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After listening to a recent radio show ,where the guest speaker unequivocally stated that time travel was not possible,  has inspired me to write this article stating unequivocally that it is. I do give credit to the speaker for articulating the concept as similar to the human body and even celestial bodies, degenerating and then being reborn. This has the implication that the energy of the past is now taking form in the energy of the present with the consequence that the energy of the past does not exist anymore.  However, let us be clear about this subject. Space/time is one thing. Traveling in space is traveling in time and traveling in time is traveling in space. Further, from the perspective of the Higher Self all time is simultaneous, thus the energy of the past and the present exist from that point of view at the SAME TIME. Thus, making null and void the speaker's argument. Everything is one thing and happening simultaneously, it is our perspective that changes. The only aspect of the speaker's argument that has validity is that any changes made by going back in time do not occur in that time line;  but in a parallel one. The most important function of time travel is actually the practice of going back to reprogram an old experience that you wish to re-program or wish to forgive others. It is connected to the idea that all disease is related to emotional dysfunction. When you go back in time in your mind and do these procedures, you then live in a time line with a different history.I recently heard Drunvalo Mechelzidek mention that he is involved with a scientist in Sedona who is working on a device which resonates with the heart and identifies areas of needed forgiveness. Once this is done the outer manifestations of disease vanish. This technology is supposed to be available by mid 2012. Apparently, it even has the capacity to identify areas of forgiveness that are not remembered by the patient! A related point is that when you live in the  moment you will actually experience less time. Only the waiting for something else creates the time that happens in between. So if you are looking for another secret to looking younger, this is it. Understanding time travel necessitates comprehension of the 'Grandfather Paradox'. I quote from the master Bashar, "Yes, space/time is one thing. Traveling in space is traveling in time; traveling in time is traveling in space. It is one thing. However, recognize that everything will still fit in place, even from the apparent linear point of view. So any apparent changes that may appear to take  place within any previous time track you came from will actually not be taking place in that literal time track, but in one parallel to it. " So exactly what do you experience? "The effect is basically the same. In other words, you could step into your craft and go back in time. If you are assuming that you wish to change the way something happened, then to make that change, you can go back to the exact same time track where you left off. There will be no apparent change, because that's not what happened in your current time track, but the change can be made  there, forming an alternate time track by definition. The change, so to speak, is not a change. It is part of the normal history of a parallel time track. So if you wish to see the effect of the so-called change, you must go to the future or go back to the present of the parallel time track, where you made the change." "You have time track A, time track B. Time track A is your time track, let us say, your history. Time track B is another history altogether. Everything is occurring simultaneously. Let us say time track A and time track B are very similar. The idea, leaving this point in your time track A, is that if you go back to the supposed past, you are actually going into the idea of another time track, and being a part of its history in a natural progressive way. Now you cannot actually literally change your own past in the same linear coordinate system. When you "change your past", you are simply shifting gears into another time that contains that ability to change, so you will have the experience of that change in your new present. You cannot change history. More correctly, you alter yourself to another history that is appropriately representative of the change you desired to make. The same applies to the future." It is interesting to note that the Montauk Project and Philadelphia experiment (created a crude time machine), which utilized some of Nikola Tesla's inventions and utilization of unified field theory, eventually led many scientists to conclude, as Bashar states, that we can't change the past and every time they go back and try to do so, they just create parallel time lines. Al Biliek, incidentally, was one of the crew members of the Navy ship that was lost for days and reappeared in Virginia and he attends public workshops and gives testimony. Preston Nichols also has very interesting ideas, concepts, and technology related to the time travel subject. According to Bashar the mechanism of allowing time travel is facilitated by creating an isolation field. "It is  microwave energy effect that is an alteration of light, stepped up many magnitudes above what you typically think of as an electrical discharge. It is dispersed through the hull of the craft, through various devices after the light is stepped up by other various devices--one of which we call the flash matrix-which incorporates many different elements. The isolation field is a microwave effect. Microwave generation at that high rate of speed will disconnect any object within the bubble from the universe in which it existed. This because you match the vibrational frequency of the speed of light itself