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Why are Canadian Genocide Deniers now pretending they aren't

Why are Canadian Genocide Deniers now pretending they aren't

Letter to the Editor, National Post: Why are Canadian Genocide Deniers now pretending they aren't?

October 29, 2022
The Editor, The National Post
It is more than strange that an alleged journalist who has helped conceal the Canadian genocide for years now presumes to comment on it.
In his controversial National Post article, Terry Glavin claims that Canadians "keep forgetting" about the mass graves of Indian "residential school" children. On the contrary; a people who have had the memory of their homegrown Holocaust systematically erased are not in a position to "forget" it. And as one of the people who has stopped that crime from publicly surfacing, Mr. Glavin knows it.
Where was Glavin, the National Post, or any other "mainstream" Canadian media in June, 1998, when in Vancouver we held the first public Tribunal into Indian residential school crimes that documented and published the location of twenty eight mass graves of children? 
Where were they when our Citizens' Truth Commission published the hard evidence of residential school crimes in January 2001, and held public teach-ins and protests at the guilty Catholic, Anglican, and United churches for the next dozen years? ( 
Where were they when we uncovered, identified, and made public the bones of children at a mass grave at the Anglican Mohawk school in Brantford, Ontario, in October 2011? The Canadian media completely ignored and censored our historic find. (See That Channel TV Interview: and Mass Graves of Children in Canada – Documented Evidence – Murder by Decree).
And why has Mr. Glavin for years challenged and castigated the evidence of our movement in his public "smear and fear" campaign that denied the existence of the mass graves of native children?
Now that most of the childrens' graves have been destroyed and the eyewitnesses silenced, it is safe and fashionable to speak of the lost and murdered residential school children, even for those like Terry Glavin who has helped keep them lost. But these childrens' 60,000 voices cannot stay silenced, any more than the guilty actors of Canadian Church and State will stay unpunished.
An Op Ed piece follows.
Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div
Canadian Field Secretary, The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
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