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by ET Yoga's host Charles Green

Read and attain awareness with intention!

Some extra-terrestrials have stated that after ascension, some of us would travel to other places in the universe as professors of 'What not to do'; as we are the experts. Bashar, Essassani channeled by Darryl Anka, has said affectionately that we are sometimes referred to as 'Masters of Denial'. In my opinion there are at least three lessons that we need to learn as humanity. First, that there is only one race on this planet, the human one. We have enough issues with regressive Extra-terrestrials to have discrimination among ourselves. Second, that because of this, war is not an option. War is insanity. The world is only a reflection of "you" and insanity to fight yourself. To have an enemy you must be in a state of isolation and not integration with who you really are. When you leave this plane and look back, that which you see was 'You'. And third, don't go against the negative; as it only binds you to its energy and perpetuates that energy. When tyranny is overthrown by force, in time it becomes that energy. The idea is to create a new positive. And if there is any race, person, institution or government that you cannot send love to, then that shows you that you have issues to resolve. All the the positive ET groups visiting us at this time, try in some way to communicate the idea that 'Thought Creates'. Even our quantum physicists are proving that 'Expectation and Intent' are required for an observed circumstance. Thus, leading to the expression that "You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of." And you cannot have an emotional response, unless you first have a belief or definition that it is in response to. That's the first time two consecutive sentences ending in a preposition, ever made sense to me! Any discussion on any topic needs to take into consideration the term Belief; because Belief is Everything. What you Believe Is. (I refer the reader to the article, 'The Power of Belief' at this website). The outer world that you experience is a reflection of your definitions, desires, intentions, beliefs and emotions. I recently heard a caller ask a radio show host "Why don't the ET's just land and kill off the bad guys and get it over with?" My personal response to that question is that we as a race are not quite ready for 'Public ET Contact'.  Bashar gave a good example, by stating that he had arranged to meet several humans in his craft and in every occasion, no matter how sure they were of intending to meet the craft, when it approached, they ran for their lives! It was not that they were afraid of those on board the craft, it was their own fears that came to the surface. It is one thing to talk about ETs and another to look them in the face. They bring a frequency that many people could not handle; which is commonly known as culture shock. Much of what we have been taught and many beliefs we hold dear are just not so. Thus, when ETs want to begin the process of First Contact they initially use people as channels for this information. And the idea is to give self empowering information; which will in time enable us to meet the ETs as equals. With regard to UFO sitings, individual contacts, historical incidents and formal contracts, all are interesting in their own right as information adding to awareness; but does not change our level of consciousness or activate latent DNA. People need to understand that most of us are only utilizing a small percentage of our brain, our potential and operate on two strands of DNA. Our DNA has been manipulated! Further the emotional response of blame, complaint and justification of our circumstance only serves to create us as victims. It is critical for evolution to the next dimension to start taking 100% responsibility for your outer circumstances. This doesn't mean you are to blame either. It means you have re---sponse---ability or the ability to respond. In fact, this is your point of power, as if you are the one creating it, then you have the power to change it. You always, have a choice and this is one choice--Self Empowered or Victim. Probably the next most important concept in this regard is to 'Let go of the Past'. This will take a big load off; because ironically the circumstances that you blame others for are of your own creation! I refer the reader to the article at this site entitled, 'Bashar's Big 4'; which goes into the major concepts required to get a handle on working in this 3D world. Also, this information is connected to the 'Ultimate Truths of Reality' at the College of Christ Consciousness on the internet. As a species we need to learn that 'Outer Circumstances Do Not Come With Built in Meaning'; so that we can then put a positive spin on any circumstance and thus keep it in line with our intentions and expectations. This function is now being fulfilled by the mainstream media; which so many are now avoiding. The scientific fact is that the spin you put on outer circumstances CREATES the experience you will have.  It truly is a means of 'Reality Creation'; because what is believed is what occurs. This concept is not just for individuals but for our collective consciousness as well. Bashar has said that the primary responsibility of the rational mind is to put positive spin on outer circumstances. Outer circumstances are inherently neutral, despite what the average person thinks. Everything that we can see and lots we can't see has a 'Frequency'. And that is why raising your frequency is so important. For example, once you connect 6 strands of DNA and operate at this frequency, then disease cannot exist. The Earth itself is now raising its frequency from 7.8 hertz to currently over 12 hertz. We need to match this frequency in relation to the ascension process. Further related to frequency is the comment that 'Outer Circumstances Don't Matter Only My State of Being Matters'. Your frequency is what will attract you to a like frequency. This is the Law of Attraction in action. Even scientific research has discovered the neural center in the heart; which resonates at 5,000 times that of the brain. It is your emotions that are of paramount importance and it is emotions that interface with the morphogenetic field that creates your version of 'Reality'. Oh, and by the way, there is no 'Objective Reality'. There is the idea of a consensus reality. Reality is the Experience. The most powerful emotions are Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Compassion; which also grounds you to the frequencies that make you immune from disease. All disease comes from dysfunctional emotions; which are at the root a judgment on a neutral outer circumstance. (Get the free download 'Root Cause of Disease' at The farther you progress in Self-empowerment the farther you also progress with Healing; as the information crosses over at one point. Thus, I created the website, 'Healing the Known and Unknown' as a resource for spiritual people who were distancing themselves from mainstream medical. In addition to learning mental concepts, working with techniques to raise your frequency ( see Techniques at, it is important to cleanse the body of metals; which will also effect your ability to ascend with the Earth. This is not to mention the quality of life; which is greatly impacted by your overall health. See the article at this website entitled, 'Keeping You and Your Kids Healthy'. People need to understand that there is not only a 'Trash the Earth' policy; but also a concerted effort to mess up your health and why a break down of the immune system and cancers. All these chemicals in the food, water, air, immunization shots, and fear of the sun are huge contributors to poor health. Proper breathing, ideally Yogic pranayamas, pure water, exercise, lessening of stress, a vegetarian diet and detox programs are now essential to excellent health over the long run. I also highly recommend, as does the latest Russian research, Egyptian Healing Rods. These are not just for those with issues; but to prevent issues during the time when the Earth's electromagnetic field is diminished and we approach the Zero Point in rotation. With respect to location, and safe places it is more about 'Who you are' than 'Where you are'; although your Higher Self my urge you to move if required. There is no figuring this; as only your Higher Self has the over view of your personal situation. We need to stop looking for answers from others and learn to connect with our Higher Selves; which is who we really are. And as a last word of advice, we need to keep calm and keep our peace. Fear is always an illusion and is not in alignment with your Higher Self. A positive intention and belief concerning outer circumstances related to Earth Changes is imperative. This is the most joyful time to ever have lived on this planet, from the proper perspective and why you chose to be here at this time. Don't let the media and other negative individuals effect your 'State of Being'. There are no accidents and you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of and vice versa. Don't let blame and complaint enter your vocabulary and create yourself as a victim. If you want to 'BE in Joy', imagine in your I--Magi--Nation how a person in Joy would act  in any situation and then mimic that in the outer world. The idea being that we don't need to change anybody else; but to attract ourselves to the frequency we choose and find others who already occupy that frequency. All scenarios will be played out and there is an infinite number of possibilities to attract our intentions to. In my opinion, at this time, there are several overlapping time lines and the higher the dimensional time line, the less dramatic will be the Earth Changes. (I refer the reader to the article at this site entitled, 'Magic 201') Also, keep in mind, you become invisible to what you are not the vibration of. You get attracted to situations you run from through fear or that you chase, through desire. My sincere best towards your enjoyment of the Earth Changes, full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green (If you feel so inspired, you can help support the author by purchasing spiritual products at or by donation via PayPal to