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In this article, I will give you a combination of scientific, personal and extra-terrestrial information regarding the subject of Ascension and what it might mean for you. (Also refer at this site to 'State of the Globe) There is a thing called Divine Dispensation. And what it means is that in this galaxy there are millions of third density worlds and there are millions of fourth and fifth density worlds. Each world evolves just like souls upon Earth evolve. This world has been a third density planet for a very long time and is now going to be shifted into a fourth density planet. According to Alex Collier, who channels and has contact with Andromedan sources, the center of the Galaxy as we speak is now emitting a new frequency and color. This new frequency is moving all the dimensions up one level. If you do some research you will find that our scientists have also confirmed this. It is also clear that the Schumann Frequency which measures the vibration of the Earth is also rising. We were all taught in school that it was at 7.83 Hz and from what I understand it is now about 12 Hz. This has all happened since 1980! Apparently at 14, Earth will be in the next dimension. Even Bashar has said that if people from medieval times were to view us, as we are today, they would " see us as glowing." If you study the material by Gregg Braden, you will also see his research concerning the rate of spin of the Earth and how this is affecting the magnetic fields of the Earth. "Whenever the polarity of Earth's electromagnetic field decreases, which it will be doing during 2012, you have what is called an approach to zero point. The zero point in the electromagnetic field is that point exactly balanced between the poles at the point of neutrality where there is neither positive nor negative polarity. At the zero point, there is a portal that is opened into what you call the higher etheric realms. If you want to think of this using sacred geometry, it is like the intersection point at the top of the tetrahedron. It is a point where the lines of force come together and cancel each other perfectly and it is called the zero point." Leah, Arcturian, channeled by Sal Rachelle. Also in support of this information is the scientific research done by Valery Uvarov, Russian scientist. There is a two hour video interview with Valery at Project Camelot. He basically describes the magnetic fields of the Earth as similar to an hour glass with the top and bottom parts expanding and contracting. The research indicates that at the end of 2012 the bottom part of the hour glass will expand up to the current North Pole and create a Star Gate. By the way, this research is  coming from a public government agency in Russia. Further, they anticipate that between now and then there will be a huge increase in health related issues; especially cancers. All health issues will be magnified. Thus, his group has developed the Wands of Horus or Egyptian Healing Rods.  I am a big supporter of the Rods; as I have used them for years. They balance the Yin and Yang energies of the body. When you get a disease there is always an imbalance in this energy. They also stimulate the higher chakras and the immune system. Holding the Rods for 15 minutes a day is like being inside a pyramid and the equivalent of an hour of acupuncture. On December 21, 2012, the electromagnetic field on Earth will be at its weakest point. Between December 20-22, 2012 the energies will be very powerful for you and you will go through major accelerations in your energy, in your evolution, in your Ascension. According to the Arcturians, not many of us will be going directly into 5th dimension at that time; as it will happen more gradually than that for most. However, it will be like a giant slingshot effect where you will be able to go very very rapidly during those three days, into the portals of the higher planes and you will find yourself completely changed at the conclusion of those three days. It would be wise to put a positive spin on this amazing process. As Bashar would say, by putting a positive emotional spin on any outer circumstance, your experience will be positive. We chose to be here during these incredible times and they do afford the best opportunity to achieve Self Realization. It is the graduation of this planet to a higher frequency, a higher way of expression and yes there will be a period of upheaval and turmoil. And yes, many souls will leave. According to the Arcturians, "Those souls that choose to remain in third density are those that refuse to acknowledge that they are the creators of their life. They refuse to acknowledge that consciousness creates their reality, which is a law of the fourth dimension. they will continue living in a state of struggling to survive or being competitive or going to war, being territorial, these types of energies; which you call your animalistic tendencies. If they insist on staying in those states of consciousness and many of them will, they will be removed from Earth and set up on another planet that is a third density planet.Most of them will leave through various immune system disorders. Some of them will leave through starvation or disease or natural disaster or war. there are many, many ways that souls can choose to leave when it is their time to go. Some of them go consciously but most go unconsciously." This is one of the reasons I have set up the website. It is a one stop shop for spiritual information and techniques with a focus on SELF EMPOWERMENT AND HEALING. It also contains all the techniques you will need to maximize your spiritual growth.  We are being bombarded from every level with toxic material; which weakens the immune system. (Please see at this site the article, 'Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy') It is important to get your immune system to function as best as possible. (I also suggest you read at this website 'Raising Your Frequency'. ) Again, according to the Arcturians, "For those who remain on the Earth, the twenty to twenty-five percent, will have a choice. They can either move into fourth density or they can choose to go through ascension; which is to move to fifth density. Fourth density is the state of being aware of your relationship with the outer world having a relationship between your inner and outer world by learning to use your consciousness, your Higher Mind. It is learning to create your reality consciously. It is learning how to cooperate with others and to build self-sufficient communities of light; which will be the preferred way of living in fourth density Earth. They are what you call enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities of light. Fifth density is a little different than third and fourth in that you can keep this body and move into fifth density. You do not have to leave the body and go to some other realm. You can keep the body, but in fifth density, the body actually begins to be transformed into a vehicle of light. It still has some solidity to it, but it turns from what you call a carbon-based mortal body to a silicon-immortal body; where the atomic structure changes in your body and become impervious to death, disease and environmental factors. So most of the souls that will be moving into Ascension or the fifth density, will choose to stay with Mother Earth and assist those souls that are building the fourth density world. Only a tiny percentage will leave Earth and go elsewhere." Which path you choose is a function of your free will. Those of you that are what you call "old souls" that have spent many lifetimes on Earth and other planets for the sole purpose of assisting souls in growing, evolving, and awakening will likely be in what has been termed the first wave of Ascension.  The Arcturians state that 2017, the near-by passing of a comet and 2030, the close passage of Nibiru will reflect 2nd and 3rd wave Ascension points. There is a point at which you will become invisible to those in lower third density. However, before you become physically invisible you will become psychologically invisible. This means you will literally be living on the same planet occupying the space as those in lower densities; but your consciousness will be vibrating at a very different rate of speed and therefore, you will have very little in common with those who are still in third density.  Eventually, you will reach a higher fifth density sate and when you are at least two densities different than the perceptions of the dominant vibration of your planet, you will become invisible to them, meaning that you will reach a certain level of  fifth density and those in a lower third density state will not be able to see you. You will be vibrating too fast for their eyes to see. In effect each of us, according to the needs of the Higher Self, will be choosing to exist in a particular place and vibration that is appropriate for our level of consciousness. For many people, they will not have a clue that anything of such nature is taking place. If you research the Dan Burisch material at Project Camelot you will see his mentioning of 'Looking Glass'. This was apparently some retrieved extra-terrestrial technology recovered by certain factions of government that could look into future probable timelines..  When Dan used the technology and had negative thoughts about 2012 he saw catastrophic scenarios; but the implication is that the opposite would be true with positive thoughts.No doubt the reason for so much underground survival facilities built by the government over the last 60 years is related to what appear to be negative scenarios. Clearly a disruption of electronic and electrical devices because of the shifting of magnetic frequencies on the Earth would create interesting challenges. What I believe we have the power to influence, is our own frequency, our own immune system. our choices of where to live and with whom, and our own take on the 2012 scenarios and timelines. I don't think anyone including the ET's have all the answers or know precisely all the events that will transpire; because we are creating our future as we speak. My sincere best toward your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (To support the author you can purchase spiritual products at or donate via Pay Pay to )