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Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you after the April 8th eclipse

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you after the April 8th eclipse


By Elizabeth Joyce

(Let’s Find Out – Sunday at 7:00 PM – Pacific)

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you after the April 8th eclipse

We are experiencing the “dance of the cosmos” and everything will change for everyone, worldwide. The sunrise and sunset memorizes you – catches your attention in a different, more intense way. We are all moving into the next stage of spirituality. Venus is exalted in Pisces, co-joins Saturn, and will hit your lower chakras. You will feel this very positive energy. Venus is the planet of love and is also responsible for your family life and how you learn and set your values in this lifetime. It’s responsible for your marriage, for your relationships and for how you enjoy this material plane. All this enjoyment and your experiences is deeply connected to the 7 Chakras and the new Spiritual Chakras. The Chakras bring you the internal spiritual energy you experience. If any of the 12 chakras are out of balance or disturbed, that aspect of your life is affected. As planets travel through your astrology chart – they bring energies that affect your life as well. If the 3 lower chakras and not in balance, they create imbalances with the relationships in your life. This energy creates fear, personal darkness, and negativity.

If the Heart Chakra stops receiving Light, you stop receiving love.  If it weakens, you stop perceiving love. It closes off and you are unable to express. This fear, this negative energy can close your throat chakra. I am not a Master and certainly don’t know everything – but this new energy coming in from our galaxy – with Venus being exalted – takes us into a new world of existence. The energy arriving at this April 8th full eclipse in Aries - along with Venus and Saturn/Mars in Pisces – and the galactic energies – bring a strong, natural, healing energy. The Soul’s journey to transform completes. Everything is left behind and something new happens. Wealth is brought forth – this could be material wealth or spiritual wealth.

Venus is witnessing an eclipse of destiny right in front of her. The Sun co-joins the North Node in Aries, which is spiritually very powerful. It will affect your Chakras – especially the 9th Chakra at the back of the head between the 2 occipital bones that connect the brain to the spine. This can awaken your kundalini. If you are aligned with these energies – you will feel really good – and your 9th Chakra could begin to open for you. Otherwise there will be a bit of a disconnect. Why? Because these are spiritual forces and are coming in to put you on the path of ascension – into the new reality – the new existence – the new world. It doesn’t matter who you are.  This is the opportune time to invest in your meditation practice.  Don’t wait for Venus or the eclipse. Is it time to take chances with your money? Absolutely not.

Why - because on the 8th of April, Venus gets to watch her eclipse. On the 10th of April Mars collides with Saturn in Pisces.  This puts Venus out on overwhelm. It’s too much for her to handle on the material plane – but on the spiritual plane – it will be the most beautiful, exciting and healing energy ever experienced on planet Earth.

What are the negatives? Substance abuse. Drink and smoking different stuff to reach that altered state. Mercury in Pisces in a natal chart is the sign of alcoholism and drug abuse in your past life. This is where you lose your consciousness – and is very dangerous. You could drop the body and leave the planet.

Why not achieve ascension naturally with music and meditation? This will be a beautiful transit for you. Naturally, you will move into the spiritual plane of the 4th dimension or the 5th dimension. Your mind is steady, you are in Alpha state – creating a constant wave vibration – any affliction in your body or mind can be corrected – healed – just by sheer willpower. Holding yourself in the State of Being is like being in samadhi or nirvana.

If you are in the material plane – traveling to see the eclipse with no awareness or meditation  - it can be a negative experience. Mars behind Saturn and the Sun – negative, A debilitated Mercury retrograde and falling back into Pisces – negative. You can overspend your money in places where you don’t want to be. You can be scammed.  You might feel that you are on the right road, and find that you are lost, or that something has gone wrong in your life.

The two powerful meditation days are April 8th – the eclipse – and April 10th – these can also be lucky lottery days.

People who are doing their meditation practice or spending eclipse day in quiet meditation – inside/indoors – will gain the maximum benefit from these energies.



The pile up of planets are in your 12th House.  This House deals with bringing things to an end.  There will be a big finale for what you need to let go of and release.  The 12th House deals with your sleep – and with all this activity – you could find that you have the most vivid dreams – after you finally get to sleep – understand that’s part of these energies. However – you will be receiving some prophetic and profound information. Pay attention, keep a journal, and listen to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.  The 12th House deals with secret enemies and some people could be talking behind your back.  Stay away from dark places – be careful In the streets, especially at night  – and don’t get involved with gossip of any kind, especially around the workplace – this will bring you trouble. Remember, if people are talking about you behind your back – chances are you have something that they want.  That’s their problem – not yours.  The 12th House deals with foreign lands and countries – you might be traveling to a foreign country  - or dealing with others in a foreign country – the 12th House also deals with things from out of the past; psychological experiences. Some of the dark places from out of the past are coming up for you to let go of. This is a time for healing. Whatever has been bothering you – it’s time to let go – with completion and endings.  


