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Merely Protesting Tyranny is Not Enough, Reclaim the Nation Now

Merely Protesting Tyranny is Not Enough, Reclaim the Nation Now

Merely Protesting Tyranny is Not Enough: Reclaim the Nation Now!

A Call for Real Action from the Sovereign Republic of Kanata

Democracy is dead in Canada, replaced by the COVID police state and its foreign masters. All our protests and convoys haven’t slowed down its tyranny and treason one bit. It’s time to dismantle our homegrown dictatorship and establish liberty in our land!

In many communities across Canada, we in the Republic of Kanata are doing just that. People like you have become free citizens and formed local Republic Assemblies to defend their rights and their families. The Assemblies and their common law courts have passed laws banning COVID regulations and keeping tax money in the hands of the people. Our Republic unites these Assemblies into a separate nation independent of the false, foreign “crown” authority.

We’ve learned from experience that such direct democracy goes a lot further than just waving placards at a protest. Our Republic Sheriffs have forced the police to stand down and have seized the deadly COVID drugs. By putting government and the law in the hands of the people, our Republic has become our first and best line of defense in resisting the COVID police state.

When you join the Republic, you are no longer a dependent “subject of the Crown” but a free, sovereign citizen of a new, independent nation. As such, you will have the protection of the Republic against Big Pharma, China, and their puppet politicians in Ottawa. You can not only resist, but reclaim Canada and its wealth, and raise up a new nation of equality and justice.

For your own safety and future, join our rising Republic. Become a citizen of Kanata and join your nearest Republic Assembly. Help us wipe away Canada’s murderous legacy of tyranny and genocide that is now striking at all of us!

Learn more about our work as a Republic at and by writing to . And listen every Sunday to Here We Stand: The Voice of the Republic at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at .

Independence and Liberty, Now and Forever!

Latest Rok Leaflet (96.97 KB)