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Stop the Slaughter of Children: An Appeal to all Catholics

Stop the Slaughter of Children: An Appeal to all Catholics

Stop the Slaughter of Children: An Appeal to all Catholics

Stop the Slaughter of Children: An Appeal to all Catholics


Whoever would harm one of these little ones should have a millstone tied about his neck and be cast into the sea and drowned. - Jesus, in Matthew 18:6


The standing Vatican policy known as Crimen Sollicitationas is a green light for every child rapist in the Roman Catholic Church. By protecting the rapist and obstructing justice, Crimen is nothing less than a global criminal conspiracy operating under the guise of religion. Whoever associates with or funds such a criminally-complicit religion is guilty of a crime under the Law of Nations and of God. - The International Common Law Court of Justice, from its Summary Conviction of Pope Benedict/Joseph Ratzinger, February 25, 2013


The epidemic of child abuse and trafficking within the Roman Catholic Church shows no sign of easing. Every dollar you place in the Sunday collection plate allows those crimes to continue. Under Vatican policies, you and your priest are ordered to aid and abet these crimes and protect child abusers in the church, or face excommunication. Your church leaders are expecting all of you to help harm children and commit treason by violating your nation’s child protection laws.


The law of civilized nations prohibits anyone from being forced to collude in such crime. The Vatican is a convicted criminal association that launders Mafia money, invests in the global arms trade and traffics human beings. Do you really owe your allegiance to such a body? Is not your higher loyalty to God’s law to do justice and protect the innocent?


The just and legal thing for you to do as a Roman Catholic is to withhold your funds from church coffers. Fill out the Pledge Form on the reverse of this leaflet and leave it in the collection plate. Tell your friends and family to also Say No to church crimes against children.


The evidence of these and other crimes can be found


(reverse side)







I, ________________________________, acting in faith and in good  conscience, do hereby pledge to disassociate myself from the policies and practices of the Roman Catholic Church that foster and  protect the harming of children, including the Vatican’s standing policy of Crimen Sollicitationas. Until these policies and practices are abolished and those in the Church who harm children are arrested and prosecuted under the laws of our Nation, I will not fund, tithe or otherwise financially subsidize the Roman Catholic Church.



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Authorized and Witnessed by concerned church members with the advice of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)