Become a BBS Network Columnist

Become a BBS Network Columnist

BBS Network ColumnistBecome a Columnist
with the BBS Network

Are you an author, writer, journalist, blogger,
editor, reporter or columnist?

Help us educate and enlighten!

Become a columnist for the BBS Network. We are looking for creative people with intelligent information to impart.

Send us an email, or use our contact form, to let us know who you are and what you are about. It may take us a few weeks but we will definitely get back to you. Don't forget to leave us your contact information. Once approved you'll be able to log-in and write new columns. Those columns will be globally syndicated via RSS "XML" feed mechanisms to all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - yours & ours - with one submit!), in the Newsroom, in the featured network columns section, on both the station one and the station two main pages, to several of our collaborators and network affiliates, and on our own home page! The coverage will be quite extraordinary......and it's all free!

In the event you are not approved as a BBS Network Columnist you can still create articles and post your writings on the network via a blog. All users of BBS Radio can have their own blog which is also globally syndicated, however the distribution is not as wide. All you need to do to start globally syndicating your blog is log-in, or sign-up, as a user of and get creative. All functions and tools you'll need can be found under your User Menu.

Our humble beginnings started in 2004 with a creative blogging website entitled: Bloginservice; A blog in service to others. After all these years we still have a public blog, or bulletin board rather, called the Trusted News Trader. This is a posting forum where all people can express themselves. However, our venture into editorials and columns is something new.

An interactive media portal, where columnists can get their messages heard in a variety of powerful ways! We have total integration with Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, for content created in our system (Yours & Ours!), properly developed feeds for syndication purposes, customized and fully interactive profiles (from mild to wild, light to complex... we do it all).

This new editorial aspect to the media corporation is currently in the early development stage. There will be coming changes to formatting, changes in displays, changes to how the information is incorporated throughout the website, changes to the profile pages, and more changes. Please bear with us as this journey unfolds. Contact us as often as you need to. Our code may break periodically, causing untold problems, until we iron all the kinks out. You shall be our columnist pioneers. This is not a paid position but can be lucrative if you're smart in how you use your column space! Consider allowing a little area for your advertisers and sponsors to feature their wares!


By becoming a BBS Network Columnist you agree that all material you submit is authored by you and original in its nature, having never been submitted elsewhere. Once submitted through's content syndication system you can always submit it elsewhere. That information will become a permanent part of our ever expanding corporation. Our editorial division hopes to soon include some exploratory news and collaborative and investigative journalism. Note: The BBS Network likes to be first and foremost in this respect due to our policy of being an original content provider, always original....always!