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Read and attain awareness with intention

Tens of thousands of people have visited this blog site. I am pleased to provide these spiritual seekers with the most cutting edge and accurate information possible. Each of us has a responsibility to help others raise their frequency; as this will reflect a better world for all of us.  I can appreciate that many are experiencing hard financial challenges and am thrilled that this blog contains an incredible amount of information at no charge. If you are experiencing hard times please go to now and get a free download of some amazing information entitled 'The Root Cause of Disease'. Many of you do not know that this blog is also embedded at Writing is what I do and it would be much appreciated, if you like the material on this site, to support the sister site by purchasing spiritual information and products. You can also make a donation via PayPal to The E-books at were designed to be a one stop shop for spiritual seekers. The E-books for sale there reflect the fact that as your personal power grows, it crosses over with healing. If you are interested in knowing about healing, for both yourself and others this is the place to go. On the site is a video by Michelle Blood of MPower TV promoting the information at this site; because it is one of ten programs chosen by Michelle that is making a difference in the spiritual consciousness of people around the world.  All outer conditions were created from inner beliefs and the E-books also address what makes a complete whole of the idea of SELF EMPOWERMENT. There is also a lot of information in the E-books that has not been mentioned in the 45 articles on the ET Yoga blog. There are several other products available at the site which deal with specific techniques. In realization of the fact that many cannot attend yoga classes, a complete course in pranayamas, yogic breathing taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda, is available with the purchase of the program,  'Techniques'. The E-books also contain a complete instruction in meditation with mantras and yantras.  It also contains some amazing meditations, including the Vichara or Who Am I technique, that was given to advanced disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Another attractive feature of the E-books is that it also includes links to 150 pages of related internet material that took hundreds if not thousands  of hours to research. Another product that many people around the world are using is the archived ET Yoga shows that are also available at the site. Wizzardry 101 is very popular and my newest CD, ET Yoga, contains 34 hours of archived ET Yoga shows. These shows are just like the blog articles at this site, jam packed with information. Several people have e-mailed me to say that they listen to these broadcasts several times a week; because there is so much information to digest. This CD cannot be downloaded; so it is mailed directly to you anywhere in the world. One of the most amazing tools available at, 'Healing the Known and Unknown' , is the availability of the 'XYZ' Extra-terrestrial meditation. NO JOKE, THIS IS NOT A SCAM. THIS IS A REAL EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL MEDITATION DESIGNED TO EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS FROM BASHAR, ESSASSANI, MULTI-DIMENSINAL ET!! I first did my version of this incredibly powerful meditation live on BBS radio on my show ET Yoga. By popular demand, I did it three other times. Last Christmas I sent it to all my friends and relatives and it was amazing to see the reaction from the people who use it!! Why not have the download at sent to your friends and relatives? You probably know that special someone out there who couldn't put a price on coming into such information. In summary, if you are a regular at this blog site please tell your friends. The goal of this site is to provide the most accurate information on the planet to raise the frequency of  all who have ears to ear and eyes to see and is absolutely free. Many have commented that with some servers the quality of the ET Yoga blog can be hard to see. Many have found that by going to the clarity is much better. This blog is embedded at the site. Plus, you get the free download, music, video, pictures and all the amazing spiritual products at your fingertip. I am confident that if you can support the products at you will get great value for your dollar and make it feasible for me to spend so much time providing the content at the free blog. For those wishing to donate, funds are much appreciated and can be sent via PayPal to  As usual my blessing on your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green