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On Hunting Indians, Criminal Politicians, and other Canadian pastimes: Annett's Weekly, Muckraking Column No. 2 for October 27

 Annett’s Weekly: A Free Inquiry and Commentary  Published without copyright or illusions every Wednesday
On Hunting Indians, Criminal Politicians, and other Canadian pastimes: Annett's Weekly, Muckraking Column No. 2 for October 27

On Hunting Indians, Criminal Politicians, and other Canadian pastimes: Annett's Weekly, Muckraking Column No. 2 for October 27

Annett’s Weekly: A Free Inquiry and Commentary

Published without copyright or illusions every Wednesday

October 27, 2021

Quote of the Week:

“The only thing new under the sun is the history you didn’t know about.” – Harry S. Truman


Part One: On hunting Indians and other Canadian pastimes

It’s always encouraging, albeit slightly comedic, when people finally see the garbage they’ve been swilling through for years. That’s happened again this past week up here in the Great White North. Worried pale Canucks have suddenly noticed and are indignantly decrying the hunting down and imprisoning of vaccination-refusing aboriginal families by Mounties and soldiers, specifically on Cree territory in Saskatchewan.

One can only wonder where these decriers have been for the past century and a half.

Indians have always been literal fair game in Canada, including under the law. Incidents like the recent one in Saskatchewan are daily events on and off the internment camps called Indian reservations, since aboriginals in Canada are not citizens but dependent “wards of the Crown” who have no rights. And they’ve been that way under Canada’s apartheid Indian Act since 1874. How do you think 60,000 residential school children were so easily killed and then concealed, while Canadians blithely looked on?

“We heard a whistle early that morning and the Mounties ran ashore from their gunboat. They beat down everyone with clubs and chased the children through our village and tied them together with a long rope and loaded them on the gunboat to take them to the Catholic residential school on Meares Island. Most of those children never came back.”

The aging native woman who told me that, Harriett Nahanee, was herself pursued by Mounties after she started talking publicly about the murder of children she had witnessed at the United Church’s Alberni residential school. After being arrested without a warrant and kept cuffed and bleeding in Surrey Remand prison for weeks at the age of seventy-one, Harriett died in prison on February 11, 2005.

Lorna McNaughton, Brantford, Ontario, January 8, 2012:

“Then the soldiers took all those children from the Mohawk school and drove them out to a quarry outside Brantford. And they stood them in front of a ditch, and they shot them all. I think it was a bulldozer, it went in after and shoved all this dirt on top of them when some of those kids were still moving.”

A former RCMP officer, Surrey, October 5, 2020:

“My former colleagues in the RCMP call it the hooker game. They take native women off the streets and drive them east of Vancouver to a special site in the mountains and let them loose in the woods. They charge lots of money to rich guys to come in and hunt them like animals, I think the going rate starts at $25,000. The hunters can either track down and shoot the women outright or capture and rape them, then they’re disposed of after and are buried in underground metal containers along the Sea to Sky Highway going up to Whistler.”

We must ask why the people who are now suddenly irate about Indian hunting were so silent about it over the past quarter century when we made public many such stories of living eyewitnesses. The truth is that we have all been accommodated and willing partners to the crime. Our refusal to fight for those who were killed in our name with our tax dollars and church donations has made it that much easier for the covid police state to hunt down all of us.

So, welcome to the reservation.


And on that note …


Part Two: Verily, verily, quite contrarily, who did Larry bury? Notes on a remarkably guilty politician

Someone – I think it was me – once observed that the Canadian Senate is where you are sent to be paid off or shut off. Other than that, this unelected and unaccountable gravy train doesn’t seem to have any purpose, besides to exercise veto power over the few bills that are passed in Parliament. The Senate is actually a perfect refuge for people with a lot to hide: guys like Larry Campbell.

You probably haven’t heard much about Larry, even though he was consecutively a drug squad Mountie, the chief Coroner and then the Mayor of Vancouver before he was handed a Senate seat in 2005 by his good buddy Prime Minister Paul (“the Fixer”) Martin. The trained seals called the Canadian media have made a point not to report Larry’s antics, no doubt because they implicate wealthy guys who don’t like their names in the papers. But in recent times, Larry has been an even naughtier boy than he was during his salad days on the west coast.

What can I say about a drug cop who never busted a single dealer, a Coroner who issued fake death certificates and granted access to the city morgue to the highest bidders, and a Mayor who presided over the coverup of serial killing by cops on the streets of Vancouver? And that was just for starters. During the late 1990’s, Larry and his buddy the future Prime Minister were both spotted by undercover agents attending the snuff film orgies at the infamous Piggy’s Palace in Coquitlam, where aboriginal women who were provided by the RCMP were ritually tortured, raped and killed. Fortunately for Larry and Paul, their substandard-IQ body disposal guy, Willie Pickton, was positioned by the Mounties and a complicit media to take the fall for that slaughter.

And so, dear readers, what better place to hide somebody like Larry Campbell, and a murder weapon, than in the ostentatious halls of the Canadian Senate? Clearly, Larry felt safe there, for in the years after his appointment he felt free to consort even more with offshore killers, Chinese drug dealers, and money laundering operations on the west coast. According to Grant Wakefield, one of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agents who tailed Larry, “Campbell has been the government’s point man in the Chinese takeover of the British Columbia economy. That’s why he is still so untouchable.”

That’s not to say Larry hasn’t messed up a few times. He is only mortal, after all, and an especially greedy one at that. The River Rock Casino in Richmond – described by the Vancouver police as “a major center of money laundering and criminal activity” -  hired the just-appointed senator Larry Campbell onto its Board of Directors in 2005 and paid him a retainer to act as its “special consultant” with the government. (Translation: he was the bag man). But I suppose Larry’s $151,000 Senate salary couldn’t pay his bills or something, because even after River Rock executives were arrested and charged in B.C. courts in 2018, Larry stayed loyal to the company and kept his position with them, after having earned over $3 million from its criminal largesse.