Some interesting people from your past will come back as friends.  This time is all about meeting very interesting people and creating new friendships – some very influential people will enter your life.  This is also a time of great gains. Venus and a cluster of planets will be in your 11th House – this House of love received brings in great communications with some fascinating people. The new friends and new people will be record-breaking.  With older siblings – you may have more run-ins with them and have to work out several issues. There is probably something you have to work out with a brother or sister who is older than you. This House also deals with leadership positions – especially with humanitarian causes. You may want to come together with others and create/do something meaningful for the world. With money (gains) you could be receiving a pay increase; this money comes in large sums – maybe you sold a property, or a you have project that you know will sell – or an inheritance arrives – all this will be very surprising. But focus on getting connected – meeting important people – sometimes “it’s not what you know but who you know.”  


With these astro energies – your career perspectives are going through the roof!  Somehow you’re being noticed – there’s some kind of fame – You’re coming into the limelight – your reputation is growing in a positive way – the 10th House deals with Fame and Fortune.  An exhaulted Venus-Mercury and Jupiter move into the 10th House – this is a time of great expansion with your work – people will recognize you  - know the work you do – it’s a time when you’re going to feel a sense of purpose – everything about you becomes more elevated and expansive – if you work for someone else you could get a promotion – a raise – you will gain public recognition - if self-employed – this is a time to expand your business; big time.  You will be getting the results you’ve been wanting – whatever you’ve been focusing on – you’re on an all time high – this is the month things will begin to expand – blow up – and you won’t believe it – all the things you’ve been wishing and hoping for with work/career – is at the culmination point – so get ready!  This is an exciting time for you Cancer’s. Expansion – good things – recognition comes with these eclipses for you.


The stellium (gathering) of planets come together in your  9th House; the House of luck and blessings – brings a very fortunate time for you Leos.  You may feel like you’re back in school because you’re learning so much about spirituality – truth – Your mind is opening to so many new ideas and you might even be doing something different with these new ideas and your work.  If not teaching – then learning. Your mind is expanding in such an important way – and it could be the time for an important trip or far away, distance travels. This will expand your mind and your consciousness. These energies are creating a new opening and awareness for you.  If you’re father is still around you may find there is something going on that will bring you closer together; something you need to talk about and something you may need to do.  These will be very intense energies. If he’s no longer around – there will be memories – things that come up – big events or experiences that happened with you and your father come up for healing.


This energy brings a time of searching – deep, profound and even karmic introspection. Psychological realizations about your past – about who you are – Some of these memories may be very difficult  - but through this awakening and knowing these discoveries – maybe you find out things you never knew about – this energy will lead you to the most important healing in your life.  Virgos – be aware that there is something deep and profound that you have to know. It may not be easy to find this out – but it will be remarkably healing in the long run. This can be a freeing up energy – it can avert disease and all sorts of very difficult issues. Even talking about disease, psychological problems, addictions; This knowledge can avert or even heal some of these dark rooted issues. You may have been plagued with these issues for a long, long time.  Confronting them may be hard – but necessary.  If there’s something you’ve been researching – where you want to  get to the bottom of things – even genealogy – you will  be successful during this time.  The 8th House is the house of deep research. A big light goes off in your head and you find the answers.  This is record-breaking – profound.  It can also bring you money from other people.  Maybe a lottery win – some kind of explosive hit that comes from others – an inheritance- a settlement – an insurance policy you didn’t know about.  


Many things are about to explode in your relationships. Eclipses bring out things you didn’t know. You might find out something about your partner you didn’t know. It will be explosive – Or there’s something your partner might discover about themselves, which can affect your relationship – because they will be feeling vary different – about everything.  Things are shifting – things are changing – you find out things you never knew – it could even be about their health – it’s not necessarily anything about betrayal issues.  However, there is something nudging you – something’s wrong – with your partner or with your relationship.  Remember, when you get the Nodes mixed in with the eclipses – in the 7th House – if there’s something you’ve been avoiding – if there’s something in your relationship that has you walking on thin ice – this is the time it’s going to come out.  This energy will be very explosive – but, hopefully – it will lead to a remarkable healing. That’s what all this energy is here for – that’s why many things happen – to heal – and make things better in the long run.  This energy can also deal with business partners.  NOW – if you’re not in a relationship – this could bring in a new one that is simply off the charts; outrageously exciting – a foreigner – very dramatic – but it may not last because this is very erratic energy.   This experience could take you for a ride-could be very exciting- and it could turn out to be a very good relationship – but the powerful energy will knock your socks off and take you for a ride – let’s hope it’s a fun one.


This eclipse energy will ask you to look after your health, because these planets fall in your 6th House. You could begin a new lease on life. You’re going to be getting healthy. Change everything about your routine and eating habits; exercise. Come from a place of positive thinking. That does wonders for your health.  Make sure you get enough sleep and rest, which can be one of the most healing modalities in the world. Another thing the 6th House deals with is your working conditions. Your working conditions and the people you work with are going to change. If you own your own company, you can change employees. Or at work – your co-workers will change; some will quit, some may retire or move away.  Lastly. The Sixth House deals with Pets. With all this energy in April, it’s really not a good time to get a new pet. If your pet is  older, he may need some vet attention. Be aware that health is the most important issue with the 6th House.


