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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

Let's begin with a Bashar quote that "There is no objective reality, experience is the reality"!  There is what we call a consensus reality and this becomes exaggerated in the average person, who thinks that others experience the world exactly the same as they do. The truth is, that all outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning and we put the meaning and emotional spin on them, thus creating our own version of the circumstance.  At the very core of the question about Reality is, 'Who Am I'. Fact is, that is why we are here in the first place, to achieve awareness of this question. This is called Self Realization. Getting to the point where you ask the question 'Who Am I' , is a major stepping stone; because the truth is most don't know. We as a human race lost our connection to our Higher Self after the times of Atlantis. Our 'Persona' is actually composed of Higher Self, Brain and Mind; which corresponds to Creator of thought, receiver of thought and perceiver of thought. Each of us, as a personality is only an artificial, yes artificial, construct to help us experience dense dimensional incarnations. We are Spiritual Beings having a human incarnation. Not, humans having the occasional spiritual experience. When we experience the higher levels or have an awareness of being our Higher Selves, then we start to realize this is who we really are. It cannot be intellectually understood. And you cannot objectively study the mind using the mind. This is where we learn to use our consciousness to experience and connect to higher torsion fields of intelligence. We won't know the answer; but we can be connected to the answer and channel the answer. The rational mind is not capable of knowing 'How things work'. The main function of the rational mind is to put a positive spin on outer circumstances. Most of the time people are lost in their thoughts and think they are their thoughts. What about when you are observing your thoughts? Who are you then? It is like having an angry thought, and then becoming the angry thought. You lose your center or peace when you are lost in believing you are your thoughts. As Bashar has said, there are only two objective facts: one, you were created with unconditional love and second, you have awareness. In fact one of the heaviest conversations I ever heard was Bashar channeling another ET race and communicating with a group of Earth humans. The question the ET's had was, "Who is asking the question"? The Earth humans could not accurately answer the question and they were assisted with the answer of "a consciousness". In my  opinion the most effective technique ever is the Vichara or 'Who Am' I technique taught by the Self Realized, Sri. Ramana Maharshi. It begins by focusing the attention in the 3rd eye and stating, I am not my body, I am not my internal organs, I am not my thoughts, I am not this spot, what spot? If successful you will go through a doorway of consciousness and realize your Higher Self. Your Higher Self splits a portion of itself for our incarnation and experience. Nothing else will ever satisfy the mind, except becoming one with the Higher Self. Everything else is like a big ice cream cone that melts in time. Funny thing is, that when you unravel the mind, you don't lose your mind; but actually gain it!  And we are all of the same energy or consciousness that manifests in an infinite number of ways. When the finite mind experiences the Higher Self, it cannot define the infinite; so the information takes the shape of the mind. For me it is like we are all thoughts in the mind of God, Prime Creator, All That Is or whatever label your mind wants to use to define the infinite. The Universe is actually the You-niverse. Each of us lives in our own universe and we have similar experiences or consensus; because we agree to it. When we look back, after death, at this plane, we are that. We actually become the physical dimension that we previously thought we were only a part of.  The outer world is Holographic. It is a reflection of our beliefs, intentions, definitions and emotions.  It is analogous to being part of a super computer program that projects a conscious holographic image. In fact, from the Merlin website at Crystalinks, we get the following definition of Reality, "Reality is a computer generated consciousness hologram in which the characters it creates at the physical level are programmed to believe it is real"! "Reality is a game of illusion, delusion,  deception,  and perception. It is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. Reality is about experience and learning. Reality is consciousness or programmed illusion. It is virtual perceived through conscious awareness. We exist in a bio-genetic experiment to experience emotion through the construct of linear time. All and everything is created by geometric design following the patterns of sacred geometry. Reality appears to move in synchronized linear fashion creating the illusion of time also known as the loop cycles of time,  wheel of karma, or the alchemy wheel."!!!! Hear a fascinating interview of Preston Nichols on American Freedom Radio and his experience at the Center of the Galaxy stating  a super computer program creates the known universe.  One thing for sure, if you start to question whether or not you are part of a program run by a  super computer capable of creating a holographic universe, you will at least start to question 'Who Am I'!!!  