Incidentally and not coincidentally, River Rock, and its partner the Great Canadian Gaming Company, contributed over $80,000 to Larry’s political party Vision as early as 2005. So did a bevy of organized crime groups from China, Macau, and Hong Kong, according to Peter German, a former RCMP investigator. Clearly, the crooks and killers knew a good bet when they saw it in the corpulent Mr. Campbell.

Of course, these felonious endeavors pale when compared to the more spectacular crime of the Chinese absorption of western Canada, a decades-long coup that Larry Campbell has helped to broker as a top Senatorial ally of both the Harper and Trudeau governments. In the words of former CSIS agent Grant Wakefield,

“Canada’s status as a Chinese colony is a done deal now, thanks to the efforts of highly-placed crooks like Larry Campbell. Those Chinese death squads that now operate so freely in northern BC might as well have his name written on them.”

But let’s not be too hard on the old boy. Larry seems to have retained a trace of human feelings. Last year, the illustrious Senator hurled a weepy and outraged email at me after I had publicly mentioned his role in the disappearance of native women in Vancouver. He didn’t deny the charge or launch a lawsuit, for the guilty never do. He just called me an “asshole” in print.

Back to you, Larry.

Part Three: Will Rev Kev finally find true happiness at his Alma Mater?

This past week, no doubt to Larry Campbell’s chagrin, some uppity University of British Columbia (UBC) students defied the national blacklisting of yours truly and invited me to be part of an academic panel debate on their campus scheduled for November 17. The topic concerns Canada’s Christian death camps that are still inaccurately called Indian residential schools.

Needless to say, I intend to be there, and I am delighted to have received the invitation, since I grew up in the UBC neighborhood and won my three academic degrees on that campus. But frankly, I am curious to see how long it will be before the offer is withdrawn or the event is cancelled. For that’s the way it’s been for me and the little matter of the Canadian genocide for over twenty years now on campuses from UBC to Oxford University and Harvard. When it comes to addressing one’s homegrown crimes against humanity, academia is a one-party state, and scholarly discourse is as constrained as a gag order.

But hey! Let’s indulge our credulity for a moment and prove me wrong! Let’s assume that the great debate will go ahead smoothly on November 17, and that the usual gang of paid disruptors will not be on hand to malign and distract. Here are a few sneak preview thoughts to stir the pot and get the RCMP and the campus bigwigs even more worried.

To kick things off, I intend to remind the august body that the UBC campus is a remarkably appropriate place to hold such a debate, for three reasons: it contains archival proof of the deliberate mass murder of generations of Indian children by Church, State, and big money; the campus administrators have actively suppressed and censored that evidence; and it is the site of the mass graves of aboriginal people today.

In short, dear old UBC is a crime scene.

If such opening remarks don’t cause my microphone to be turned off and my royal Irish ass kicked off the grounds by the UBC Security wannabe cops, I’ll be surprised. Because the big corporations that are still stealing west coast native lands and killing Indians just happen to be UBC’s biggest funders, and their officials routinely serve as UBC Chancellors, Presidents and on its Board of Governors: companies like BC Hydro, Timberwest, HSBC Bank, and PetroChina. The latter even runs its own private army and death squads in northern BC that terrorize Indians off their lands to grab the liquid natural gas, courtesy of not only Larry Campbell but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who legalized that present genocide with his Foreign Investment Protection Act.

Okay, so never let it be said that I don’t like kicking the biggest butt in town. As they say, you either kick it or lick it. And fortunately, I’ve aimed my brogans at the child killers’ behinds knowledgeably, with lots of evidence to back me up.

I first came across that evidence as a doctoral student at UBC in the fall of 1995 after I had been summarily thrown out of my job as a minister in the United Church for talking about all their little dead Indians. That evidence is eighty-eight spools of government microfilm in the UBC Koerner Library that are filled with Indian residential school documents going back to 1889. Those records with their proof of planned extermination and an average fifty percent death rate in the “schools” spanning a half-century prove that the Crown and its churches have generations of blood on their hands: a fact that has been affirmed by Canadian and international courts. You can see some of those documents at .

Naturally, neither the killers nor their accomplices appreciate their murder weapons being surfaced like that, and so UBC, too, eventually showed me the door with a few nudges from the United Church, which used its influence to block funding for my Ph.D. program and obstruct any of my future speaking engagements at UBC.

But it wasn’t just documents that had them worried. For just south of the campus on the Musqueam Indian reserve lies mass graves of native women who routinely vanish from Vancouver’s streets, as well as “spillover” remains from other body dumping sites around the province. That’s according to an RCMP officer named George Finlay and a Musqueam reserve employee named Les Guerin, who disinterred the remains and had them analyzed.  

“Everybody knows about those body dumping sites, including the UBC administration” says George. “It’s just like our own bullshit RCMP investigation into the residential schools. We were told as early as 1998 never to look into anything that might incriminate the churches or the feds.”

And so it goes here in the Great White North, and at my lovely old Alma Mater, where academic censorship is the name of the game so that all the corpses, past, present, and future, will remain neatly tucked away and forgotten.

That said, I can’t help but wonder whether I am incurably naïve after all. For some part of me still can’t understand why I’m so hated by the UBC bigwigs, like former President Martha Piper, who declared in 2003, “Kevin Annett is not welcome on this campus.” For all I did was to take seriously UBC’s official motto: “Tuum Est”, which means, “It’s up to you”.

I guess they didn’t mean me. ,

Murdered and Missing Organs
Rev. Kevin D. Annett