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Friends, have fun with this Church Stoppers Manual

Church Stoppers Manual: How to Halt the Anti-Christ in Your Community
Friends, have fun with this Church Stoppers Manual

Friends, have fun with this Church Stoppers Manual
Church Stoppers Manual: How to Halt the Anti-Christ in Your Community

Church Stoppers Manual: How to Halt the Anti-Christ in Your Community

(Note: The primary targets in your cross-hairs will be the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, but feel free to use these methods against any church guilty of genocide, child trafficking, rape, murder or other crimes. And be sure to film and post everything you do!)


  1. On any Sunday, seize the funds out of the collection plate and give them to the poor. Then get up in the church service and ask the pastor-priest why he hasn’t done the same thing, like Jesus instructs him to.


  2. Occupy the church building and open it to the homeless. If the cops show up, say you’re performing a charitable service and so can’t be interfered with under the law.


  3. Perform a Citizen’s Arrest on Anglican, Catholic or United Church clergy and any known child raping priests, and publicly banish them from the community.


  4. Do some research and find out what Insurance companies underwrite the local Catholic, Anglican and United Church. Then occupy the offices of those companies and accuse them of aiding and abetting child killers, and demand that they drop those churches as their clients. Invite in the public and the media!


  5. Visit your local politicians and ask them to their faces why a murderous, officially child-trafficking body like the Roman Catholic Church is receiving tax exemptions in violation of the law. Ask them to go on record, and film what they say.


  6. Occupy and shut down the Anglican and United Church along with the Catholic Church. When asked why you’re doing this, ask in return how it is that churches that killed over 60,000 children are allowed to operate or be tax exempt under the law. (


  7. Stick leaflets in the hymn and prayer books.


  8. Place a thick padlock and chain around the entrance to the biggest Cathedral in town, or inject fast-drying epoxy glue in the locks of the church doors.


  9. Post a sign on your local Anglican, Catholic and United Church that reads: “Closed for Moral Renovation”.


  10. Attend a Bible study class and ask participants to point out where Popes, Sacraments or the Trinity are mentioned anywhere in the Bible.


  11. Demand that the police arrest your nearest Catholic priest on the grounds that he is part of a criminal conspiracy to protect child rapists known as Crimen Sollicitationas. (see , Appendix 4, for a copy of this policy)


  12. Show up at the next church dinner with loads of hungry people and dig right in.


  13. Find out where the local priests-pastors live and knock on their door, armed with leaflets about the crimes of their churches. Film their reaction.


  14. Shove a pie filled with the ingredients of your choice into the face of a Catholic or Anglican Bishop. And be sure to film the action and post it!


  15. Present your local Catholic priest with a Pledge Form for him to sign, requiring that he promise to protect all the children in his parish from child abusers, and to report the latter to the police. If he refuses to sign, arrest him as an accessory to child trafficking. (Get a copy of this form from


  16. Wrap police tape stating "Crime Scene: Do Not Enter" across the front door of your local Catholic, Anglican and United churches. Film the reaction of parishioners.


  17. Create a literal stink in the next church service. Bring your friends with you that day, and make sure they’ve consumed lots of beer and beans beforehand.


  18. Get up in church during the Announcements and give a speech about the crimes and complicity of the church in question. Be sure to remind the parishioners that it is an indictable offense under the law to give money to criminal bodies like their church.


  19. Seize the pulpit during the service and give a speech. It’s easy, and fun!


  20. Spray paint the walls and doors of your nearest church. Be creative!


  21. Have an ecstatic religious experience in the church service, and describe your vision to the parishioners. It is a “house of God”, after all, right?

Issued by The Jesus Christ Liberation Front: Coming Soon to a Temple near to you!
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