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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Relentless to the end is what it will take for humanity to get out of the mess that it is currently manifesting. I haven't seen a Rugby match in years; but yesterday saw New Zealand, behind to South Africa the whole match turn the tables. They scored twice in the last 4 minutes and on a long run on the last play of the game to secure a 29-22 win. The Pleiadians have been saying all along that the frequency each year is raising at enormous levels and by the time 2012 gets here, all bets are off. I liken this to a game where the value of the play doubles with each players' turn and decided on the last turn. Clearly, we are on a new TIME LINE.  If you watch David Bruce Hughes and his video on 'Time as a Fractal', you will see that a chart reflecting the last 5,000 years shows that the repeating cycle of time should reflect the highest rate of change of this period during the month of August 2010. And then in 2012 the rate of change moves off the chart to infinity. Well, it is the 22nd of August and I would say the rate of change has been steady with no major events. Of course this could change in a heartbeat. In my opinion WE ARE ON A NEW TIME LINE! However, the main point to be made here is that TOTAL CONCENTRATION ON A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE FOR MANKIND all the way up to and including Ascension is the optimum attitude. This coupled with the clarity to put a positive spin on all outer circumstances and to reflect a positive frequency are the tools to achieve success. Of course this means high energy directed towards a positive goal and not going against the negative nor judging the process. Those that can follow this recipe will find themselves among those who will be the blueprint for a huge leap in consciousness for humanity. Sort of like a few cells in the embryo of a cacoon are the blueprint for a butterfly. My suggestion is to practice using these tools on a daily basis; especially when change is not at a great pace. It is easy to get lost in unexpected events and wallow in judgment, fear, blame, complaint and justification of our circumstances, instead of taking 100% responsibility for our experiences. Remember that this is our point of power; as if you acknowledge the creation of an event, then because you created it, you have the power to change it. I want to share with you two questions and answers from Bashar, Essassani. Q: It appears that there is a race against time whether this critical mass of positive energy will overcome the manifestation of our own Armageddon. Bashar: "I will put it to you this way: there are an infinite number of probable Earths. Every single possible scenario will play out, and more precisely, is playing out  now since all time is actually simultaneous. However, whatever each individual's vibratory frequency is, that is the determining factor for what probable -future-reality-Earth they will experience. In that our civilization is communicating to this other words, in that we are capable of having this conversation with you..then  that is an indication that you are part and parcel of the probable-reality-Earth that will allow the positive energy, shall we say,  to over-balance the negative...otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. And all the probable-reality-Earths that do decide to let the negative dominate in their future..we are not having conversations with in the same way at all." Q:Concerning the Predictions of Catastrophe; " In some cases it will be severe, in other areas it will not be felt at all. It will depend upon the infrastructure that has been laid down in certain areas on the your planet since there is much diversity in your world and many different approaches to different things. Different areas will likewise experience the result and consequences in different ways. The basic thing to understand is that when individuals begin to lay down other systems, alternate systems, new ideas and put them into place, then it will not really matter if the old systems crumble or collapse for new ones will be there ready and willing to take their place and take up what you call "the slack". Now at the same time, sometimes what you would call a break from the old paradigm may be a welcome thing and give individuals a chance to rethink how they go about setting up certain systems, to allow them in the future to become far more flexible, less rigid..and this is a metaphor for how you really  need to live your lives as well. So, I would simply overall suggest that you don't really worry about it, for I will tell you this with absolute certainty..the more you worry about it being a problem, the more you magnetically will draw yourself into a circumstance where you will experience it as a problem. Instead, I would suggest that you allow yourself to treat it as an amazing opportunity to allow systems to shift and change very rapidly and that you position yourself by your energy and your own certainty--so that you will know that you will be where you need to be, when you need to be there, and so that you will experience, no matter what any body else's experience--you will personally experience only a beneficial result from such a consequence instead of a negative one. " In conjunction with the above ideas a word of caution about the new technologies. If you are a reader of this blog you have already discovered the many ways we are negatively affected by our environment and positive ways to counter balance these affects; especially with reference to the food and water we take. With regards to the new technologies, the Pleiadians have strongly suggested that we throw away our televisions! Off planet technologies in this area are way beyond the scope of the average citizen.  If you must watch television, severely limit the time. It lowers the frequency of the immune system and directs and programs your frequency. Supporting this opinion are words from Arch Angel Zadkiel who offers 'The Supreme Gift of Clarity'.  "Pay attention if you must to media, and if you feel so-called pay no attention. It is important for you to make your decision now. You will either decide to continue to be engaged or you will not be engaged. Do not be on the fence with this one. It will bring great chaotic energy into your life. If you wish to truly unplug from chaotic energy, do it now. There will always be those who will bring the news to you. We can assure you. You will not ever not hear it. There are many who wish to talk about it. There are many who spend their lives obsessed with the news of others. There are many who spend their lives obsessed with judgment. You must understand that the gift of this, is that they offer an opportunity for the density to be very, very real. Do they not? They hold very firm anchors in density. What a blessing. Bless them for their judgment. Bless them for their commitment for the choice they have made to stay in density. For as they anchor density firmly, they offer for you a greater opportunity to activate your lift, to no longer walk on the planet. To simply be here as one who is custodian, a guardian, one who loves. One who sees the truth, one who understands." He suggests you try an experiment and say, "I will for one week not be involved in media. We offer you the opportunity to unplug from the newspaper, TV, radio, and all that gives you information that is asking you to judge another." Spend as much time as possible in nature and make a conscious effort to free yourself from technologies that affect you in untold ways and usually negatively with regard to your consciousness and DNA. How many people do you know who come home from work turn on the television and it stays on all night until they go asleep? It has become, unfortunately to my mind, a baby sitting tool as well. I am horrified at seeing young kids addicted to some of these technologies to the point where all their needs are met by the little black box. Kids are much better off finding other kids to play and have fun with outdoors, and not focused on the killing games via technology just to keep up with the Jones".We have been conditioned to always be in polarity. How many television shows have the theme of good guys vs bad guys or victim and victimizer? Always implying that going against  is the solution. When you realize that existence in 3D in one huge hologram both collectively and individually created by our thoughts, intentions and beliefs; then it becomes obvious that going against the negative is a futile endeavor. Creating a new positive is the optimum strategy. Bashar has said that when twenty people are in a room, it is not just one reality. There are 20 different realities (each of us is in our own U-niverse) and the only reason we seem to have the same collective experience is that at some level we agree to! When you judge or go against the negative then you only serve to perpetuate the energy you say you are opposed to. It also positions you in polarity. Higher consciousness is always an integrative process. If enough people can stay clear, not be lost in worry or fear or going against the negative, then we can create any new positive outer circumstance. There is No They, That's the Secret They Don't Want You to Know! (I refer the reader to this Post at this blog site) YOU ARE THEY! My sincere best towards your endeavors to create a positive experience for 2012, full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author via PayPal donation at