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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

In my opinion the greatest discovery or rediscovery of the ages has been monatomics, Ormes (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements), high spin electrons, superconductor, philosopher's stone, elexir of light or what ever name you want to describe a substance that basically can cure all disease, give the body longevity, balance right and left hemispheres of the brain, fluctuates between dimensions and assist the user in greasing the wheels of enlightenment. The substance was reintroduced by David Hudson and I highly recommend reading Lectures I, II and III on the internet to get the whole history. Also, at this site are 'The Topic Nobody Knows About....Monatomics' and 'Shhhh...Don't Tell Anyone About Monatomics'. I find the fascinating thing about this subject is how it connects to the history of mankind, information that has been handed down to us, our extra-terrestrial heritage and is basically found all over the place. When I think of it, it connects to how our DNA was manipulated to cross with the ape and keep us only using 2 strands of a 12 strand DNA that would keep us in fear instead of being super humans. It did give us a wide range of emotion. I am told that we are a combination of 22 extra-terrestrial civilizations and one of the reasons ETs are so interested in our DNA. The Annunaki basically created a version of us to mine gold. Was it because they were into money? I doubt it. They needed gold to melt it down; so it would become 'White Powder Gold'. This substance has been found in the chambers of Pharoahs, in the cave near the rock Sphinx in Bucegi, Romania; which also has a holographic technology giving the true Earth history going back 50,000 years and even in mud spas that contain sulphur and magnesium formed from volcanic ash. I have recently taken one of these mud baths and heard lots of talk about miracle cures. People take these baths sometimes for ten days in a row. Many claim some kind of inter-dimensional connection and I am not surprised, given the nature of the monatomics in the mud. It certainly makes the skin smooth; so ladies all over the world love it.  It is why Welch's Grape Juice is known to have monotomics. It is because the Concord grapes come from a soil of volcanic ash. It has been claimed as well that certain carrots, because of the soil, can be juiced and cure cancer. High spin electrons definitely cure cancer. It is the Rhodium, and it actually reprograms diseased cells. If you read the above, David Hudson lectures, you will see that he claims to have cured stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 45 days. This is touted to be incurable. If you really do some research, you will find that all the dollars spent on cancer cures are spent on long term treatments, not cures. I refer the reader to the work of G.Edward Griffin. There are lots of cures out there; but they are too cheap and would cut into the medical system's profits. One quarter of their profits comes from cancer treatment. Well, treatment is a misnomer, more like torture with surgery, radiation or chemo therapy offered to a victimized public. Mankind has always been fascinated with gold and the Alchemy of turning rock into gold. Looks like this information is now available to the public. Personally, I still think the advice of Thoth should be a guideline to the use of monatomics; because the energy levels attained need the proper nervous system to house it. He offers council that there is no magic pill for enlightenment and even though monatomics are used in 'Right of Passage' ceremony, amounts need to be taken according to the spiritual development of the taker. Otherwise it would be like putting a million volts in a 120 amp circuit. (Building the nervous system being of paramount importance.) But, the varied uses of monatomics are limitless. It can be used in the study of inter-dimensional travel, changing fossil fuels to cheaper or zero point energy, curing disease and creating longevity, just to name a few. And it is cheap and easy. It is even found in small doses in a vegetarian diet. Ever wonder why the first thing you should do if sick is change the diet?! Continuing on the theme of great discoveries, I am going to quote from the preview about the book 'Transylvania Sunrise",  "This book heralds the most remarkable archeological find in the anals of mankind. Unbeknownst to most is an ancient rock sphinx hidden in the mountains of Bucegi Romania. In 2003 the Pentagon discovered through the use of satellite technology an anomaly beneath the ancient  sphinx. Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service; which is known as Department Zero. Together the Romanians and Americans utilized the secret technology to penetrate a hidden chamber located beneath the Sphinx, which otherwise was inaccessible to humans. What was discovered eventually was a Holographic Hall of Records left by an advanced civilization near three mysterious tunnels leading to the inner Earth." The gist of the tunnel information is that these underground tunnels lead to Tibet, the Giza Plateau in Egypt and Iraq. Of note is the information that when a Star Gate was also found in the Romanian find, it also activated the one in Iraq!  Bashar, Essassani channeled by Daryl Anka, has said recently that under the Spinx in Egypt would be found a Hall of Records giving the true history of the Earth and mankind going back 50,000 years. Apparently, this has also been discovered and not been made available to the public. Reminds me of all the cover up about ETS and UFOs. Those in control think we are not ready to handle the information. More to the point is that an aware and highly conscious public is much harder to control. Not to mention most of history, as it has been taught to us, is not correct. This also has its religious impact; but I won't get into that here. (See, 'Why Spirituality over Religion' at this site.) Those who have witnessed and talked about the Romanian find have said the holographic technology gives 3D pictures of our true history, going back about 50,000years. The holographic history was reputed to be about 2.5 meters high.  I refer the reader to 'Bucegi Stargate' on your Google search. Without having seen this, I can pretty much assume our true extra-terrestrial heritage comes from Lyrae, there is information about those who manipulated our DNA, those who created our Religions, and a whole host of other unpopular news bombshells. And no doubt the realization that those who left this information haven't left the planet! They have been in control of every aspect of human society for a long, long time. And lets not leave out the Alpha Draconian involvement! The latest extra-terrestrial information comes from Tolec, apparently an Andromedan contactee, who has been interviewed by Alfred Weber. The reader can Google search 'Andromedan Contactee Tolec' and Alfred Weber at Exo-politics, to locate three You Tube videos of the Weber interview.  