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Mold by any other Name: Election Upset gives the "Greens" their Chance

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Mold by any other Name

Mold by any other Name: Election Upset gives the "Greens" their Chance
by Kevin D. Annett

Mold by any other Name: Election Upset gives the "Greens" their Chance

by Kevin D. Annett

The Granola Crowd's day has come. On May 9, British Columbia voters gave the Green Party three seats and the balance of power. Now Canada's ostensibly environmental party will decide who will "govern" the west coast and its vast resources: the corporatist Liberals – presently holding 43 seats - or the moderate NDP with 41 seats.

For a Cambridge-educated climatologist, Andrew Weaver is a happy man. The B.C. Green leader has attained the best his party can realistically hope for on the Canadian scene, akin to the strategic position the NDP has always yearned for at the federal level: to control state policies indirectly as kingmaker. Of course, to wield such power requires a political astuteness and some actual policies to stand on. Andy Weaver and his party clearly lack both.

One would expect that a professedly "Green" party on the west coast would oppose the strip mining, oil tanker invasion and general savaging of the environment by rapacious American and Chinese cartels that is the norm in Lotus Land. Far from it. The Greens' "platform" is indistinguishable in its vacuousness from both the Liberal and NDP programs. Andy Weaver wants better medical care, "stable communities", ecological "sustainability" and all the other motherhood issues. But nowhere do the Greens propose legislative action to actually halt and reverse the massive war against the earth being waged by the foreign corporate interests that have always run British Columbia.

And as for Mr. Weaver himself: well, he's a nice guy and all, but he should have stayed at Cambridge. For rather than show some substance and issue the terms under which he'd support either Left or Right, Andy has already jumped into bed with the Liberals, announcing his support for the incumbent regime without any conditions.

None of this is surprising for those of us who know the Green Party in B.C. In the spring of 1983 I was a delegate to the founding convention of that party in Vancouver. For a year I served as the Green Party chairman of its West Point Grey consitutency. And that's about all I could tolerate. It's not simply that the Greens lack moral fiber and ideological clarity. As I later encountered in the murky environs of the United Church of Canada, and in the immortal words of Alice B. Toklas, "There's just no there there".

Politically, this is hardly accidental. The west coast has always been polarized between left and right wing parties, and the latter have ruled by staying united against the bogey-man of the "socialist" NDP. Part of that unity involves drawing off NDP votes into controlled and artificial "third parties" like the Greens, which is precisely what happened on May 9. The Greens were created for just such a purpose.

In truth, like Greenpeace and other mainstream environmental groups, the Green Party is heavily controlled and funded by multinational corporate actors like Shell Oil, Canada's Power Corporation and globalists George Soros and Maurice Strong. The Green's tiresome slogan of "sustainability" is the codeword of the corporatist 2030 Agenda to desecrate and regiment the world. In the words of Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May,

"We support the call of the Global Green Congress to create a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly composed of the world's governments that represents all the citizens of the world." (April 7, 2012)

As in the church, most of the membership of the Greens don't know what they belong to, nor do they seem to want to know. But even the least erudite Greenie no doubt appreciates the political power that has suddenly dropped into his or her lap. Not since 1903 has a small B.C. party held such power over the political map, when the Socialist Party and its two MLA's forced from the governing Liberals the first laws banning child labour in the mines and creating the first injured workers compensation programs. But the Socialists of that era were put into office by the battle-hardened coal miners of Nanaimo and Cumberland, not by a melange of misled yuppies.

British Columbia is a critical spot these days in the battle between America, Russia and China for global supremacy. Its vast wealth, hydro-electric power and energy-rich resources are equally hungered after by all three nations, and now as ever, provincial politics blows with the prevailing money. China's rising star has penetrated every level of the British Columbia government and especially its Ministry of Forests. In truth, Beijing runs the ruling Liberal government of B.C., and now, apparently, their junior partners too: the increasingly moldy "Greens".

To what degree this treason and perfidy will publicly emerge in the coming, post-coital months after the Liberal-Green election "victory" is anybody's guess. But what is certain is that nothing has changed, except for the worse, for the people of the coast.

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