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Glimpses into Canada's Holocaust. Excerpts from a recent interview with Kevin Annett

A Kevin Annett Interview
Glimpses into Canada's Holocaust. Excerpts from a recent interview with Kevin Annett

Glimpses into Canada's Holocaust: Share and post these excerpts from a recent interview with Kevin Annett

1. The Murder of Vicky Stewart by the United Church of Canada , 1:00

Kevin describes the murder of a young girl at the United Church's Edmonton Indian residential school, and its subsequent coverup: a common tale across Canada, where church and state killed off more than 60,000 children between 1891 and 1996. 

2. Black Ops, Threats and Cover Up of Genocide in Canada: One Man's Experience , 2:12

Kevin recounts threats made against him by the RCMP and examines the culture of lies and holocaust-denial that is rampant across Canada: the land of 'Guilt Free Genocide'. 

3. Aboriginal Collaboration with the Canadian Genocide , 5:28
Kevin describes from direct experience the neo-colonial arrangement in Canada whereby cultivated native elites work with church and state to conceal and continue domestic genocide. 

4. Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Fiasco , 0:45

A brief description of how the TRC was a stage-managed coverup arranged by the guilty churches and government. 

5. The Mass Grave at the Anglican Mohawk School: Its Uncovering and Subsequent Coverup , 3:22

Kevin describes his firsthand experience in 2011 - 2012 of working with elders of the Grand River Mohawk nation in Brantford, Ontario in opening a mass grave of children at the former Anglican Church school - and how the project was shut down by church, state and compliant Indian band officials. For a full report of the dig see:

'How do you Endure?' Kevin Annett on surviving as a truth teller
Kevin gives a heartfelt reflection on how he has personally continued and survived over a quarter century of state and church attacks, smears and blacklisting.