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The Sacha and Bob Tragic-Comedy Hour: Reflections on the Latest Goon Show

The Sacha and Bob Tragic-Comedy Hour. Reflections on the Latest Goon Show

The Sacha and Bob Tragic-Comedy Hour: Reflections on the Latest Goon Show
by Kevin Annett

The Sacha and Bob Tragic-Comedy Hour: Reflections on the Latest Goon Show
by Kevin Annett
Most recent interview on this subject with Kevin Annett, March 21, 2019
"Annett has a choice.  Shut up ... or have his life turned inside out ..." 
- ITNJ "Chief Counsel" Robert David Steele, March 21, 2019
The bully is motivated by an unresolved childhood longing for an affection denied him so young. He normally projects his sorrow onto a safe father figure whom he both respects and resents, since that Other embodies all that he feels he can never be. And so the target of his rage is really himself.
Erich Fromm, 1986
To be attacked without cause or warning by total strangers is never a pleasant thing. When it happened to me again this past fortnight, this time at the hands of those supposedly campaigning for the same cause of protecting children, I experienced a funny deja vu, hearkening back two decades to early in our campaign to expose crimes against children.
The man's name was Dean Wilson: an aboriginal survivor of a Catholic death camp called Lejac residential school in northern British Columbia. I met him at the first Tribunal ever held about those crimes, that I helped convene in June of 1998 in Vancouver. I helped Dean prepare his statement, which he had given to the Tribunal judges. But soon after that and without warning, he suddenly backed me into a corner and shoved me against the wall, his large hand tightening around my neck.
"This is our issue, you asshole!" he screamed in my face, his eyes flaming with hatred. "You back off now or you're going to be sorry!"
More confused than frightened, I stared at the guy as he trudged out of the hall, wondering what he'd meant by "our issue". Only later did I learn that Dean worked for a "government chief", Ed John, who was busy trafficking children off his own reserve. But at the time, I couldn't fathom why a survivor of unspeakable torture would be attacking one of the few people, native or white, who was his supporter and ally.
I thought of Dean Wilson right away when the "Sacha and Bob Show" descended on me recently like a hurricane and with the same kind of violent sneak attack. Before then I barely knew who Sacha Stone and Robert Steele were. 
Whoever really understands what prompts strangers to do crazy things? As a public figure for so long, I'm used to being a lightning rod and target for lots of peoples' feelings. I do know that the two men, who basically founded and still run the "International Tribunal of Natural Justice" (ITNJ), have studiously ignored me and the ITCCS until now. But it was pretty clear that they based their group on our decade-long work, everything from paraphrasing our name to convening a public inquiry into crimes against children. Bob Steele even claims that he, like me, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. 
The big difference between our groups, of course, is that the ITCCS mandate seeks to "prosecute and disestablish" institutions responsible for crimes against children, while the ITNJ simply is there to gather information for unnamed authorities. And, unlike the ITCCS, their group seems to have a lot of money and ties to the Church of England, through the Anglican Bishop who is one of its Commissioners.
Frankly, I don't know what prompted first Sacha Stone and then Robert Steele to start issuing slander and threats against me by emails. I do know that these attacks began right on the heels of our exposure of a Mormon-Catholic child sacrificial network in Rome, in whose Ninth Circle rituals Anglican clerics are involved. But the really odd thing is that both men immediately threatened to have unnamed "authorities" arrest and detain me for "psychiatric examination" and, to quote Mr. Steele, to "remove (me) from the public sphere".
That last phrase is a revealing one, for it's used in intelligence circles to refer to placing targeted individuals in the secret administrative courts established outside the law under the police state provisions of "Homeland Security". As a former covert CIA operative, including in El Salvador during its bloody civil war, Mr. Steele knows something about detaining people without due process.
These threats only intensified when I responded to and challenged them. At that point, Robert Steele declared to one of my interviewers, Dr. Katherine Horton,
"Annett has a choice.  Shut up ... or have his life turned inside out. The choice is his.  Right now, today.  Any further evidence of his broadcast communications will assure that he will face legal action in Canada with notice to UK, Belgium, Italy, Vatican, and US as well as Australia and New Zealand."
Shut up or get sued. Well, despite how serious a threat this kind of thuggery seems to be - and I am taking it very seriously - it sounds more like chest-thumping by someone with a serious mental problem. That's the comical aspect. The tragedy is that this kind of unprovoked and irrational infighting is helping only one group: the child killers themselves. 
What is encouraging is that other ITNJ trustees and Commissioners have broken ranks with Stone and Steele and are calling them on their behavior. I leave it to them to deal with this mess, as well as the courts, if I have to defend myself from my own imminent arrest that's been guaranteed, somehow, by Robert Steele. Nor can I deny the growing evidence of a link between the British government and some of the ITNJ officers. The Stone-Steele tag team attack on me does bears all the signs of a state-backed distraction and discrediting campaign, of which I know only too well.
Meanwhile, back in the real world, our struggle is intensifying. Anyone of conscience must help us now prepare for our upcoming International Week of Action against Criminal Churches, from April 14-21. We will leave the name calling and pettiness to others. There are children's lives at stake, right now.

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