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Mass Murder, Then and Now. Annett's Weekly, No. 5 for November 17

Mass Murder, Then and Now. Annett's Weekly, No. 5 for November 17

Mass Murder, Then and Now: Annett's Weekly, No. 5 for November 17

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Special Edition - Issue No. 5: November 17, 2021

It Takes a Village to Commit and Conceal Group Crime: Lessons from Canada


Quotes of the Week:

"When a crime is an official act of State, there can be neither truthfulness nor justice." - Simon Wiesenthal

"If you challenge someone's view of their society, all the evidence in the world will not convince them." - Bertrand Russell


Author's note:
Today's column includes material I was to present in a public talk today at a panel discussion on genocide in Indian residential schools at the University of British Columbia. Unfortunately, the event turned out to be a staged platform to allow one individual, Lauren Southern, to claim without proof that genocide never happened in Canada and that the documented mass graves of children don't exist. 
I refuse to participate in such an unconscionable charade, which is nothing less than an attack against not only the truth and generations of murdered indigenous children, but the survivors of Canada's Christian death camps. The extermination of over 60,000 children by Canadian Church and State is too serious a matter, morally and legally, to become a political football lobbed by uninformed and gutter-level operatives like Ms. Southern. Nor could it have been seriously addressed in the brief fifteen minutes allocated to each speaker at this glib event.
Instead, genocide survivors and I are planning a genuine public and online academic forum in the near future in which the full evidence of the crime and coverup of the Canadian Holocaust can be presented and discussed in order to help all of us stop this ongoing crime. That evidence, and the history of our twenty-five year public campaign that surfaced it, is too elaborate to detail here. But it can all be found at and in nearly four hours of videotaped evidence submitted to the International Common Law Court of Justice case between July 2012 and February 2013, and which is contained on these links: – ICLCJ proceedings, Part 1 – ICLCJ proceedings, Part 2 – ICLCJ verdict, Feb. 25, 2013 


I never met Ricky Lavallee until we were both in our fifties, but at a young age I funded the murder of his little brother.

We lived not that far from each other and were of the same age. But in Ricky's school outside Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, half of the students died every year from deliberately-spread tuberculosis, starvation, and beatings; and when he and the other Cree Indian kids were transported to the United Church it was to be raped and tortured, and sold to wealthy men. And every week the dollar I faithfully placed in our local United Church collection plate paid for the killers and the rapists and helped to wipe out 60,000 children, like Ricky's brother David. Along with a lot of other Canadians, that made me an accessory to a crime against humanity at an early age.

I've given up trying to imagine three of the six rows of children in my elementary school class dying every year, or of being handed a shovel by my teacher and told to bury my dead friends in secret and never tell anyone lest I be killed, too. But that was the legal way of things in Canada for over a century, for as Ricky once told me, "We thought that was normal, for that many kids to die in residential school. They always had, in my parents and grandparents time in school, too." 

Anyone with eyes to see can recognize that such a constant level of death indicates nothing less than intentional mass murder: an intergenerational crime that produces a hell of a lot of mass graves or hurriedly incinerated remains. But like any members of a genocidal nation that succeeded in its war of extermination, Canadians have trouble seeing their Group Crime as a crime at all. 

Like the heads of Church and State, my people do nothing other than minimize, normalize, and decriminalize their own homegrown slaughter of the innocents. And for decades Canadians have actively or passively erased the grave sites, records, and memories of their genocide of indigenous children. But enough of the truth survived to eventually be gathered and presented to Canadians by a traitor who appeared in their midst to upset their tidy arrangement of systemic murder and coverup. That traitor was me.

For many years after I was expelled from my livelihood and culture, I was perplexed by the frenzied hatred and assaults lobbed against me by otherwise placid Canadians - including friends, colleagues and family - when I dared to uncover and speak of the child-eating machine that has given us this country. Back then, I still labored under the false assumption that genocide is some kind of aberation that is repugnant to us. Hard experience has taught me otherwise.

The word genocide means "to wipe out a people". But there are plenty of ways to do that, and most of them seem benign and necessary by we the people who are doing it to others, and especially to their children, who are the real target of genocidal regimes like Canada. And so the more we uncover the grisly horror of the death camps euphemistically camouflaged by the term "Indian residential schools", the more we look into a mirror and see ourselves for who we are.

