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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

From time to time I am asked by readers for my opinion concerning vaccinations for themselves and their children. I am not a doctor; so I must say that my advice is of a spiritual and educational nature only and you are to see your physician. Having said that, with the new age children coming into existence with advanced activated DNA I would tend to error on the side of caution. Alex Collier has said that the last swine flu vaccines would permanently damage your DNA. And what I hear is that with all the surplus vaccines that the population of the world refused to take, is now being used as the normal seasonal flu shots. Personally, I do not believe in the necessity for vaccines of any kind. If you do some research on the internet you will find much to support this belief. This belief is in the area of effectiveness and the huge down side of side affects. My advice for those attracted to the vibration of spiritual growth and self empowerment is to teach the young kids that they are spiritual beings having an earthly incarnation. They are powerful and their bodies are amazing healing machines capable of curing any disease and protecting them from any outside influence. Belief is everything. And in conjunction with this (See at this website, 'Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy') should be taught the foundation of creating excellent health. This includes drinking pure water, proper breathing (yogic pranayamas), exercise, elimination of stress, getting away from meat products and regularly detoxing the system, while providing the proper nutrients.  The opposing side of this would like you to believe that you were born is sin, are a powerless being and could catch the next disease that comes along and die. It is my belief that the only thing you need protection from is your own beliefs, those you pass on to your children and the beliefs of those who prosper from making you be in fear and think you need them for protection.This is the create the problem and provide the solution point of view. Because of my own experience with healing, I am convinced that anything can be healed. I appreciate that although this point of view is available to everyone, everyone will not be able to do this. This is because of their own belief systems. All beliefs are equally valid. There is a lot of scientific study recently concerning 'Torsion Fields'. These fields of energy, somewhat like the aura to the physical body, operate at a certain frequency. My understanding is that disease is not possible unless the field is blocked or compromised. I believe that the foundational concept of acupuncture is to open lines of energy that operate inside the body. Acupuncture, apparently was passed down from extra-terrestrials ages ago. The idea being, also coinciding with Dr. Peterson and Pleiadian teachings, is that optimum health occurs with the proper flow of energy along the chakras, and throughout the energy meridians of the body. When there is a blockage of energy it also shows up in the aura. And according to the Pleiadians all disease is connected with emotional dysfunction. It is at the emotional level that causes outer issues with the body. This is also consistent with the Mother Mary information (as channeled by Jeanne Hatch); as she states that all disease is actually emotional self judgment. Bashar also concurs by stating that it is our beliefs, definitions, intentions and emotions that create the outer circumstances. In addition that all outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning, thus in order to get a negative experience we must have had a negative belief or the erroneous thinking of judging a neutral circumstance as negative. I also concur  with Patricia Cori's channeling of Sirians, when she says that after you have half of your 12 strands of DNA connected, disease is not possible. That is because everything is a frequency and the more light flows through your body, the higher the frequency and at a certain level, disease cannot exist.  So to maintain  optimum health the idea is to get the light of life flowing  in the body. I also highly recommend eating as many foods as possible that contain monatomics. (See articles at this website entitled, 'The Topic Almost Nobody Knows About--Monatomics' and "Shhh......Don't Tell Anyone About Monatomics') Monatomics are the light, are superconductors, high spin electrons that reprogram damaged DNA and operate between dimensions. If you check out the Dr. Peterson interview, at Project Camelot Portal, you will see that he has invented technology, currently being suppressed from the public, that does an amazing job of diagnosing and curing disease. The diagnostic part has to do with reading the acupuncture points of the body; which gives detailed information concerning the health or lack thereof for the major organs of the body. He also gives information regarding mainstream medical procedures which have a 6% accuracy in diagnosing a health problem. This for me, makes a farce of the conventional system. The cure rate he boasts of 98% within days or weeks is based upon prescribing natural herbs and substances in the proper amounts needed by the body. He is also involved with connecting the body to what he calls is the 'field of intelligence'; which acts upon the aura of the body.His system is also capable of diagnosing cancers sometimes 20 years in advance. What in many cancer cases is called early diagnosis is actually 20 years late! I particularly believe that in order to create an environment for cancer cells to grow, you must have a diminished immune system, vitatmin D deficiency, eat lots of sugar and be a meat eater. If you actually have a juicer and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, love getting sun and actually regularly detox your system of toxins then you don't have much to be concerned about. Now for advanced information concerning the clearing and healing of energies of the Light Body I highly suggest the books by Amorah Quan Yin, 'Pleiadian Workbook-Awakening Your Divine Ka' and 'Tantric Workbook'. "Ka may be described as the electrical, light-body circuitry that exists identically and simultaneously in the third through sixth dimensions and that ultimately functions in all those dimensions to anchor and contain your Christed Presence in form. In other words, it is the interface between spirit, dimension and form that affords us the opportunity as humans to become fully en-Christed in the body and to move from the third to the fourth dimension and beyond; as we evolve and raise our vibrational frequency. " From the 'Pleiadian Workbook'. (Also see at this site, ' Raising Your Frequency) The Ka body might also be described as the vehicle in which the Higher Self descends into matter and in which the Higher Self and the body together ascend into the upper dimensions. Through these processes the higher-dimensional translation of consciousness occurs. In The Keys of Enoch', Ka is defined as the "divine double". There are sixteen pairs of Ka Channels, or thirty-two energy lines with activation points. Each of these pairs has a specific function relative to your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health in addition to its primary function of creating the vehicle in which your Christed Presence will incarnate on Earth.  The Pleiadians have said," that when your Ka energy is flowing fully in your body all the time, your acupuncture and other meridian systems should remain vitalized and balanced. This does not imply that it is the only source of health for these meridian systems, certainly you must be aware of eating healthily, thinking clearly and positively, maintaining spiritual connectedness, and living with emotional spontaneity and honesty. All these things affect the quality of your existence and are necessary to integral holistic health." I highly recommend doing the practical techniques in the Amorah Quan Yin books to activate your Divine Ka. The level of corruption that humanity faces is staggering and is only beginning to unravel. Fear is the tool to control the masses. I love the comment by the Andromedans that 'fear is what distracts us from putting energy into Self Realization". Fear is the debris that clogs this area of reality and carries the most toxic residue for the Earth and her inhabitants. A collective misunderstanding of the nature of existence has resulted in a people filled with shame, guilt, sorrow, hopelessness and despair--the very qualities that stop the flow of vital energy and disavow the cosmic mind. Unresolved issues accumulate and are carried from one lifetime to another, where new scenarios play out the same old lessons, time after time, until a new realization is achieved. Everyone on this planet has victimhood issues to deal with. Until only the last few decades we have been taught to always blame, criticize or justify our current circumstances. These are all symptoms of a victimhood consciousness. It is truly a time to take 100% responsibility for our outer circumstances, not go against the negative; but rather create a new positive that will lead to the creation of heaven on Earth. My sincere best towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the writer via PayPal donation to