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Coming soon to the Crime Scene called the University of BC (UBC): A Sneak Preview

Coming soon to the Crime Scene called the University of BC. A Sneak Preview

Coming soon to the Crime Scene called the University of BC (UBC): A Sneak Preview (print off and distribute the attached flyer)

The Crime Scene called UBC: Who and What is Buried on our Campus?

A Special Report by The Free University


Just south of the UBC campus lies the Musqueam Indian reservation and a man named Les Guerin. Les lived there all his life until recently. Now he’s in hiding after being threatened for what he knows.

It started the night years ago that Les discovered a stranger unloading bags at the Musqueam garbage dump. The bags held bones that after analysis turned out to be human, mixed with pig remains. The man who’d deposited them was Dave Picton, brother of convicted serial killer Willie Picton.

Les ran afoul of the RCMP and the Musqueam band leaders when he tried reporting his discovery. He was told to keep quiet about it. An RCMP officer named Peter Montague even told Les that he’d be killed if he ever spoke about the mass grave at Musqueam.

“Montague said nobody would believe me and besides, I was up against the government, the university, the band council chiefs. He implied everybody knew about the burials, which didn’t surprise me. The reserve has been a hot spot of drug and child trafficking for years. UBC is provincial land so it’s under RCMP jurisdiction. What better place for the Mounties to make more native people go missing?”

Human Rights Watch, a New York human rights group, issued a report in 2013 that accused the RCMP of being directly implicated in the death and disappearance of aboriginal women in BC. According to former RCMP officer George Brown,  “UBC is one of a dozen body dumping grounds in the Lower Mainland where Indians and inconvenient people end up. It’s no secret.”

The big money behind UBC has a vested interest in the ongoing genocide of native people. UBC is flush with money from corporations that have forced Indians off their land and made them go missing to grab their resources. Companies like Weyerhauser, Timber West and BC Hydro are but a few. 

The UBC Board of Governors is a Who’s Who of this criminal corporate elite, including its Chairman Stuart Belkin, who is Timber West’s founder, and UBC Chancellor Lindsay Gordon, former CEO of the drug cartel money-laundering syndicate HSBC bank. These corporate interests have silenced academic debate at UBC on our homegrown genocide and the role of church, state and business in murdering generations of native people. The criminally convicted Catholic, Anglican and United Church all have heavy endowments at UBC.

UBC has reaped the bloody fruit of genocide that has wiped out a million original people and continues to destroy aboriginals. When you pay your UBC tuition, you are funding a criminal conspiracy. That’s an indictable offense under the law. It’s time to Say No to Genocide in our own backyard!

 See the evidence for yourself at , and listen every Sunday to Here We Stand at 3 pm


This is published by The Free University: A grassroots movement to liberate our minds and reclaim our campuses from a corporate machine. Write to us at . Published September, 2019.