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Read and attain awareness with intention

Learning the meaning of 'Responsibility' and taking action is one of the first steps for moving into the next dimension. Many people use the definition of taking responsibility; as in the act of being responsible for others, or being an upright citizen. I am not talking about that. I am talking about becoming Self Empowered and TAKING CHARGE of your life. In addition, taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life!! Because you are the one who is creating it! It is your beliefs, definitions, intentions and emotions that create the experience. Much as a mirror reflects the physical body, outer circumstances mirror your beliefs. In fact it is the experience of the circumstance that tells you, you have the belief.  And the word responsibility does not mean you are to blame. It has nothing to do with blame; which is a sign of victim hood consciousness. Response---ability means you have the ability to respond. Because all outer events do not come with built in meaning, you have the ability to create a positive experience by putting a positive spin on the circumstance. And to stretch the new definition of responsibility a step further, it is the main responsibility of the rational mind to put positive spin on outer events. As Bashar, the ET from the Essassani Civilization says, "Rather than your continuing to hold us above yourselves in some sort of awe, we wish to assist you in returning your power to yourselves, helping you wake up and take back responsibility for the creation of your lives. Further, in our understanding, and this has always worked for us, there must first of all be within your belief system an absolute acknowledgment and ownership of everything in your life you experience, both positive and negative. For you cannot change what you do not own." People just don't get it; because we have been trained to always blame others, cut them down, be on the 'right side' of a situation, always throw dirt on our ex partners and justify our circumstances. Of course the guy down at the corner bar is not going to understand the irony of the fact that everything he complains about he created! In our society we do everything possible not to take responsibility for anything! Now if you would like my perspective on what  should take priority, with respect to responsibility, it should be to take care of the physical body, put a positive spin on as many outer circumstances as possible, find out what beliefs you downloaded from your initial caregivers (and resort and discard and reprogram your beliefs), and start teaching your children that they are not victims. So what do most people do? They abuse their physical body to the point of weakening this marvelous healing machine. Year, after year. after year, after year we load our system with toxins; which lodge in places in our system to immobilize the immune system. We stuff ourselves with pork (by the way this is a cross between a human and a wild bore) and all sorts of meat juiced up with sodium nitrate, adrenalin, steroids and hormones and expect our bodies to function properly. And lets cut the crap about needing meat for protein; as that is just ridiculous. Look around everybody, did you ever see young kids with cancer and 1 in 100 with autism when you were growing up? For sure there is purposeful intent to weaken your immune system and create profits for the medical system and Big Pharma. If you turn you power over to these people you will be abused. Start taking charge of your health. How many parents teach their kids that the body is a miraculous healing machine that loves you and is doing everything possible to draw your attention to what is needed? How many parents are teaching their kids that they don't need to live in fear of catching something out of the blue? How many parents are teaching their kids that they are powerful Spiritual Beings and not some powerless sinner craving protection from every disease known to man, with vaccines. The start of a healthy immune system starts with the mother's milk. These doctors who say the stuff on the counter is superior are way out of line. To build a foundation of good health, eat organic produce, get plenty of sunlight, drink pure water, exercise, reduce stress, detox and lighten up the diet by getting off meat. Many of the kids being born today are not a new generation, they are a new species! If you want to be a responsible parent let them follow their passion, nurture them to be SELF EMPOWERED and don't try to force them into molds they don't fit. Many of them cater to a beat of a different drummer. Many of them have several strands of DNA connected and are totally immune from disease. Speaking of disease. What is disease? Let me give you a perspective that I agree with from Mother Mary as channeled by Jeanne Hatch. "All disease is caused by the denial of negativity within. Since negativity is a perception based on a value judgment placed upon a neutral event or circumstance, it is essentially an erroneous belief out of which supporting false beliefs spring. Holding an erroneous belief system, especially in a suppressed or repressed form, creates an environment of internal discordance on a subconscious level. Over a period of time, denial of the judgment placed upon some aspect of oneself, and then suppressed, begins to alter the cellular structure of the area of the body where the memory of the event is stored. This cellular alteration has been labeled disease. It is really emotional self-judgment." The Pleiadians also concur with the above statement and say, "All disease comes from dysfunctional emotions." Similar to what Bashar says, "that our definitions, beliefs, intentions and emotions create the outer experience."  How can we have a negative experience or disease without there first being erroneous thinking or judgment about  a neutral event; because all events are inherently neutral. When you channel energy through positive energy that is in alignment with your Higher Self the outcomes are always positive and so are the emotions. If something negative was created then we NEED TO LEARN HOW TO APPLY THE IDEA OF RESPONSIBILITY to change it. This starts to get into the idea of self healing. It also leads to the E-books at, called 'Healing the Known and Unknown'; which contain a process of self healing. There is also a free download there; which connects the idea of self empowerment with self healing. The other concept that leads to existence in the 5th dimension is letting go of the past. Especially, it is important to let go of old grudges and hate. It not only keeps you stuck in the past; but keeps you from living in the NOW. LIVING IN THE NOW IS YOUR POINT OF POWER. If there is anyone or any organization that you cannot in good conscience send love to, then you have a problem. You are stuck there. Think about it. No matter what the person or organization did, you are a co-creator of that experience. It is not to justify their actions,which may have been as a victimizer; but nothing happens by accident. Fear attracts victims. Fear is the illusion that has its foot on the toolbox marked YOUR PERSONAL POWER! If everybody just becomes aware of their own thoughts, they start to get free of fear and the whole system that promotes fear as a way of life. Then by moving creatively in a positive direction, not going against the negative, the whole  control grid of fear collapses! In my opinion we also need to get free from abusive techniques brought to us by the medical system. This is especially true with cancer. There are many cures for cancer out there. This information has been suppressed from the public. Personally, I would never allow the abuse of chemo therapy. It cures nothing. It is like poisoning all the weeds in a garden and expecting only the flowers to grow back. Only  a sugar laden diet, full of meat, a weakened immune system, and lack of vitamin D that is produced  from sunlight promotes an environment where cancer cells can flourish. Do the opposite and get lots of sunlight, cut the sugar, make fresh fruit and vegetable juices, cut the television time (which also lowers the immune system) get a good detox of the colon, liver and kidneys and find out why you created the situation in the first place. Offer up your anger, hatred, and guilt to your Higher Self. The only thing you need to be afraid of is your own beliefs. Belief is everything. See the article at this blog site called 'The Power of Belief'. One of the most powerful statements I have ever heard, came from Bashar when he said, "When you leave this world, the world you left behind WAS YOU. You now exist, you think in a physical universe. Your fourth density transformation is where you begin to realize you are the creator  of your reality. What that means is that physical reality is your expression, is your projection, is your creation; that it's actually made of you. It means you are actually it, that physical reality is you. When you really grasp this, you then see yourselves literally as the dimension of experience of which you previously thought you were only a component. " If you are having a challenge grasping this, I suggest the meditation given by Bashar to expand consciousness. It is called the XYZ meditation. My version of this is for sale at My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health, and abundance. 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