The new information indicates the Andromedans and those assisting them have just won a nine year war with the Orion/Grey/Alpha Draconian factions living in or near Earth. They have been ordered out and a mop up operation is now under way. The two most recent underground anomolies in Virginia and Denver were because of the Andromedans wiping out underground bases with impulse weapons, after the inhabitants had been repeatedly warned to evacuate. Those who survived have been sent via Star Gate to some distant part of the universe. In addition, the Andromedans would put a lid on any false flag alien invasion plans. Although this information does provide some objective facts, discernment would be advised. Tolec also reveals that the Andromedans are also assisting humans with respect to minimizing Earth Changes and will envelope the Earth with shields to soften effects of the Brown Dwarf Star now moving inside the solar system. Comet Elenin does not have the mass to cause major issues on the Earth; as it is basically a forerunner of the Dwarf Star. This solar system is meant to have dual suns and the only reason it is not visible now with the naked eye is because it is cloaked. This does not preclude man made earthquakes ; which coincidentally coincide with times comet Elenin is at 90 degree angle with the Earth. Christchurch, Chile and Fukashima quakes all happened during this alignment. There will still be some increase of volcanic activity and natural earthquakes; but not of catastrophic nature for the whole planet; as part of Earth's ascension process.   If the Tolec information is accurate it would signal the first time mankind has had an opportunity to evolve without being manipulated by regressive extra-terrestrial interests since its inception. In agreement with the basic information regarding the destruction of negative or regressive beings at Virginia and Denver, CA or Cosmic Awareness on Micro Effect radio states the situation happened; but that it was on behalf of the Galactic Federation and not just the Andromedans. CA also confirms the idea of the dual suns as a plan for this solar system; however warns that the speakers for the Andromedan council are more closely a source of disinformation in many regards and more associated with the Grey/Orion/Alpha Draconian factions. Also, information concerning the take over of Galactic Federation forces on the dark side of the moon is consistent between the two and the direct hit or pass by of an asteroid offers several time line options or scenarios related to this event. Two other interesting finds also have taken place in Romania. The first is the uncovering of the 'Tataria Tablets'; which you can Google search and find that they are the oldest found language on the planet. They date back to Pre-Sumarian times about 7,200 years ago.Strange, I haven't heard this taught at major universities. The discovery was made years ago. Also, cemeteries of Giants' skeletons have also been found. The Anunaki were believed to be Giants. I have taken a cable car to the rock Sphinx and climbed on it and also brought back some water. According to the information in the book, three different force fields surround this entire area and obviously water is a perfect reflector of consciousness. See the work of Masuro Emoto about the 'Power of Water'. Even on your internet you can see that frequencies of thought or emotions change the molecular structure of water!! I find that very interesting connecting this with the fact that we are mostly water; so it is our emotional frequency that impacts our own molecular structure and why Bashar says that 'Outer circumstances do not matter, state of being matters." There is a neurological center in the heart that emits a frequency 5,000 times stronger than the brain and is called the brain in the heart. It also emits a measurable frequency about 10 feet from the body.By the way consciousness is not inside the body, the body is inside consciousness!!!! Continuing with further amazing discoveries, I quote from the preview to the book 'The Book of Aquarius', "Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone are real. This is not a joke or a scam. This book covers the full theory and practice of Alchemy and how to make the Philosopher's Stone, capable of reversing the aging process, and curing all disease to the effect that one could live forever. This is an ancient secret which has never before been publicly released. Please read the book before making any judgment on it, this world is not what it seems to be. The 'Book of Aquarius' is free and public domain. (no copyright) You may copy and distribute the book in any way. " One of the people referring this book is Jay Weider. I have read it quickly and it could be for real; because it deals with monatomics and the process seems legit. It does take about 3-8 years in the making. I have a friend who thinks he can do it in 18 months; so the proof is in the pudding!  Only thing I know for sure is that if you get enough monatomics you turn into your Light Body. Living forever is a bit much. In one sense, from the Higher Self's point of view all incarnations are simultaneous; so if you exist now you have always existed in one form or another. Thus, we do have eternal life anyway for practical purposes. Of course this presumes the belief in reincarnation and our nature being spiritual and acquiring experience through human incarnation. A body lasting thousands of years would be more inside my thinking box. Many extra-terrestrial civilizations already do this and of course many live on higher dimensional levels. Then again, we are moving to 4th density too and this would certainly put us in the ballpark. The cool part about this claim is the recipe is given and you can make of it what you want. Bottom line is that there is some amazing information coming to light. Everything is certainly coming to a head. We already know there are children with 4 codons of DNA activated that the normal population has dormant and it makes them immune to disease. Check out on Google, 'Physic Children and Children of Aids'. So we already have the science and know which codons to activate.  Again, lets not get carried away. I mean if everybody was disease free how could the medical establishment and Big Pharma make profit?! You are worth way more money with a compromised immune system and vitamin D deficiency; which makes you a prime candidate for cancer. See at this site, 'The Truth About the Sun and Sunscreens'.  Rich comment by a Professor Gunderson, who says the radiation coming from Fukashima will increase the cancer rate on the West Coast of North America by 20-25%. In context from 40% to 60-65%! Don't know about you; but when I was a kid there were few with cancer and never heard of a child with it. And I don't believe in accidents. Another connection to ORMES is through Scott Stevens and G.W. Hardin at and also interesting stuff at They have some interesting information with regard to square based tetrahedrons, Rodin Coil and black hole mechanics that can have a liberating effect on consciousness. It is my sincere hope that something in the above information will spark a smile, a knowing, a confirmation or inspiring action that will lead to your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Sincerely, Charles Maxwell Green. For those who have been touched by the above information and would like to support the author please find amazing spiritual shopping at or make a donation via PayPal to  You will also find on the home page at ET Yoga a link to Earl B. Hall and Atlantean Healing Technologies and a link to a cancer cure.