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Article by sri ram kaa and kira raa January 13, 2016

Sri and Kira
The Truth about Miracle Manifestation!

Here are the four key points that make up the foundation of the pyramid of crystalline consciousness from which all miracles manifest.

Our world presents us with challenges seemingly every day!  We live in an experience where everyone wants things to go their way…always.  Yet, without those perceived ‘speed bumps’ on life’s pathway we seldom learn the vastly more important qualities we are here to remember.  These aspects of the journey include humility, tenacity and compassion for others.  Our lives are the cultivation of spiritual lessons and wisdom acquisition while also learning how to live in Joy.

At some point on our path we each discover that the challenges no longer consume us, drama loses its vitality and we learn how to simply stand outside the river of victim consciousness.  This is a learning moment that not all discover yet the spiritually awake embrace!

Arriving at this point of transcendence and power requires that we first drown in our human problems! It is through this learning of how to swim in the river of drama that we finally discover we can choose peace.  That is the moment of self-power or empowerment, for once we transcend victim consciousness, our capacity to co-create magnifies by our conscious intentions.

Manifestation – Abundance – Attraction…these are all buzzwords that ignite our inner spirit and stimulate the brain of density.  To fully expand through these words and harness them as energy, let’s examine how you can create a foundation within the positive co-creative state of consciousness.

There are 4 key points to be understood.  These points are the key foundation of the pyramid of crystalline consciousness from which all miracles manifest

  1. Passion – This is the energy that fuels action.  Sometime passion is confused with charisma, which is an interpersonal quality that excites and charms other people.  Certainly charisma can be rooted in heart-centered compassion.  However, we prefer the word “passion” to describe that balanced, love-based energy.  Charisma is usually employed to ignite and align other people toward a specific point of view. Passion can do the same, however, it also ignites the person from whom it radiates.  Passion is foundationalized in our heart center – when your passion is aligned with your true gifts, your soul’s mission, then it not only fuels your journey, it is also attractive to others.

In the early stages of ones journey, Passion can be fueled by desire or an attachment to worldly items.  It is when spiritual wisdom is acquired that our passion is once more aligned with our spiritual qualities, such as harmony, beauty, service and artistry.

  1. Manifestation – Manifestation is the demonstration of the outer world mirroring your intentions.  When a miracle manifests into form it is because the outer world shifted its status quo to allow for the realization of a desired creation.  Manifestation is not magic and is often misunderstood and misused!  Here is the word of caution.  Invite yourself to be CLEAR on why you are manifesting when you decide to direct the flow!  You are continually manifesting, it is when we focus on our manifest abilities, that it becomes quite special.  Those are the times when the desired creation was not part of the established flow, or the subconscious continual manifestation….in those moments, delight in your memory of knowing that you are the manifestation of the miracle!
  2.  Abundance – In the simplest sense Abundance is the creative principle of the universe in action.  That is, we live in an abundant world and are universally abundant.  Life’s energy is constantly moving and creating.  You are an abundant being.  The Manifestations in your life are divine feedback if you chose to learn from them!  They show you clearly how you are influencing the Abundant Flow of the universe. YES!  You are continually INFLUENCING the universal flow!Are you abundantly poor?  Having lots of victim experiences?  Or are you abundantly joy-full?  Do the things you need to move forward with your life seem to appear?

How is your ever present abundance expressing in your life experience?

  1.  Intention -Intention is the focus of your creation capacity.  Your intentions can be both unconscious and conscious.  The quality of your manifestations offers an indication of where you are deploying your energy.  If you are manifesting dysfunctional pain-based situations then it would seem that some healing work is needed.  If your manifestations are less than joyful, and/or less than supportive, then there is an inner wound or limiting belief that is igniting your life force energy.

Your soul’s intention is to heal. To heal something we must become conscious of it.  Gift yourself by celebrating every ‘seeming failure’ as an opportunity to direct more love and healing energy toward the appropriate area in your life.  When your subconscious intentions quiet, then your energy is fully free to fuel your conscious intentions.

If you imagine these four discernments as the diamond foundation of the Crystalline pyramid, and place yourself in the center of them with these understandings, you will witness how they interact with each other.

For example, passion is often ego-based. That emotional desire might indeed focus your intention toward a certain goal.  And, sure enough the abundance principle of the universe causes a manifestation of your desire.  Cool…now you see how it works!  But did that manifestation last, did it truly support you soul’s journey? Did you discover you were shortly back in a cycle you do not enjoy?

With maturity we begin to notice that our life calls to us experiences and lessons that we were unconsciously intending.  Remember that you took birth with some specific intentions.  These intentions reflect your soul’s wisdom and include resolutions, contracts and intentions to learn about certain qualities only density can offer.  So, regardless of the extent that you may have a painful past, your soul was quietly and lovingly, influencing your manifestations through your souls intentions.  There are no mistakes.

Remember:  what you focus upon expands – your spiritual practices will resolve limiting beliefs and ignite a “Higher Communion” to guide you.

The faster we capture the gifts, learn the lessons and resolve the hurts…then the faster we get to live in Joyful service.

This leads us to the three trap doors that we all occasionally discover along the way! As we learn to become conscious co-creators it is vital to keep our eyes open to these three common experiences:

A)   Ego-compensation.  Our ego is the repository of our childhood fractures and limiting beliefs.  Sometimes the ego drives us to manifest a compensation that will prevent us from confronting our inner hurts.  Or, the ego may drive us to manifest in a way that preserves the ego’s dominance over our life experience.

B)   Dependency upon others:  If your dream requires anybody else to change, then it is an unbalanced intention.  Your vision and your dreams are YOURS.  While you may wish to serve others and include others, your joy does not depend upon someone else first doing ‘something’.  As you dream about a better life that you wish to manifest, and then are depending upon another being – look deeper:  what energy was that other being to provide for you?  Discover the energy that you were seeking and then shift your intention so that you learn how to create that energy for yourself.

C)   Lower Chakra Energies:  The traditional lower three chakras have earth-based qualities.  Those chakras also carry most of our wounds and fears.  So if your vision is ignited by fear, sexual motivation or power/dominance – then you are igniting your co-creative power from your lower aspects.  Sometimes this is a needed first step, however, those three chakras are the ones that need healing!  Once they are at peace, then your fuel for your intention will come from your heart chakra.  Heart chakra energy includes compassion for yourself and for others.  It includes a sense of balance for the global family.  It supports the higher chakras to get involved!

May you remember that you are a cosmic being having an earthly experience!  Have fun and experiment with the full awareness that the lower chakras are merely worldly support for your higher intentions!

May today manifest your miracles and may you remember the truth of who you are!

Infinitely abundant and ever manifesting.