Child sacrifice is not an aberration but the norm in our society and all other "advanced" cultures. It is an operative tool of every Empire of Church and State, a means to ensure compliance among the enslaved masses and mold the thoughts and behavior of the next generation of wage slaves.  What else explains why not a single person has ever been charged or prosecuted in Canada for the death of over 60,000 residential school children; or why the mandatory sentence for raping a child in Canada was recently lowered from five years to one year - a misdemeanor not as serious under the law as owning too many marijuana plants?

Most Canadians hotly deny that their society is one based on not only genocide but child torture and trauma, mostly because the same people are still thinking like battered children do: they are incapable of feeling the blows done to others in their name because they are so used to being hit themselves. We are molded to institutionalized violence so well because we are programmed to fear the raised hand of the Parent State, and we dutifully turn away when it crushes others. How else could the present COVID police state tyranny have arisen so successfully?

When we embrace the truth of the Indian residential schools massacre, we open our eyes to our own brutalization and enslavement - and we begin to break the mental and spiritual chains that bind us. 




Geronimo Henry buried children before he became an Elvis Impersonator.

"I was in the grave detail at the Mush Hole," said the grey-haired Mohawk man the morning we met in the fall of 2011. "We always buried the dead kids at night out back in the forest, or we carted their bodies to the basement furnace. That furnace was kept going day and night, even in the summer. But burning them up didn't get rid of the stench."

Geronimo and a few of us uncovered some of the bones of those children ten years ago this month, in the former Anglican Mohawk Industrial school in Brantford, Ontario, called the Mush Hole by survivors. The "mush" refers not to the kind of food they ate - that's the official line - but rather to the condition of childrens' bodies after they'd been imprisoned for a while in the underground cistern that was used for punishment and torture.

The cistern wasn't the only hole that consumed native children at that dark place. This past week, the killers are erasing the evidence at the scene of the oldest residential school in Canada - and the largest mass grave of children - with another staged sanitization of their crime. The truth and any incriminating evidence is once again going down the Memory Hole.

George Orwell invented that term in his dystopian novel 1984, referring to the routine scrubbing and rewriting of media reports by a totalitarian State to refashion history and memory. “For whoever controls the past controls the future”. And the fact that our original independent excavation of the Mush Hole mass grave ten years ago this month was totally censored at the time and is now expunged from public memory is but the latest example of the Orwellian method that always works. 

After I had been invited in writing by nine traditional Mohawk elders to help investigate the Mush Hole graves along with trained forensic specialists, our dig quickly uncovered burned bone remains that upon analysis at the Smithsonian Institute turned out to be those of young children. Not a single media outlet reported our historic discovery, after we notified the world. But now that the government and church that did the crime are pretending to unearth the same site - in the same secretive and fake manner as they have done at a similar site in Kamloops - the Mush Hole is an acceptable news item.

It’s no accident that the Mush Hole is at the top of the list of mass grave sites to be officially sanitized. Both it and the infamous Kamloops school were hot spots where eyewitnesses describe how British and Dutch “royals” trafficked and murdered children in the company of Popes and Cardinals. In fact, the Mush Hole was a major experimental center where generations of Mohawk children were murdered in drug testing and pain threshold studies according to a master genocidal plan signed in 1870, according to Anglican insider Leona Moses. In the Big Pharma-run era of COVID, these indictments of Church, Crown and Corporations like Pfizer are a smoking gun that needs burying at all costs.

The genius of the Memory Hole is that it wipes clean everything, including the memory of the coverup. Or in Orwell’s words, “The past is obliterated, and the erasure itself is erased.”  You will search in vain today for a single reference to our 2011 Mush Hole excavation or to the damning evidence we published from eyewitnesses like Anglican Church researcher Leona Moses, whose sudden death in a house fire in March 2012 destroyed her and the files that she said would “bring down the church and the Queen”.

It’s easy to brainwash an entire people, especially those who feel they have a vested interest in being mind-swabbed. But something more durable than flammable paper and corruptible human beings survives every act of destruction, and that’s the truth itself. It endures every totalitarian regime and like the dead points a finger towards who and what is responsible. All that it requires are living hearts and minds in which to take root.