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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

As the founder of the popular world wide BBSradio show ET Yoga, the normal expectation from people is that I would spend time advocating this possibility or fact that extra-terrestrials are visiting Earth. I have certainly heard most of the arguments both pro and con; but have not entered into this debate even once in the last 10 years nor tried to convince people on the show.  Why you might ask? It is because at the moment it is NOT THE POINT! THE POINT IS THE AMAZING INFORMATION THAT IS BEING CHANNELED TO THE PLANET! In my opinion the very best of this kind of information can be obtained from Bashar, an Essassani and multi-dimensional being, who is channeled by Darryl Anka- When Darryl is channeling you would be hard pressed to find even a hint of proving that Bashar is extra-terrestrial; because it is totally irrevelent. The point is the information. This information is so personally uplifting and self empowering that the source of the information is in the background. So what if Bashar was an ET?  Let's say he could prove he was an ET by doing a low fly and hover over the White House at 2 p.m. next Thursday. Probably even that wouldn't do; as some would say it was a secret government craft. But for the sake of argument let's say he could find ways to prove it. I guess in a sense it would prove to many that we are not alone in the universe; but weighed against utilizing the amazing information being channeled by ET's, this is small in comparison. What has a larger impact on us personally, knowing of the existence of extra-terrestrial life or utilizing the information of extra-terrestrials to help us elevate our consciousness to more approximate theirs! In a sense I find it humorous that people on this planet would have difficulty believing in ETs because NONE OF US IS FROM HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Second, the Moon is an artificial construct, basically a monitoring station, set up by ETs that have been in control of this planet for ages. There is no facet of public endeavor that is not influenced by ETs. Some ETs have never left this sector of the solar system and the Earth. Currently, the Earth is under QUARANTINE until after 2012;  there is not going to be any open public contact until after that time. Somewhere between 2012 and 2022 it will be an established FACT that we are being visited by extra-terrestrials. That will put an end to the debate and also the newsflash that for those in power that the clock is ticking. And we are on target to be full members of the Association of Worlds by 2033 according to Bashar.  We are also on the verge of discovering the Hall of Records which will give humanity the real truth about our extra-terrestrial heritage. Apparently, as we speak, excavations are taking place under the Sphynx  knocking on that door and another site in Bucegi, Romania with similar information is a well kept secret. Admittedly, these statements at the moment are unprovable. And another good reason not to get involved in argument. Kind of like the people that don't believe in reincarnation. They are welcome to their opinion; but when you can recall past lifetimes then you will know that their opinions don't make it true. The main reason we have not had an official First Contact is that as a planet we are not quite ready. Bashar has stated that in the information that he feeds to the planet,  it also contains the ET frequency; but at only about 1/1000 of what that frequency would be face to face! It is way more comfortable to sit in your living room and read some interesting ideas or concepts than to be involved with a Close Encounter.  In fact Bashar has said that on several occasions he has made agreements with several humans to meet his craft at a particular place and time. But, no matter how sure the people were that they were ready for this, when the craft started descending to the landing spot the people ran for their lives in fear. And it was not fear of the ETs, it was their own fears coming to the surface about issues that they were not prepared to face. And the same is true on a global level.  Earth is in line for a First Contact scenario and no doubt this will occur in the next decade or two. However, when ETs are about to have this contact, at least the benevolent ones, they first contact individuals who can be receptive to the energies, anchor the information necessary and in our world these people are the channelers. It is also a fact that a lot of information being produced as ET channeled information is either a plain hoax, disinformation or not so accurate. That is why I recommend people read Barbara Marciniak's 'Bringers of the Dawn' or 'Self Empowerment' or Bashar's book, 'Blueprint for Change', or Patricia Cori's 'Sirian Revelations' to get people started in the right direction and tune their discernment tools. Bashar has also recommended the book 'Cosmic Voyage'; which was done by a remote viewer and he says it is about 95% accurate and includes a lot of information on things happening in our solar system. There are stories about the first explorers in North America about the time of Columbus and the large ships were not visible to the native Americans, only the small canoes. Interesting how the human mind works and blocks out