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Covert operations against Kevin Annett

Covert operations against Kevin Annett

The West Coast Common Law Court of Justice

Established May 1, 2023 under the Law of Nations

Commentary on the Court Judgement

Concerning the covert operations against Kevin Annett and his work

The Court has established as uncontested fact under the law that commencing in January 1995 and continuing to the present, Kevin Annett has been targeted by an ongoing multimillion dollar misinformation and ‘black operations’ campaign conducted by the United Church of Canada, ‘E’ Division of the RCMP, the Prime Minister of Canada’s Office, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Church and Crown of England, and the Vatican.

Witness Grant Wakefield, former CSIS field agent, describes this campaign as “one of the largest and most sustained black ops ever mounted against a single Canadian.” 

Convicted Offender Peter Montague, RCMP Inspector, stated to RCMP operative James Craven in August 1998, “Take down Annett and you take down the issue of dead Indian kids”; and, to RCMP informant Amy Tallio in the spring of 2008, “There’ll be no let up against Annett as long as his bullshit protests continue.” (Docket Evidence File)

The Court has established that as part of this black operations campaign, Peter Montague spent in excess of $9 million in the period from August 1998 to June 2004 to fund an initial discrediting campaign among potential supporters of Kevin Annett and his work, especially targeting academics, aboriginal groups, journalists, and left-wing and progressive political groups and publications across Canada and America.  Virtually every group that Annett had ever been associated with was paid to shun, misrepresent and discredit him to others.

In the words of CSIS agent Grant Wakefield,

“It wasn’t only that people were paid to break ties with Annett. After he had been ‘controversialized’, nobody wanted to have anything to do with him. A permanent aura of fear was hung around him.”

This smear and misinformation campaign against Kevin Annett never stopped but grew with what it fed on under the aegis of Peter Montague and his church accomplices. The campaign extended to the internet and intensified after 2001, when Annett and Harriett Nahanee launched their independent Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada. James Craven and his fellow RCMP operative Greg Renouf were funded to set up fake websites like “Stop Kevin Annett” that publicly trashed Annett’s character and incited fear, hatred, and violence against him. 

Between 2001 and 2021, five separate community organizations established by Kevin Annett to confront child murder, colonialism, and genocide were infiltrated and destroyed from within by these black ops methods.

The Court has established that some of the organizations that have received covert RCMP funding to avoid, attack, or discredit Kevin Annett after June 1998 include:

- the University of B.C. Alma Mater Society and the Ubyssey student newspaper

- the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT)

- the Carnegie Center, Vancouver

- the Native Youth Movement, Vancouver

- the International Socialists

- the New Democratic Party

- the Communist Party of Canada

- the Canadian Auto Workers Union

- Canadian Dimension magazine

- Sojourners magazine

- Spartacus Books, Vancouver

- Vancouver Co-op Radio

- the Downtown Eastside Residents’ Association (DERA)

- Action Canada

- Unify the People

- Druthers newspaper

- The Nav student newspaper, Vancouver Island University

Employing a classic “bad jacketing” method of denigrating a targeted individual through untraceable rumors, lies, and innuendo, this campaign against Kevin Annett portrayed him differently to various groups: to socialists he was depicted as a “right winger”, to conservatives as a “communist”, to church members as a “militant atheist out to wreck the churches”, to natives as a “Christian minister trying to convert Indians”, and to the media generally as a “paranoid conspiracy theorist”.

According to witness Bill Curry, the Ottawa bureau chief of the Globe and Mail and the reporter whose April 24, 2007 article confirmed Kevin Annett’s claims of a fifty percent death rate among Indian residential school children, most of his references to Annett were censored from the article because of government influence. In Curry’s words,

“At the time, the Globe planned to do a more extensive human-interest piece about Kevin and even run a review of his documentary film Unrepentant. But all that got canned because of official pressure. After my editor rewrote my article and removed most references to Kevin, he said that Kevin Annett was now on the Privy Council’s shit list of untouchable people and his name was never to be mentioned again.”

Sure enough, any reference to Kevin Annett name and his work were permanently banned from all Canadian and eventually American media reports, especially concerning the Indian residential school genocide. As under apartheid South Africa, Kevin remains a banned person who has been effectively erased from public memory, along with his historic, groundbreaking work that first exposed and eventually prosecuted crimes against humanity in Canada.

Stand by for more this Sunday on Here We Stand and when the Court Judgement is publicly issued on November 20, 2023.