in a very highly condensed way, the speed of light being the barrier limit that represents physical dimensionality. " Bashar "When you create around your craft a wall or a shell made of light, the very substance of the physical universe, then within that shell you have created a bubble, a hole, in that universe. You are redirecting light, out of which everything is made  around you rather than through you. You are now sustained by the primal template universe, which exists on a completely different frequency far above and beyond the frequency of light. Therefore, in that universe you literally are everything at once. So you can be anywhere and anywhen you want to be." Bashar A practical application of the concept of time travel is what we are currently experiencing on Earth. Several extra-terrestrial races including the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Andromedans have identified a 'Tyranny' from the future in  our current time frame; which caused major problems in the universe. They have come back to this time to 'Fix' the situation. So, you see we are living in an alternate time line as well. If it was not for ETs coming back to fix this mess, we would be living out all the catastrophies. In another time line the P-K 52's (52,000 years in our future) and P-K 45's (45,000 years in our future) are from two groups that survived the catastrophies on Earth from underground bases and on the surface respectively. Both groups eventually settled in off world locations.  These are the groups mentioned in the Dan Burisch material at Project Camelot that survive the Earth Changes. Of course they do not mention a third group which will ascend with the Earth into the next dimension! 'The Powers That Be' are not going to mention any possibilities that are not based in fear. And since 'they' are not going to ascend and know about future catastrophies from alien technology, their preparations are immense and on a grand scale. I will surmise that it is from solar heat that was the source of the first of a wave of catastrophies and why the military has underground bases of great magnitude. This is also world wide. The point being that any on the present Earth will have the opportunity to choose to evolve or ascend to the next dimension and avoid these calamities.; but must be willing and able to adjust to the new higher frequencies. Of course those choosing to remain in the 3D version of Earth will face the resulting consequences. Thus, the integration of the concept of time travel to our current predicament. It is your intention and emotional spin on these events that will create your experience. There is nothing to fear; as you will end up where you are supposed to be according to your Higher Self and your state of evolution. You could just die, or die and ascend or just ascend without dying. The best advice I can give is to keep your peace, do not get involved in anger or depression. All of these emotional states will be highly magnified during these times.  And good old George Green in his latest book 'Messages to the Ground Crew' might be correct with his philosophy of too little too late and basically telling us the only thing we can do is band together in self sufficient communities to survive. However, the most advanced on the planet will ascend and not need to survive the calamities. My suggestion is that a few weeks of stored food, a four wheel drive vehicle, a water purifier, camping/cooking gear, batteries, some stored pure water is always useful; but over-doing it, like so many 'Preppers' will only attract you to that reality through fear, rather than a common sense approach. Thus, you can be more flexible in dealing with power outages, weather disruptions etc. and experience emergencies with a smoother transition. One thing seems clear to me, and that is nobody is smart enough to figure this all out. Getting more in touch with your own Higher Self, who can see the road ahead is the best policy. Learn to rely on yourself and not the fear of others. There are many extra-terrestrials that are leveling the playing field with regard to the negative ETs that have kept Earth a prison planet for thousands of years. They did not come back here to waste their time.  When you look back on these times it will be about what you chose to focus on and what emotional  spin you choose to place on these events that will determine your experience of it. Remember, outer circumstances do not come with built in meaning. It is the meaning we choose to give to external circumstances that is important; as it actually creates the reality. There is no objective reality. Reality is the experience. There can be no event without two sides. I suggest to the reader to check out the Tolec interviews, the Andromedan Council website, interviews with Cosmic Awareness, interviews with John Kettler and interviews with Simon Parkes and you will find inter-connected information about how the 'Good Guys' are setting the people of this planet free. Also, linked to this is the David Wilcock/Drake interview; which is a real mind blower. I have heard enough of this crap about too little too late. It is never too late unless you give up. The reader may also be interested in the Alfred Lambremont Weber site where he links time travel capability to political control and forcing a negative time line upon humanity. My best wishes towards your attainment of full consciousness, perfect health and abundance. Charles Maxwell Green  For those who have felt inspired, gained new insights or uplifted by the above information feel free to support the author by purchasing products from or by making a PayPal donation to My new book 'ET Yoga 2012 and Beyond' The true nature of reality will also be available at the  site and other outlets in the near future.