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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

When looking at a particular aspect of society and identifying challenges, I am always inclined to create the positive. Find a way to not go against the negative; but find a creative solution. Bashar has said, " That many extra-terrestrials have given us the nickname of 'Masters of Denial'. I know when I was growing up I had a lot of confidence in the adult professionals in my environment and parents; but it is a natural process of maturation to thank those early teachers for their valid contributions and to discard and reprogram beliefs that are no longer useful. This is part of that creative process of which I speak. We all have some homework to do when it comes to beliefs. There are no limits, just limiting beliefs. Please see the article at this website, 'The Power of Belief'. Belief is everything. The Andromedans have said that it is important to find out how we arrived at some of the beliefs we hold. In my opinion this is because this planet and its inhabitants have been manipulated for ages and have  trained us to be victims. Complaint, criticism and blame have become our guide posts. These three in particular are signposts that you are coming from victim hood consciousness. It is when you take 100% responsibility for your outer experience that you begin to gain your power. Unfortunately, we have given our power away to those who are adept at abusing us. The Andromedans have stated through Alex Collier that taking the swine flu vaccine would result in permanent damage of your DNA. Recently, Dr. Mercola, has stated that the same vaccine has been mixed with the seasonal flu shots. If you are an avid reader of this site you are aware that I do not take any vaccines, nor have my children, and I would not recommend this. I am not a doctor, so the disclaimer is that this information is of a spiritual and educational nature and you are to consult a physician. Having said that, how much confidence can you have in the medical system when diagnosis is only correct about 6% of the time, pills are recommended that don't cure but affect symptoms, brutal treatments and diagnostic procedures abound and over 250,000 people a year in the United States alone are killed via iatrogenic death? This is accidental death from a physician's treatment, prescriptions, or diagnostic routine. It is clear that the World Health Organization, Big Pharma, the established medical system and the FDA do not have your best interests in mind. It boggles my mind how organizations that are supposed to be looking out for the public interest can recommend bio-genetic foods, untested vaccines known to be harmful, untested food from the Gulf of Mexico, fluoride for your drinking water (the American Dental Association recently published their newest findings that fluoride does not assist in the prevention of cavities) and a host of prescription drugs with major side effects; while at the same time suppressing major advancements in curing disease (see Dr.Pete Peterson interview at Project Camelot). It's time to realize that the air, water, food and vaccines are poisonous to humans. Much of this in my opinion is to affect the DNA of younger generations with advanced systems. Much of this poisoning has to do with metals. (Chemtrails with barium and aluminum) It is not an overstatement to tell you that if you are living in or near cities and industrial zones, you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and the inhalation of other chemicals in alarming quantities. The lack of oxygen and diminishing life force in the air you breathe is affecting your personalities, your health and your social behavior. From, 'No More Secrets No More Lies' by Patricia Cori "And so, if you must live in urban centers, it is of utmost importance that you establish a way to improve your air quality. If, instead, you have made the lifestyle choices which will allow you to immerse yourself in nature, do remember to respect and nurture  the environment with every thought, every act and every step." My suggestion is to get involved with a yogic pranayama breathing program. One source of this information is in the E-books at Further from Patricia, "That it is possible to exist solely through rhythmic breathing and expiration of prana is one of the secrets that has for so long eluded you, but which is now coming to consciousness as you prepare for light body awakening." The Sirians have said, "Food, which through genetic and chemical manipulation of crops and animals is becoming increasingly poisonous and deadly to human and animal organisms...far more deadly  than ever before. We believe that those who choose to ignore or minimize the undeniable truth regarding the devastation of the global food supply are either misinformed or unconcerned for their personal health and that is their free will choice to make." Don't be a Master of Denial. Start getting involved with organic food and supporting those who grow it. With respect to water, almost 75% of the physical body is comprised of water, just like Planet Earth, of which each human being is but a microcosmic image. Keep unwanted metals like fluorides out of your water.  A water filter is a must have item in the city. You must keep off public water.  An ever growing concern is bottled water. I am all for pure water; but research shows that this water is not tested and anything can be added to it. Water serves as the resonance field through which your cells communicate with each other, transferring data from the DNA  and transmitting all matter of information via the waves. It is the conductor for the electrical activity of the cells; it is the highway of the cells' electromagnetic currents. Water not only has a consciousness of its own; but is also a perfect reflector of consciousness. That is why your FREQUENCY is so vital. Your emotional frequency affects every cell in your body. Bashar ( has said, "Outer circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters." The brain in the heart actually emits a frequency 5,000 times stronger than the brain in the head and can be measured. The field extends about 10 feet from the physical body. In recent articles we have mentioned the harmful effects of sunscreens (see at this site 'The Truth About Sunscreens'), women's cosmetics (Toxicity affecting women), animal fat (see You Tube 'The Effects of Animal Fats on the Human Body'), fluoride (Toxic waste of no value to humans), bio-genetic food (genetically modified foods can cause damage to the organs and most significantly they destroy the immune system), vaccines, pesticides on fruits and vegetables and will add today commercial detergents, shampoos, soaps, and perfumes. According to Amorah Quan Yin, " I have learned about the neurotoxins in these products that literally deaden brain tissue and nerve endings." Just my opinion but another major catastrophic event is currently happening and not being reported in the mainstream news, in the Gulf of Mexico. From what I can research only about 10% of that oil spill was ever cleaned up. Corexit, a highly toxic material, was sprayed on top of the oil. No possible way this isn't affecting the sea life and I for one would not eat any of it. I am sorry for the fishing industry there and I know that many would rather be poisoned by the air, acid rain, chemical poisoning than move; but that just may be their choice as well.  The long term health issues are truly mind boggling. The only way I could see living anywhere within 500 miles of the Gulf is to get detoxed about 4 times a year. What price can you put on maintaining good health? The bottom line is that there is a huge assault on the immune system from all sides. See at this site, 'Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy'.  Clearly after setting the foundation for health with proper water, oxygen, exercise, elimination of stress, getting off meat and detoxing, we also need to be aware and NOT IN DENIAL of purposeful acts to weaken the immune system and make us dependent on those who are abusing us. I appreciate that the challenges can be overwhelming at first. But my suggestion is to start someplace and keep eliminating dangerous substances from your system and get involved in cleaning some of it out. Currently,  life expectancy and quality of life is deteriorating at an alarming rate; not to mention how this influences your spiritual life. It would also be beneficial to start taking your Power back with reference to the medical system; as there is a clear movement to make vaccines an integral and larger part of  daily medical procedures. Again, creating a new positive can be fun and personally uplifting as well. If you are looking for a booster, I highly recommend the Egyptian Healing Rods. (  These rods were designed to give your immune system a boost. Fifteen minutes a day of holding the rods is like an hour of acupuncture. They stimulate the higher chakras, balance the Yin and Yang energy, and it is like being in a pyramid on a daily basis. Again one of the best things you can do is get plenty of sunlight. This is the source of developing Vitamin D in the body.  If you don't own a juicer, get one. Fresh fruits and vegetable juice, a once a year detox (see Dr. Shultze at the American Botanical Pharmacy), lots of sunlight, exercise, pure water and your are well on your way to excellent health. I should mention to stay clear as much as possible from your High Definition television and eliminate or highly reduce viewing time. This goes for the microwave and  cell phone as well.  My sincere best towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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