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Changing the Past and the Probable Future

Changing the Past and the Probable Future

The future is a dream of infinite possibilities, and the present is a place of power where we manifest our personality reality. Therein lies the key to easily changing the past and the probable future.

People often ask if it is possible to change the past. A person usually asks this question because they want to erase or alter a negative or traumatic memory of a past event.

I feel "the past" can best be understood and explained though the study of consciousness. I am a certified hypnotherapist. I feel hypnosis and self-hypnosis are incredibly powerful tools for exploring consciousness and the depths of our subconscious minds.

I would say the past is a vague and ambiguous memory, the future is a dream of infinite possibilities, and the present is a place of power where we manifest our personality reality. Therein lies the key to easily changing the past.

Our perception of the world takes place within our minds, not outside us. Therefore, the experience of life also occurs in the mind. Humans interpret the meaning of events that take place outside of their minds (the outer world). Our interpretation of life is wholly subjective (based on earlier experiences that form our belief systems).

It is nearly impossible to make a totally objective interpretation of the events we perceive outside of us. Our interpretation of anything we perceive is limited by our belief system and previous experiences (our "filters"). Each person will have a slightly different interpretation of past events and life (world view). This process is partially responsible the establishment of our "personal reality". This fact accounts for most the disagreements and conflicts between people in the world.

It's very easy to change our memory of the past by examining and changing how we interpret the nature of the events that occurred. That's not to say that you can change the nature of what actually occurred in any known event. However, it's highly doubtful any individual can give an entirely accurate interpretation of any particular event. Also, an account of any historical event changes over time as the story is retold over and over.

Let me explain it this way. See your life as a movie recorded on a film reel or a video. You will be the actor in this film. Your family, friends, enemies, etcetera, are the co-stars, supporting actors, and extras. Your entire life is contained in this video, from the second you were born until the moment of your death. Let's pretend you can rewind the film or fast forward the reel to any scene in the movie. You now have the ability to examine any event in it. You might even be able to edit any scene in the story (and modify it to your liking). Perhaps you can even change the ending.

You see, you are watching the story of your life in this movie as an independent observer or a "spectator", rather than experiencing it from the vantage point of an actor involved in playing out the storyline. Your interpretation of any particular scene in the movie is highly subjective. This is how we create the reality we experience.

You can change your memory of past events by examining your interpretation of the events that occurred in a more objective way. Since the majority of our memories are stored deep in the subconscious layers of the mind, hypnosis and self-hypnosis are excellent methods for altering our memory of any event.

Reflecting on our experiences is another way of objectively exploring our memories. A more serious version of this method involves conducting an introspective self-examination. You can do this by conducting an unbiased and neutral examination of your memories (an inner exploration) which allows you to look at past events in new and different ways. This may give you new understanding (interpretation) and therefore a new memory of the past.

Changing your memory of the past has an additional benefit. This process also allows an individual to change probable future outcomes. The probable future is based on the principle of cause and effect. We can look at what has happened in the past in order to determine what is most likely to occur in the future.

We can use the technique of changing our interpretation of past events in order to alter probable future outcomes. This is because our subconscious mind contains our internal operating system or internal programming. Our internal operating system is where most behavioural pattens are formed based on our belief systems. If you create positive memories in your subconscious mind, you are effectively reprogramming your internal operating system. Therefore you are creating a new positive future reality.

This technique of changing the past and the probably future is extremely effective. It can mean the difference between a life of suffering and a life of joyful experience