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An Open Letter to Canadians who wear Orange Shirts

An Open Letter to Canadians who wear Orange Shirts

Most of you aren’t indigenous and have likely never been sexually sterilized, tortured, or forced to eat maggots as a child, even though you’ve all paid for those atrocities with your tax money. So, we’ll keep this basic.

If your child was raped, tortured to death, and thrown into a pit, would you want to be “reconciled” with her killers? Would you accept an “apology” from them and a bit of money to look the other way? Of course not. Then why are you expecting indigenous people to do so? How dare you speak of “reconciliation” when the Church and State killers of 60,000 native children are still walking free and the full truth of their crime remains as buried as their victims?  

Under the law, anyone who plans and commits the mass murder of children and then hides the evidence of their crime must be prosecuted. That includes priests, popes, kings, prime ministers, and even the guy who drove the kids to the killing grounds that you mistakenly call “Indian residential schools”, where over half the children died.

Under the law, issuing apologies and some money doesn’t buy those responsible for such mass murder a free Get Out of Jail Pass. Nor does mouthing feel-good platitudes about "reconciliation" between the Church and State killers and their victims. And anyone who helps the criminals do that and evade justice is equally guilty of the crime and can go to jail. 

That puts all of you up shit creek. It would, at least, if Canada operated according to the rule of law. But fortunately for you, and unfortunately for your victims, it doesn’t. 

As we are witnessing, when the government and churches commit genocide, it’s not a crime and nobody goes to trial or jail for it. They not only get away with it but rewrite history by sponsoring Orange Shirt events that make deliberate genocide look like a series of unfortunate “abuses” done with the “best of intentions”. And they’re able to do so because of people like you who talk "justice" while you break the law by allowing the genocidal Catholic, Anglican, and United churches to operate, even as they continue to harm and traffic children.

Years from now, when children are still being slaughtered by the same criminals and you ask who is responsible, just look in the mirror.

DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN. Take off your orange shirts and stop believing the lies of your genocidal system. Don't let the killers use you to mask their crimes.  

Learn the truth and let it free you from your present complicity with mass murder: 

BOYCOTT the Catholic, Anglican and United Church and halt their tax exemptions! 

EVICT and BANISH these genocidal churches from our country! 

RECLAIM their wealth and church buildings as reparations for their victims! 


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This statement is endorsed by Squamish, Sto:lo, Chilcotin, Cree, Ojibwe, Huron, and Mohawk indigenous elders.