This energy in the 5th House is expansive, bringing in new ideas, new projects. You can expect flashes of insight and if you’re an entrepreneur, or have your own business, you will be receiving amazing ideas and awareness for your work; you will be more creative and inventive. If you’re a writer, it’s time to finish that book. Anything that deals with self-expression is going to be massively opening up. It’s a time for change and new awareness. If you have children, especially daughters, you’ll need to focus on them in some way. Maybe getting them ready for college or preparing for a new grandchild. Something that they need; more attention, help with schoolwork.  There is something that you’re going to have to change with working with your children.  They will be a definite focus at this time. This could also be a time for pregnancy or adopting a child.  If you have children you are focused on them, if not, you could begin your family or add to what you have, If you’re dating and wanting to come together with someone special, this is the perfect time to do that. It can be a lot of fun meeting exciting people and having some thrilling experiences; going to sporting events, going out dancing, going to things that are fun and exciting.  Warning – this is not a time to gamble or take risks.


The 4th House deals with Real Estate. Where you are living. Expect changes with housing. Maybe where you live needs renovation. Something about your home environment will change dramatically. Could be by making you house more beautiful; landscaping;  You bring in a sense of yourself, special touches, rearranging all you furniture or shopping for that new couch or new rug. Your home will feel totally different. You will renovate it, change it, bring in new décor, paintings, artwork, or painting your rooms and the outside of the house. If your mother is still alive, be sure you connect with her; pay her a visit. She may need your help more. There is a focus around your Mom and your home. Things are changing for your mother; maybe she’s retiring, maybe her relationship isn’t going well, maybe she needs some medical attention. Also, you could be buying a new car. If that’s true, then you will buy something that’s absolutely timely and beautiful. The 4th House is the House of happiness and with all these planets gathered here – you will be focused on making your life happy and secure. The 4th House does deal with security.  You may need to invest in a good security system or put in that safe. Mother, home, security, and happiness; that’s what this energy is about for you.


The 3rd House is communication, learning, siblings, the neighborhood, and your oldest son. You might be taking some classes or going on a trip for some kind of learning or research. It’s also the house of brothers and sisters, your siblings, especially the younger ones. Some big changes are occurring for siblings. You may have to talk some things over, get closer, spend time with them; it’s a time of big change for one of your siblings. Someone may be getting married, or having a new baby. Something big is coming for them and you will be part of it. You could be in a car or other vehicle for several short trips. The 3rd House rules short trips and travel. It also deals with writing and communication. You could be writing a book, or blog, or any kind of communication where you give or get information. You will open up to really expressing yourself through the written word. Lastly, your oldest son may need your attention because he is going through some changes and needs your help and support. You will find that your willpower is stronger now; your courage and you willpower.  This really helps in many areas of your life.


The Second House rules money, stocks, inheritance, earnings and raises as well as beauty. Expansion with your confidence and your wealth.  You’re acting in a different way. You feel different about yourself, different about your identity and who you are. This gives you great confidence. You have the confidence to be a success, to make more money, to have the things you want. You know that you can do this, and you feel empowered during this time. Many changes are coming about; your appearance, your talents, your speaking skills. Use this tie to develop and learn public speaking – because this house is the voice. You are doing something with speech; teaching voice, talking to groups, singing, speech therapy.  Using the voice is very powerful and you will be inspired to do so. Time to change your eating habits and work on good nutrition. All of a sudden different foods taste different and you are learning to taste and appreciate food that are different from what you’re used to. The mouth and throat have a focus, and you may need to deal with dental work.  Lastly, the 2nd House deals with our values and childhood experiences. There’s something about remembering, triggers, and big changes that are going on.  The remembering of your childhood experiences growing up will affect how you feel with your home and your family. Big changes are going on within your family unit and those who you live with all the time.  Could be issues you are trying to work out, or money problems you try to work out. Watch your spending over this period of time.  You are generous and you may be apt to overspend. Be careful there.


The 1st House is the house of Self and you Aries are going through a transformation. You are changing everything about yourself.  This could be because there’s a new relationship in your life. Somebody may have come back from the past. All of a sudden you may feel the need to change your appearance; the way you wear your clothes, the way you comb your hair, the way you walk; everything about your physical being is going through a transformation. New opportunities are coming to you as well. Everything in your being is exploding with change.  You may even find that you want to move. Regardless, you find that you want to change everything about you. All this could be because of a relationship – for good or bad. You will change – you want to look better – and this is a time of fate and destiny. Your whole life is shifting and changing. You may make plans to go in a certain direction – however – the Universe has a plan already set out for you. With your guides and angels – you will be directed into another direction – a whole other change.  All of this will be in line with your destiny and your life purpose.