Bashar likens the personality construct to a deep sea diver's equipment. The personality makes it possible for us to experience the denser levels of consciousness and the sea diver's equipment  is necessary in order to experience the denser levels of the sea. And the goggles are like excitement. It gives you direction and focus, otherwise you swim around blindly. The idea is to follow your excitement; which is what your Higher Self wants you to do. Nichols goes on to describe two 'Gods', Tabor and Ra at the center of the galaxy. In my view, if this is fact, it is still at lower levels of Prime Creator. For one thing, who created them? What consciousness are they a reflection of? My understanding and experience is that the Higher Self resides just outside the time space continuum. From our perspective it would seem like infinite intelligence. I also heard him say on another program that the Sagitarius Galaxy crashed into the Milky Way Galaxy and probably the reason for white and black holes at the center of the galaxy reflected by these two beings. This also concurs with Andromedan information that all life comes from the Black Holes via Intention. Thus, if he had experienced a similar level of consciousness,  possibly the information took the shape of his mind; as a computer person/engineer. In either case the universe does function practically or actually like a super computer program. And keep in mind that quantum physics has proved that you cannot have an event without an observer. Who is the the observer of Creation if not the Creator! Proof in itself of its existence. One of the hardest things to realize is that outside the time/space continuum the energy of Prime Creator 'Just Is'. It was never created nor can it end.  It is not possible for the rational mind; which thinks in linear time to fully realize this point. It is eternal life and if you exist now, you have always existed in some form and from the Higher Self's point of view all of our incarnations are simultaneous and occur in the 'Now'. I also concur with his conclusions that the most likely scenario will entail a total economic collapse, sometime later followed by EMP surges from the sun; which will virtually wipe out all technology. (computers and electricity). Then the experience of the Earth Ascension; which will create a similar ascension for us. A most happy occasion for those that pass Earth lessons and the opportunity to re:do the class for those not making the shift, probably on another 3D planet someplace in the universe.  I don't think anyone knows the exact timing; but I anticipate some kind of time dilation resulting in events many expect in 2012 to happen around 2017-2018 (sun pulses)  with the economic collapse sooner and then Ascension (God knows). Bashar has articulated what I believe to be most important in our current experience and that is 'We have the Choice' to experience the world as we prefer it to be and how we 'Believe' it will be. This Intention is what attracts us to parallel realities where all scenarios are being played out. I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect not to be in one of those cataclysmic Earth scenarios like the movie 2012. New systems will take the place of old outmoded systems. Personally, I would welcome a world without money, more in tune with nature, spiritual communities based on self sufficiency. With all the people dependent on government and 'their jobs', no wonder collapse of economic structures is probably on the agenda. I am also on line with the concept of two Earths. One in 3D that remains and the other that ascends along with those of similar vibration. This also makes sense of the Montauk time machine findings of an Earth in the year six thousand and with nobody on it except a golden horse. No doubt the 3D Earth. All of this information is for the spiritual seeker. The average person is trying to awake to the New World Order. In my opinion this usually goes in a process of becoming aware and being 'anti' to then, progressing to the spiritual point of view which is inclusive. Spiritual people learn about the Dark side and then integrate the situation. The idea is never to be anti anything. as it places you in a position of isolation. The optimum is to be for somethings positive. When you go against the negative, it only brings you down to its level. Further it actually perpetuates the energy you purport to be against. It makes no sense. Just like when revolutions throw out a government and then it eventually gets replaced with the same energy. And we need to make our bodies compatible with the higher frequency of the Earth; which is why many people experience ascension symptoms. Those aches and pains that come and go or dizziness or depression. I highly suggest, the Pillar of Light and Spinning Techniques, as taught in my E-books at I have suggested many times, if you want to read a book with quotes from a Self Realized human, find 'The Path of Self Knowledge' by Sri Ramana Maharshi. You can also find his picture on my 'Contact' page at I will also mention that Nichols experienced what he described as a 'barrier' heading for Earth; which would culminate in life forms becoming pure thought, and those with proper frequency would find themselves on a New Earth. This also, coincides with the beliefs of many regarding ascension. It also collaborates the information from the Andromedans that all of the dimensions are moving up a notch and that this new sound and frequency is imminating from the Center of the Galaxy. They state that in March of 2013 this dimension will implode.  According to Nichols the date has been pushed back to 2018? Definitely, several pointers to the conclusion that the end of the Reality experiment is nigh. Thus, the break down of societal structures; as what we are left with is our relationship with Higher Self. Definitely the most exciting time to have lived on the planet for those with Self Search, quest for Enlightenment as their primary goal and the real possibility of its actualization! Reality, What Reality, This Spot, What Spot!! My sincere best towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you feel assisted by the above article and wish to support the author, please feel free to do spiritual shopping at called 'Healing the Known and Unknown' or make PayPal donation to