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When the Serial Killer Tells His Own Story: More Thoughts on the Great Rewrite of the Canadian Holocaust

The only excavation of a residential school mass grave, censored from the Canadian media: Mohawk Anglican school, Brantford, Ontario, October 2011 - see
When the Serial Killer Tells His Own Story. More Thoughts on the Great Rewrite of the Canadian Holocaust

When the Serial Killer Tells His Own Story: More Thoughts on the Great Rewrite of the Canadian Holocaust

\When the Serial Killer Tells His Own Story

More Thoughts on the Great Rewrite of the Canadian Holocaust

By Kevin D. Annett



If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself. 

- George Orwell, 1984  


Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. 

- Orwell, ibid.


The only thing new under the sun is the history you didn’t know about. 

- Harry S. Truman


One night in June of 1998, soon after I had started to publicly name the names of children who had been killed in Canadian Indian residential schools, an RCMP officer called Peter Montague phoned me up and besides issuing a threat, gave me an accurate forewarning about Canadians.


“In ten years nobody will remember you or any of this stuff you’re saying about genocide” he said. “They won’t want to remember.”


Of course, Montague subsequently made sure that his premonition would come true, employing the usual black ops methods against me and others to wipe out inconvenient witnesses and evidence. But his observation about Canadians’ desire not to remember their own Group Crime has been borne out. 


I thought of that today when I read the latest national media spin on the Canadian Holocaust.


“Thousands of indigenous children died in residential schools; Now we know some of their names” exclaimed the Canadian Press Service yesterday, in a remarkable rewrite of history. For in truth the children's names were known decades ago, as the media is well aware. After our first public inquiry into residential schools in June, 1998, I began to publish and send to the press not only the names of the dead but who killed them and how they died, and where they’re buried - and I was studiously ignored by the same media who have suddenly “discovered” little dead Indians. 


But things are different now: the official spin is in, the killers in robes have been legally indemnified, and knowledge of the crime and even its erasure has once again been wiped clean from the national memory. And so it’s safe now for the Canadian Press to parrot what I first demonstrated twenty one years ago - that thousands of children died in the death camps falsely called Indian residential schools. But of course the press is leaving out the little fact that these children died not accidentally or randomly but as a result of a deliberate plan of extermination by Church and State that was aimed at non-Christian Indians - and that the same crime is continuing today.


To add to the general farce, the very church people who did the crime are now shedding crocodile tears for their legions of victims and offering to construct monuments to their memory - or at least, to the children on the list of the “approved”, non-incriminating dead: the ones who haven’t been named as dying at the hands of specific priests, nuns or school officials. If you believe the media accounts, those nice United and Anglican and Catholic church folks seem to have no recollection that they’re the ones who put those children in the ground.


Despite this latest hoopla of engineered “discovery” of genocide by the Canadian press, it’s quickly apparent that their accounts are not quoting from the original sources at all - the ones I uncovered - like the actual school death records or eyewitnesses to murders and tortures. Instead, the establishment media’s sole “source” is that astonishing exercise in official duplicity known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC). The latter’s bogus “inquiry” ignored and contradicted the actual school records and simple mathematics by claiming that, despite the statements and documented proof of government doctors that half the children were dying every year, a mere 2,600 children died in residential schools over a century - or about a 2% death rate - instead of the actual 40-60% that prevailed for well over a half century. (


Now this is hardly a surprise. Such blatant whitewashing was inherent in the TRC mandate, which actually prohibited its Commissioners (who were appointed by the very churches and government that did the crime) from taking down as evidence any reference to the death of children or other criminal acts! How convenient, and how Canadian.


This kind of explicit Holocaust Denial is not new. It has been in fact a structural feature of any inquiry into domestic war crimes in Canada or anywhere in the British Empire. For after World War Two an official program to wipe clean any evidence of genocide or atrocities committed by Imperial forces was launched by the British Foreign Office, according to the Guardian newspaper. 


Known as the Legacy Files Project, any evidence in Imperial archives that incriminated Crown officials in murder, genocide or other crimes against humanity was identified, removed and replaced with dummy files containing no reference to these crimes or to the killing of indigenous or colonial peoples. British and Canadian colonial history thereby became an officially managed and censored lie. Accordingly, the TRC’s total reliance on “official” government accounts of the Indian residential schools could have produced nothing else but a distorted and sanitized account of these “schools” under the Legacy Files’ system of institutionalized censorship.

( , )


In short, you can’t believe anything the Canadian government or its partner churches claim about the Indian residential schools. These institutions are untreated serial killers, after all. And therein lies the real problem.


As with psychopathic individuals, psychopathic societies never have a problem with what they do. Being in charge, they don’t have to deal with any moral or legal fallout because they answer only to themselves. The Canadian churches and governments that slaughtered generations of brown children may be forced by circumstances to pay lip service to their crimes in a roundabout manner where no one is held accountable or does jail time, or to talk of issuing apologies and limited compensation to the few who survived their atrocities. But the mental and moral regime under which the killers operate is one of acceptable death. That is in fact the expression used by Indian residential school officials in reference to the enormous death rate among children there: 40% of the children who were dead after one year was, to quote United Church clergyman / Principal Alfred Caldwell, “An acceptable mortality rate”. Acceptable to who, and why?


What happened to all of those little children at our hands has never really bothered white Canadians. It’s all too abstract and normalized. After all, have you ever seen genuine tears of sorrow or regret in the eyes of a politician or church official as they talk of apology or “reconciliation”?


The truth is that none of us can be born and raised in a genocidal culture without reflecting the dead hand of its spirit and mindset. We are in fact emotionally detached from and oblivious to the horror of what’s required by our continued occupation and rape of this land. Two recent cases in point:


Last week a friend of mine attended a community forum near Mission, British Columbia led by a forestry department ranger. At one point, when he was discussing the land around Stave Lake, the ranger said matter of factly,


“We find a lot of dead bodies up there all the time.”


Nobody else in the room batted an eye. My friend said that none of the comfy middle-class Canadians present even looked shocked or concerned when the forester described finding human bodies in their own backyard.


A similar example of our “acceptable death” culture appeared this month in a glossy new age health food magazine called “Edible B.C.”. In an article entitled “Planting Seeds of Change”, it’s reported how a local woman in Port Alberni is cheerfully sowing a garden over top a mass grave at the former Alberni Indian Residential School, even though none of the local Indians would go near the spot. Says the article,


“There were probably bodies buried there; so many children were never found … yet this is where Gail Gus decided to build a garden.”


And nobody minds? Not even the cops? Of course, tampering with and concealing crime scenes related to dead Indians is hardly a new occupation for Canadians, despite its illegality; in Cranbrook, Alert Bay and Mission, B.C., golf courses and parks were deliberately built over mass graves of residential school children after the sites had been identified by yours truly. What’s especially nauseating these days is how routine and blase it’s all become; how acceptable it is to calmly discuss in print all the bodies buried in the garden plot from which next year’s yuppies will be dining. Cover up and cadaverous cuisine go hand in hand in Beautiful British Columbia!


Perhaps this is all a sign of the extreme moral and mental rot that sets in among a people like Canadians who live alongside official mass murder. The best secret is kept first from ourselves. The same Nice Canadians who perpetrated and paid for and protected the slaughter of children now genuinely believe that they were only trying to do the right thing - and to prove it, they’ll erect a monument to some of the poor little Indians. And masking the whole sick mess is the ever-compliant Canadian media, erasing the erasure once again as the cycle of death continues. Kill, Conceal, Repeat.


It’s what happens when the Serial Killer writes his own biography. But who will be left to tell the true story, let alone write a new one?

Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada by Kevin Annett