EXTRA-ORDINARY INFORMATION THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PASSED DOWN TO US. I am in agreement with Bashar when he says that there are an infinite number of possibilities and all are happening simultaneously. We actually draw to ourselves particular time lines, in a similar way to selecting television channels. They are all happening at the same time, but we choose the channel that we want to focus our attention on. The idea is to focus on the future you wish and not be deluded into living in fear. Even when it comes to future Earth Changes, these will be more or less powerful depending on the need. The time lines or areas that require less 'shaking up' so to speak, will experience less turmoil with respect to earthquakes etc. However, in viewing the nature of future Earth Changes I find it hard to escape the fact that we will probably experience fluctuations in the Earth's electromagnetic fields; which in turn would cause disruptions for lengthy periods in both electricity and electronic devices. Thus, if you can imagine your daily routines without these conveniences! Chaos, I think would be a starting point. From this very fact alone, it would be advantageous to begin collaborating with your friends, relatives, spiritual groups etc, towards building self sufficient communities away from the big cities. Self sufficient communities will be the desired societal structure in the 4th dimension. With respect to moving on into the next dimension a different way of thinking will be required for this transition. Taking responsibility, letting go of the past and intention will be of great service in this regard. I have coined the term 'Bashar's Big Four' because I believe these four ideas are reflective of this new kind of thinking that will propel us into the next dimension. First of these is the concept that our outer experience is a perfect reflection of our beliefs, definitions, emotions and intentions. The world we experience, we create, and those outer circumstances are a direct reflection of our inner state identical with our physical reflection in a mirror. We are 100% responsible for our outer experience. For eons we have been taught to blame, criticize and justify our outer circumstances; which are all symptoms of VICTOMHOOD MENTALITY. The fact is that we all have victim hood issues to deal with by virtue of living on this planet. Complete and utter powerlessness has been the goal of those in control for humanity. Imagine a planet with amazing powerful beings who have been  taught and led to believe that they are powerless! Acknowledgment for creating our outer circumstances does not absolve the victimizers from their karma; but does allow us to reach of point of power; whereby if we created the situation, then we have the power to change it. In my opinion this concept was never taught to the public and the earliest I can find of this idea being available to humans in the modern era was about 1970 in the 'Seth Material'. Among other proponents of this concept is Bashar, who for over 25 years has been teaching this. Personally, I spent a lifetime learning from two of the greatest yoga masters in Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Swami Satchidananda and never heard of this concept. I did hear, "If you believe you will be enlightened you will be enlightened." and " The whole world is your teacher". The yogis knew the final destination; but in my view the new extra-terrestrial information enhances the yogic teachings; especially in the area of self empowerment, activation of latent DNA and stimulation and knowledge of the 5 chakras outside the body. The whole idea of taking responsibility for your outer circumstances does not mean you are to blame. It means you have response.....ability. The idea is that the outer circumstance is not here to punish you; but to show you what you believe. If situations keep repeating themselves then you need to do some reprogramming of your beliefs. (see at this website the article 'The Power of Belief'). Ironically, that which we complain about is actually what we create! This leads us to the second point of the Bashar Big Four; which is that outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning. This is consistent with the premise above, about making use of the amazing information that is before us. This makes a practical difference in your overall frequency and vibration and enhances the likelihood of Ascension. Just knowing that ETs are here, might raise your awareness; but not make a practical difference in your 'FREQUENCY'. (See also at this site 'Raising Your Frequency") Too many people also get lost in the idea of, "Is this really from extra-terrestrials"? The answer is, "Who Cares"! If the information is valid, then it is not pertinent where the information came from. Check out the information and see if it is true or not. If it is true then make it a part of your life. The point is the information not its source. That is why Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar, does not spend any time trying to convince people that Bashar is an extra-terrestrial.  Because the point of the contact is the INFORMATION. Outer circumstances are inherently neutral. They can be likened to props at a theater that can be used in a variety of situations. It is us that places a meaning on the outer circumstance which creates the experience of that event. That is how the universe works. People think many times that collectively we all place the same meaning on the outer circumstance. This is not true. Obviously, some foods are popular with some and horrible to others. Same circumstance different experience. There are always two sides to a coin and two sides to any outer circumstance. Of course main stream media would like to put their spin on as much outer circumstance as possible! This leads us to the 3rd part of the Bashar Big Four; which is that you can put a positive spin on the outer circumstance and you will get a positive experience and vice versa. I challenged people to do this all the time on the ET Yoga radio show. Keep a log of when you do this and prove it to yourself. When you 'GET IT', it will blow your mind; because it actually works! Even if you can't see any possible way a certain circumstance can have a positive experience,just put a positive emotional spin on the event and say to yourself, "I don't see any way this can be positive; but I can't wait to find out how"? Log the experience and later note the results. Some situations take longer than others in time to resolve. I suggest doing this on a daily basis and you will catch on. Bashar actually says that the primary responsibility of the rational mind is to place a positive spin on outer circumstances. I like to call this stacking the deck of life in your favor. It's all good. You are where you are for reason. Make being where you are where you want to be and you will get to where you want to be faster! I know it is a paradox. but it is true! And for the 4th part of the Big Four, OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DON'T MATTER, ONLY STATE OF BEING MATTERS, WHAT STATE DO I PREFER? IF IT IS JOY THEN SEE IN YOUR MIND HOW SOMEONE IN JOY WOULD ACT AND DO THAT SAME BEHAVIOR IN THE OUTER WORLD. The idea here is not that outer circumstances are irrelevant; but that they do not in themselves create more circumstances. It is the beliefs and spin that creates  more circumstances. Your frequency is of paramount importance; because it is your frequency that interfaces with the morph-genetic field that creates the version of reality that you will experience. In fact it is this emotional frequency, or the 'brain in the heart' that emits a signal 5,000 times more powerful than the brain in the head. Thus, the idea of the blog was to acquaint you with the perspective that the most important aspect of our current relationship with extra-terrestrials is the amazing information that they have provided to us, so that we can become more self empowered beings. It is my sincere wish for your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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