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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention

Just saw this similar headline posted at Yahoo Canada.  The gist of the story was that they would be technically advanced; so wouldn't be so interested in our science but would likely be interested in Bach, Beethoven etc. and music and also study our behavior; as we could be on the brink of annihilation.  Well, that's pretty good coming from a guess. I really like the part about Bach and Beethoven; as their music in parts was downloaded from Higher Mind and contains frequencies and sequences that are beneficial to human DNA/RNA. This has been proven in scientific experiments and also this music is great to play around your drinking water. (Of course it is good water and not with fluorides) Water has also been found to have a consciousness of its own and is a perfect reflector of consciousness and emotion. I refer the reader to Dr. Masuro Emoto discoveries about the Power of Water.  So an efficient way to get a higher frequency in your system is to play classical music around the water which actually changes its molecular structure and then you drink the water. Of course an even more powerful technique is to ground yourself in the emotions of unconditional love, gratitude and compassion; as you then affect the water in your own body by a similar process. This is the best antidote for keeping from from disease or virus. Any negative vibration, and disease is a vibration, must first penetrate your personal torsion field in order for it to manifest. Utilizing such devices as Egyptian Healing Rods, or wearing crystals or moldavite are also effective in raising your personal vibration. The idea is like two people meditating or two tuning forks resonating---they will effect each other and the end result will be a median of the two. And I also like the idea that we would be studied for our behavior; as they would be particularly interested in our range of emotion. This apparently, has come about because the Annunaki mixed some primate genes with ours a long time ago.  Also, the Greys would be particularly interested in our emotions as their race is dying out and they are for the most part emotionless. Rather than extra-terrestrial they are more inner dimensional as they are a future version of humanity itself from a parallel  reality.  Fortunately, we are on a completely new time line and after 2012 we will actually be more positive than predominantly negative on this planet. You can only imagine if the Dark side continued in the current fashion, that with the technologies used against mankind we would end up as chipped, emotionless creatures addicted to technologies and in time losing the ability to reproduce as they have. Thus their primary interest in US is our DNA. From what I can perceive they have spent a great deal of time attempting to make hybrid species of Human and Grey and recently have finally succeeded. A long way in our future, the Essassani, are one of those species and a very wise and enlightened populace who are currently transcending from 5th to 6th density. As we are transcending from 3rd to 4th.  I don't know this for a fact, but by gut tells me the Greys were having difficulty attaching a soul to the fetus in their experiments but eventually found a way. I surmise this was by reincarnating as humans first. Thus many people have been tracked since birth and abducted at the appropriate time to assist in this experiment. As Bashar would say there are always two sides to a coin and one the one hand we have the shock of an abduction but on the other hand the joy of assisting and creating new life in the universe. Also, according to Bashar the first extra-terrestrial civilization that will contact us are called the Shalania (the word Shalania means 'Those Who Will Come First') and apparently are a hybrid as well. According to Alex Collier, the Andromedans say that we are the composite of 22 different ET civilizations. We are actually considered to be royalty by them. Interesting to note that one of the reasons positive ETs or Service to Others by some people's definition, are assisting us is that when a race of ETs only breeds within themselves and keep the genes pure, in time this causes a degenerative effect. Thus there are 22 ET civilizations out there very interested in US because we carry the answer in our DNA to their future perpetuation and existence. because their genes are in us and vice versa! ETs play with DNA like we play with toys. It is a major fascination for them. Another incredible facet of our DNA is that fact that we can have simultaneous incarnations, unlike almost all other ET civilization who have linear incarnations. From our Higher Self's point of view we are having simultaneous lifetimes, although from our perspective they happen one before the other. The same is true with the concept of Time. All time is Now for the Higher Self; but we perceive events as one before the other.  And to take this concept out a step further, if you exist Now then you have Always existed in one form or another! Thus you have everlasting Life! And concurrently, we are Spiritual Beings having human incarnations. We are not BORN IN SIN. Apparently in etymological terms the word Sin used to mean Genetic Defect in pre-Sumerian times. Thus, because of the manipulations by the Annunaki we are all born with genetic defect not sin. The proof of this is the fact that most operate with only two of the twelve strands of DNA which was the original plan of our creators. Most only function with a small percentage of the brain. In actuality, we have 12 chakras, or vortex centers, seven in the body and five outside the body which correspond to the 12 strands of DNA. Prime Creator, God, Cosmic Consciousness, or what ever label you want to use to define the infinite energy which IS, has no beginning and no end,  also created this universe via the Black Holes with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  The proof of which is in the fact that you are 100% supported in your Beliefs, definitions, intentions and emotions; as they are reflected in the outer world which you call reality or experience.  You cannot perceive what you do not contain and you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of.  And ETs also know that the entire physical universe is one Particle/Wave that travels at infinite speed, is massless, and therefore breaks no laws of Physics.  You can now Google search this under Prime Radiant. Years ago I spoke of this on ET Yoga BBS radio when you could not find the topic with a Google search. It is information from Bashar, Essassani. The keys to accessing some of our higher powers is in the activation of the Pineal Gland. This also approximates with activation of the 6th chakra. Things like fluorides serve to calcify the Pineal Gland.  The complete unit that is our Persona actually includes the Hihger Self, the brain and the rational mind. Our personalities are actually a kind of artificial construct that equates with the Beta wave frequency of the brain. Bashar would describe this as a deep sea diver wishing to explore the dense water and using special gear to survive there.  The goggles would represent the compass or ability to see, kind of like following your excitement is the compass to being in alignment with your Higher Self. There are only two objective facts, one being that we were created with unconditional love and the second is that we have awareness. The Higher Self is the Creator of ideas, the mind is the Receiver of Ideas and the rational mind is the Perceiver of Ideas. Some of the subliminals on television have actually affected the Theta level of brain wave activity which is deeper than the personality structure! It produces what is called the Reptilian Mind and is similar to people in a trance. Obviously, easily programmable. Not to mention that the mass media puts their spin on the news; so in a way it is a form of Reality Creation. As the meaning you give to outer events determines the experience you will get from it.  The Pleiadians as well as Arch Angel Michael have warned people about the hazzards of television. It also is known to weaken the power of the immune system and is also a potential vehicle for the spread of disease. It has been scientifically proven that disease can be sent across the country via frequency. Like so many of the new technologies, they are designed to create a frequency control and should only be used sparingly. If you are serious about getting enlightened or healing disease I suggest getting a handle on these new technologies. I do not watch television at home, do not read a newspaper, do not watch the news, do not use a cell phone, would not use a micro-wave oven, would not drink tap water,  do not eat meat of any kind or fish and try to limit my computer time.  Research these topics and decide for yourself.  The rule of thumb is for every hour in technology get one hour of time in Nature.  My sincere best towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If this article has made a difference in your life, you can support the author with the purchase of spiritual products at or via PayPal donation to