what we are not ready to see! Thus, why some people see UFO's and others don't. The idea of  extra-terrestrial information is to raise the consciousness of the public by giving self-empowering information that will allow us at the right time to interact from a position more approximating equals. We possess amazing DNA from 22 extra-terrestrial civilizations and when our 12 strands of DNA are activated we are second to none! Some of these strands do not exist in 3D but  higher dimensional; although there have been newborns discovered with three strands of DNA connected. Talk is cheap; so what is some of this amazing information being channeled by ETs to help us? For one, for thousands of years we have been trained to believe that everything around us is happening at random and we are powerless individuals. The good ET information is liberating; as it tells us that everything is happening synchronistically and we have unlimited power. It is the concept of FEAR that keeps us from attaining this power; as when you conquer fear you conquer Self Empowerment. Mr. FEAR has his foot on the toolbox marked YOUR PERSONAL POWER! As the saying goes, " Your Power ends where your fear begins." And instead of believing that the outer experience is derived from some set of random possibilities, we are taught that it is our THOUGHTS, DEFINITIONS, BELIEFS and EMOTIONS that create our outer experience 100%. Interesting to note that quantum physics has also come to this conclusion. I refer the reader to 'Quantum Physics And You' at this web blog.  Possibly more importantly we have evolved for thousands of years in a state of VICTIM HOOD. We have been taught to judge, blame, complain, and justify our circumstances; which are all descriptors of someone in victim hood consciousness. Where in any teaching in any textbook at a college has the concept that we create our outer experience taught? Possibly 'A Course in Miracles' or similar small classes; but not on a mass scale. And it is only by acknowledging responsibility for our outer circumstances that we have access to the Power to change it. Because if we created it we can change it. This is particularly an important idea when it comes to the collective power of all the people on the planet.  Probably the most amazing bit of information from extra-terrestrials is the concept that OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DON'T COME WITH BUILT IN MEANING! Outer circumstances are like props at a theater and used for a variety of meanings. And further, THE MEANING WE GIVE TO OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DETERMINES THE EXPERIENCE WE GET FROM IT! Although again this is a new concept not taught to the public and found only originally from   extra-terrestrial sources , it is provable! Try the concept and prove it for yourself! When you place a positive spin emotionally on an outer circumstance you will end up having a positive experience and when you place a negative emotional spin on an outer circumstance you will have a negative experience.  Another amazing tool from ET information is the idea that the primary purpose of the rational mind is to PLACE A POSITIVE SPIN ON OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES.  And further that OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES DON'T MATTER ONLY OUR STATE OF BEING MATTERS! Because outer circumstances don't create more circumstances, it is our frequency and beliefs that create the circumstances; as well as our reaction to them. The whole concept that THOUGHT CREATES is the major theme of extra-terrestrial channeled information. The main reason this has not become apparent to most humans is the delayed reaction between when we have thoughts and experience them in the outer world. As we approach NULL TIME this will become more and more obvious. I notice the show 'The Secret' has become very popular; as the core concepts are true.  Personally, I find the focus more on monetary gain is a bit exaggerated; but then this is similar to Hatha Yoga which became popular in the West, when it is only a small part of the real Yoga, which is about creating a union of you with your Higher Self. We have also been given specific information about the 5 chakras that operate outside the physical body. It was only in the past few years that science finally proved the existence of the 7 chakras in the body! And frankly, mainstream information, is not remotely interested in assisting the populace to move up the chakra system! It is more focused on control than liberation! I have been told that only 6% of the known knowledge on any given subject is available to the public. That would include universities! Even the technologies in the computer field we know about see information double every two years and every year and a half in science. What do you think the rate is for the computers you don't know about that are hundreds times more powerful that have been in operations for decades! While the masses and most broadcasters can focus on the existence or disclosure issues concerning extra-terrestrials  for those that have the eyes to see, we are being given the tools to come to grips with a huge leap in the evolution of the human being that is just around the corner! My sincere best in your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. 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