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​Ending the three headed tyranny

​Ending the three headed tyranny

Ending the three headed tyranny:

An inspiring new year's call and campaign
A January 6 Message from Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice and the International Republic Alliance

It's the dawn of the year 2023 and this is Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice

The symbol of a collapsing, blood-soaked tyranny lies dead today in a Vatican mausoleum: Joseph Ratzinger. And we remember what toppled him, "Pope Benedict", from his office ten years ago next month. We the people did.

I remember marching with 20,000 other people through downtown London, England on September 18, 2010, on the “Protest the Pope March”, when the child killer Joseph Ratzinger came to England. We were so strong and united that day that we pushed past the police barricades and filled central London with our cries, our laughter and our outrage.

I remember gathering many of those marchers and surrounding the Canadian embassy in Trafalgar square, where I exhorted them about the mass murder of native children in Canada by the Catholic,  Anglican, and United Church; and how the police, who were trying to get at me to arrest me, were stopped cold by the crowd.

I remember the next day, when many of those new friends followed me into the Anglican and Catholic churches in London to occupy them and demand the disbanding of those genocidal, child killing churches. That was before we learned that we had to do make that change ourselves, like we did two years later when, on the crest of that mighty wave, we forced Joseph Ratzinger from his papal office with our International Common Law Court of Justice verdict, that found him and Elizabeth Windsor and 28 others guilty of Crimes against Humanity, and gave us the lawful power and court orders to seize all Crown and Catholic Church property and wealth anywhere in the world.

That is the power that lies in our hands, and when we use it with determination and courage we can topple the mightiest ruler from his throne. 

We’ve demonstrated that power many times over the past quarter century as we’ve exposed and fought the murderous three headed beast of church, state, and big money that’s responsible for centuries of genocide, child murder, and tyranny, and that now threatens all of us.

And so to continue that struggle, and knowing where to aim, we are commencing a new round of actions on February 9, on the 25th anniversary of the launching of our campaign to expose genocide in Canada. 

In over a dozen countries, from Australia to Europe to North America, we will be holding teach-ins, sit-ins, rallies and seizures of Catholic churches, offices and land under the jurisdiction of our common law Republics and our allied indigenous nations. Our aim is to stop forever the regime of terror of the three headed beast of church, state and big money that is behind the global corporate dictatorship.

But when we prepare ourselves to enter that great civil war now waging between a free humanity and a global corporatocracy, we remember the words of Napoleon, who said, 

“In battle, a bad general sees too many things; I see only the main body of the enemy.”

The main body of our enemy today is China and its financier and ally, the Vatican. Their dual power is spearheading the global corporate takeover, especially in North America, where last July in Prince Rupert the Vatican signed a deal with Beijing to underwrite the Chinese takeover of the continent by over a trillion dollars each year. They did so with the active support of the British Crown and the Trudeau government, whose officials helped conceal the recent massacre of Cree Indians in Saskatchewan by the Chinese and crown-associated Rio Tinto mining company.

Everywhere, that same genocide is playing out, of which the big pharma and Vatican agenda of a microchipped, enslaved populace is but one aspect. But the enormity of that attack on us causes many of us to make the mistake of Napoleon’s bad generals, and “see too many things”, rather than the main body of our enemy. We see many distractions created by the enemy and are dissipated by reacting to them, rather than knowing our opponent and focusing on striking over and over where it is weak and vulnerable.

But knowledge is power, and once we know that China and the Vatican are spearheading the new global tyranny, we can focus our efforts strategically at the weakest link in their alliance, which is the Vatican itself and every Roman Catholic church in the world.

We have shown that we can do a lot more than depose that church’s highest official, the "Pope" himself. We have shown that whenever we seize their churches and threaten their wealth, they buckle in fear, as happened in Canada in 2008 when our campaign forced admissions of guilt from the church and state killers. And now that so-called pope francis, Jorge Bergoglio has publicly admitted to genocide and his entire Catholic church is a lawfully convicted criminal body, we are armed with the warrants to legally shut down their institution, seize its vast wealth, and seriously damage the financial powerhouse of Chinese expansion. Breaking News from the International Common Law Court of Justice, January 15, 2022 (GMT) Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections – Murder by Decree )

That power lies in the hands of all of us. But we must exercise that power locally and directly, wherever we live, for it to become real. And that power can only be wielded by those of us who have learned to own themselves: people of pure hearts, strong minds, and unbending wills – people of courage whose outrage and resolve outweigh their fears. People like my friend Georgina Cameron in Wollongong, Australia.

Georgina is part of our international Republic Alliance movement. Although she’s in her late sixties and is on crutches, on December 21, she entered Lumen Christi catholic church in Wollongong during a service and singlehandedly confronted the local catholic bishop Brian Mascord about his church’s child trafficking and murder. She was then assaulted by four church goons but all alone she stood her ground and forced the bishop to flee in fear from his own church. 

That’s the power in action of one brave soul; so just imagine the power of ten like her, or a hundred. For in this battle we lead not with words but by example; and sure enough, Georgina Cameron and others inspired by her courage are continuing these actions as I speak. They are also demanding that their local city council nullify tax exemptions and other privileges to the blood stained roman catholic churches.

Thus do we say to all complicit politicians: we refuse to pay for child killing churches, or big pharma companies. And if you politicians do so with our tax money against the will of the people, you will not be re-elected. And you may find yourselves placed under arrest by our common law Republic sheriffs. And such steps have begun in our Republic of Kanata and in our allied indigenous nations of the Squamish, Chilcotin, Metis and Cree people.

By aiming at these churches and politicians, we are aiming where the enemy is weak. You can begin by striking at your local roman catholic church, with the resources and help we can provide. But strike unexpectedly, and quickly. That is how our guerrilla army operates in a global police state: and why merely protesting changes nothing by itself because it leaves the outcome of any fight in the response of the enemy.

Today there is widespread resistance to the China-led corporatocracy across our world, but it has been sporadic, divided and split into rival, bickering factions – but even worse, that resistance has operated blindfolded, forgetting the basic requirement of war that one must know the real nature of one’s enemy to defeat it. And that knowledge can only be gained by active, continual engagement with our enemy; not by discussion or internet calls, but by fighting that enemy on the ground and learning its real strengths and weaknesses from the blows we receive from it. 

The more we endure, the stronger and more seasoned do we become. We learn to think and act independently and separate from a collapsing system under a new political and spiritual sovereignty within common law Republics. That separation begins within our own minds and heart first, but only once they are instructed by our practical hands on battles.

Why do we fight this evil? Let me leave you with this story:

I was on the burial detail at the Kamloops residential school. My friend Kenny got beaten and raped really bad, the priests even used the electric cattle prod on him. He wasn’t moving but you couldn’t tell if he was dead. Brother MacDonald told us to go bury him anyway. I felt bad about that boy named Kenny, and I couldn’t sleep that night. So I crept out behind the school to where we had buried him. What I saw made me sick. One of Kenny’s arms was sticking out of the ground. He must have tried digging his way out, but he didn’t make it. – Jasper Joseph, survivor of Catholic Kamloops “Indian residential school”, 2002

Still do the dead reach out to us from their graves, pointing an accusing finger at not only their killers in robes but at all of us who helped their murder happen and who will be among the dead tomorrow if we do not stop our complicity with this blood soaked genocidal world and bring it down. 

Many of you will ignore their call and will tread your way into oblivion with this dying culture. But to the handful of you whose hearts and minds are free and will prod you into action with us, now is the time.

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