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Taking Back our Nation: A Message from Kevin Annett

Reverend Kevin D Annett

Taking Back our Nation: A Message from Kevin Annett

Candidate of the Republican Party of Kanata in the upcoming Federal Election


Have you ever wondered why one woman in London owns all of the land you sit on, and its vast wealth? Or why her “representative” in Ottawa called the Governor-General can dismiss the Canadian government whenever she likes? Does that sound fair or democratic to you?


How about the fact that all of Canada’s wealth, if divided equally among its citizens, would give each of you an income of over $240,000? So where is all that enormous wealth going? Why are you being so badly ripped off? And why do more than five million Canadians - and one million children - struggle in poverty in a land of such riches?


You may not realize it, but the issues are related. For centuries, the British Crown and its corporate partners have kept Canada dominated and dependent in order to suck our wealth out of the country. Your taxes and votes are keeping this crime going, since every Member of Parliament who is elected commits treason by taking an oath of allegiance not to you at all, but to “Queen Elizabeth and her descendants”: an unaccountable foreign power.


A majority of Canadians believe that the time for ending this corrupt regime has come. In an opinion poll last year, 58% of you said that you want an end to all ties with the British monarchy and to establish a sovereign Republic. We, the Republican Party of Kanata, are acting on that majority mandate. Our aim is to create such a Republic in Canada. 


We are not just another political party. We don’t want to merely switch figureheads, from a Queen to a President. We are a grassroots movement committed to reclaiming our nation and its wealth for all of the people, and to building a nation free of indebtedness, poverty, servitude, bureaucratic corruption and the wasting legacy of genocide and colonialism.


Our Party is building Peoples’ Assemblies in many communities where citizens can debate, pass and enforce laws for themselves. These Assemblies and a Republican government will abolish income tax and debts, seize the wealth of the super-rich and create local common law courts of justice that serve all of the people. We will create a Constitution that places the nation’s wealth in public hands and bans foreign and multinational corporate ownership of our economy. We will lower the voting age to sixteen, establish a guaranteed income and make education, housing, medical care and transportation free and accessible to all people.


We have the means to achieve such justice and equality for every Canadian. This movement to establish true democracy in our land begins with each one of you. 


I am running as a candidate for the Republican Party of Kanata in the next federal election. I am a seventh generation Canadian of Scots-Irish-Metis ancestry. For most of my life I have fought for the rights of Canadians as a political activist and an ordained clergyman. I have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for my success in exposing and prosecuting genocide of Indigenous people by Church and State.  My home is originally in Winnipeg, where I announced my candidacy on July 23. But my candidacy will be everywhere in our country and will continue long after another treasonous government is elected in Ottawa.


A vote for our Party is really a vote for yourself. It is your way of saying enough is enough to Canada’s unaccountable system of law and government - and to the foreign rulers who are a destructive dead weight on our lives. It is a step towards governing yourself.


Decide for yourself. Read our Vision and Program in the attached flyer. Contact us to join our movement and take out citizenship in the new Republic. We have a nation to win back.


Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.

Convener of the Republican Party of Kanata and its Candidate in Winnipeg North


Highlights of the Program of The Republican Party of Kanata

Adopted in General Assembly on May 1, 2019



  • The Nullification of Crown authority in Canada and the establishment of a Sovereign Constitutional Republic consisting of a federation of equal nations (Anglophone, Francophone and Indigenous). 

True Democracy

  • A Delegated and Recallable Congress elected every two years 

  • Locally elected Peoples’ Assemblies

  • The lowering of the voting age to sixteen years of age


  • Local common law courts and jury trials

  • An elected judiciary with free and open courts and procedures

  • Community policing and Citizen Militias


  • A Constitutional guarantee of unalienable liberties including freedom of thought, expression, movement, civil disobedience and dissent; freedom of religion and from religion; the right to a common law jury trial and fair and equal treatment before the law; the right to revolt, bear arms and politically organize; the right to secure meaningful employment, life and happiness free of fear, coercion, arbitrary rule and repression


  • Abolition of income tax and a moratorium on all debts

  • A Constitutional prohibition on the foreign ownership of Canada and of multinational corporate control of the economy

  • A guaranteed annual income for all Canadians


Economic Justice

  • The collective ownership of the lands, resources and wealth of Canada by the people as a whole

  • The public ownership of all banks, money supply, credit and financial institutions

  • A 100% tax on wealth gained by interest and speculation and a ceiling on wealth gained from inheritance

  • The immediate collection of all back taxes owed by the super wealthy and corporations, including through the lawful seizure of their assets and properties.

Land Security

  • A Moratorium on all further sale or destruction of agricultural land

  • The nationalization of corporate agribusinesses

  • The preservation, protection and subsidy of family farms and local rural communities

  • The abolition of nuclear power industries and uranium mining and of the use of GMO crops and toxic chemicals

  • The development of ecologically sound tidal, wind and solar energy systems and the phasing out of the fossil fuel economy

A Secular Democracy

  • The strict separation of Church and State; no tax exemptions or special privileges for any church or religious body; no government funding of religious or separate schools

  • The cancellation of diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and the subordination of church “canon” law to the Common Law of Canada

  • The legal and financial disestablishment of churches responsible for Genocide in Canada (including the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada) and the seizure of their properties, lands and assets as partial reparation for their crimes against the people.


Read the complete Vision and Program of the Republican Party of Kanata and of the Republic at

Contact the Party and the Provisional Council of the Republic at and listen to our weekly broadcast “Here We Stand” every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at