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The Church Stoppers’ Mini Manual, Twenty-One Ways to Halt Crime in your Neighborhood 

The Church Stoppers’ Mini Manual, Twenty-One Ways to Halt Crime in your Neighborhood 

The Church Stoppers’ Mini Manual


Twenty-One Ways to Halt Crime in your Neighborhood 

and have fun while you’re doing it! 

Your primary targets will be the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Churches, but use these methods against any church guilty of child trafficking, rape, murder, genocide, money laundering for the Mob, and other crimes. Be sure to film and post online your actions! 

This Mini Manual is not copyrighted. Spread it like a mustard seed! 

1. Hold vigils at your local Roman Catholic, Anglican, or United Church during their services. Give those attending the service a leaflet asking them not to fund their criminally convicted church. (See attachments #1 and #2 for sample catholic leaflet). Use a megaphone to let your voice be heard!  

2. Wrap police tape stating "Crime Scene: Do Not Enter" across the front door of your local Catholic, Anglican, or United Church. Do the same at the churches’ head offices, and film everyone’s reactions. 

3. Infiltrate the church services and stick leaflets in the hymn and prayer books, and talk to the parishioners about the contents. (See attachment #3) 

4. When the service begins, get up during the Announcements time and give a speech about the crimes of their church. Be sure to remind the parishioners that it is an indictable offense under the law to give money to their criminally convicted church. 

5. As the worship service begins, have your group walk silently to the front of the sanctuary bearing a sign "Where are the Murdered Children?" or other slogans. Ask people to rise for three minutes of silence in memory of the victims of their church. After that, seize the church pulpit and give a speech. 

6. Seize the funds out of the church collection plate and give them to the poor and homeless whom you have gathered outside. When confronted, ask the church people why they haven't done the same thing themselves, like Jesus instructs them to do. (Matthew 19:21) 

7. On any day, occupy a Catholic, Anglican, or United Church and open it to the homeless and the hungry. Film the event and invite in the media. If the police appear, tell them you’re performing a charitable service and so under the law can’t be interfered with. 

8. On any day, take the next step and permanently reclaim and expropriate these church buildings as forfeited property belonging to convicted criminal bodies. Use the Warrant in attachments #4 and #5 that empower you to do so. 

9. On any day, show up at the church with shovels and start digging on their property for the graves of children killed by their church. Publicly announce who you're searching for and invite passersby to assist you. 

10. Place a thick padlock and chain on the entrance to the biggest Cathedral in town, or inject fast-drying epoxy glue in the locks of the church doors. If confronted, tell people you are obligated under international law to stop Trans-National Criminal Organizations like that church from operating. 

11. Get some bags of animal blood from your local slaughterhouse and lob them at a church building, or at a Bishop or other high church official. Tell them the blood of children doesn't wash off. 

12. Show up at the next church dinner with lots of hungry poor people and dig right in. If the church folks object, tell them to read Matthew 25:31-46. 

13. Go to the next church board meeting and ask them to disclose how much money they are laundering for the Mafia, banks, and corporations, and demand that they publicly disclose their financial records. Film it all. 

14. Take some friends and occupy the national or local offices of the Catholic, Anglican, or United Church. Invite in the press and announce that you have permanently reclaimed the building since it belongs to a convicted criminal organization. Also, insist that the church leaders a) open their archives and make public all documents on church crimes, b) return the remains of the children they killed and buried, and c) surrender those responsible and themselves for prosecution as child traffickers and killers. 

15. Perform Citizen's Arrests on church officers and convicted or suspected clergy. Publicly banish them from your community and turn them over to the police or to Common Law Sheriffs. Use the standing arrest warrants issued under Common Law court verdicts. (See under ITCCS Updates) 

16. Find out when the next big public gatherings of these churches will occur and invade the events with placards, leaflets, and megaphones. Announce to the participants that they are associating with a criminal organization and must immediately cease and desist or face arrest and prosecution. 

17. Find out where the local clergy live and knock on their door, armed with leaflets about the crimes of their churches. Also, present them with a Pledge Form to sign, requiring that they promise to protect all the children in their parish from child abusers, and to report the latter to the police. If they refuse to sign, notify them that under the law they are subject to arrest as accessories to child trafficking.  

18. Do some research and find out what insurance companies underwrite the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Churches. Then occupy the offices of those companies and accuse them of aiding and abetting child killers. Demand that they drop those churches as their clients. Do the same with the banks that hold the churches’ money. Invite in the public and the media, and film and post your actions! 

19. Visit your local politician and ask him or her why the Catholic, Anglican, and United Churches are receiving tax exemptions even though they are convicted criminal bodies that are laundering money for criminals, concealing their genocide, and trafficking and killing children. Ask them to sign a petition demanding that such tax exemptions be revoked. Record what they say and post it. 

20. Go to your town council with the same petition and insist they cancel tax exemptions and privileges for these churches. Notify the Mayor and town councilors that if they refuse, they’re aiding a criminal power and will face the consequences at the next election. (See attachment #6 for the petition) 

21. Go to your local police and say you want to report a crime. Then demand that they arrest local Roman Catholic clergy on the grounds that they are a part of a criminal conspiracy to protect child rapists known as Crimen Sollicitationis. Show them a copy of this policy and tell them if they don't act, they are aiding and abetting that criminal conspiracy. Film everything. (See, appendix 4, for a copy)

NOTE: A pdf copy of this Mini Manual can be downloaded from attachment #7

For more ideas, follow the advice of history’s biggest Hell Raiser:

Jesus himself. 


This Mini Manual is issued by the Jesus Christ Liberation Front and Temple Busters Inc.