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Article by sri ram kaa and kira raa April 23, 2016

Spiritual Survival! The Essentials for Harmony during Chaotic times!

As the rising energies of the 2015-2022 Ascension process continue, there is a simultaneous rise in âsurvival anxietyâ that is being perpetuated through many experiences of these times.

Vast political differences, conflicting agreements on climate change, rising fundamentalism and horrific scenes of aggression are igniting the question:

Will humanity survive the next few years…and if so, what will remain?

There is a seeming challenge ahead for those who have chosen to be awake to the rising energies of the fifth dimension.  The daily onslaught of the third dimensional experience is viscerally becoming denser. The expanding fear and emotional reactivity is difficult to ignore and the outer world seeks to keep you stuck in fear, doubt and judgment.

This energy is a blessing when viewed through the lens of the fifth dimensional experience. 

When one is able to center into the truth that EVERY SOUL is having the EXACT EXPERIENCE it needs to sustain its journey of expansion, then the ignited Self can be invited forward to command the Light!

This is a powerful discernment and one that is sometimes challenging to retain when the moment of difficulty presents itself.  Yet, it is ONLY through the times of challenge that we have the blessing of rising THROUGH the experience and in many ways, rediscover the tangible value of our spiritual practices and the application of them while in form.

For the second time in our 13 years together, we recently were put into a situation that tested this resolve.  In May 29-30, 2010, while living in Guatemala we had our first experience with the immense life-shifting power of Gaia.  Tropical Storm Agatha ripped through the tiny village of San Antonio Palopo and within a brief period of time many people we knew lost their lives and many of those who survived lost their homes and livelihoods.

It seems that in addition to teaching and living the gift of Self-Ascension as our world service, we are also meant to survive earth changes and share our experiences to assist others.  With that spirit, we are sharing this recent experience with you now.

Currently we are blessed to live at Terra Nostra, our 50 acre Essenah community in the stunning highlands above Jose Ignacio, Urugay.  Called by the land herself to relocate here, we left our sanctuary in Guatemala in April 2015.  Since that time, the daily revelations and miracles are humbling.  Creating community, restoring 200-year old rock structures and building new structures requires around 30% inspiration and 70% hard work. Vision with action; the undertaking is incredibly fulfilling on all levels. 

We love all aspects of this mission!  We accept the opportunity to create an “Ascension Hub” in Uruguay that will sustain so many Beings long after we transcend our bodies and move on to our next evolution.  Terra Nostra is a magnificent ancient site and the energy here is truly far beyond other wondrous sites we have visited.

From May 2015 to date we have been steadfastly dedicated to reclaiming this land and revealing her many gifts.  Here are a few: There was the discovery of the ancient Stone temple and ceremonial site, a large site with tangible vortex energy and portals, (very rare in Uruguay) Nearby are many stone Naguals peaking through the vegetation.  And the lakes and streams on site support a stunning variety of birds and other wildlife.  Imagine our delight when we discovered the blessing of a 400+ year old Eucalyptus tree that is over 50 feet circumference and easily welcomes many into a large opening, her heart, for meditation and reflection.  We love her and call her our “Tree of Enlightenment”.

The blessing of the community has called visitors and residents to expand the vision of this portal of Crystalline Ascension Activation. The 200 year old original structures have been lovingly restored and their 3-foot thick walls truly carry the quiet presence and stories of years gone by. 

Having completed a sacred Temple of Oneness, installed a truly profound Shiva altar and anchored the crystalline beauty of the Ascended Heart labyrinth, we were feeling the songs of the various energies harmonize together with the land; inspiring a vision of the grander mission.  We had just completed a week long adventure with a group of beloved beings who were here for Personal Immersion Journey experiences.  Our Terra Nostra residents had just left for a few days R& R in the “big city” of Montevideo, leaving Sri and Kira alone on site to enjoy the natural symphony.

There was that rare moment where we were here with all of this beauty and energy…just the two of us…alone and filled with visions of deep communion and relaxation.

Then it started raining.

The rain began as any other rainy day and the skies were cloudy.  At first it was barely noticeable and there was that sense of peace and tranquility that a stormy day invokes: an opportunity to sip tea and engage in deep conversation.

As a 100% off-grid community we live exclusively on the blessing of Gaia.  We have a state-of-the-art solar system and windmill and back up generators for days like this one.  Our internet is dependent upon a solar-powered repeater tower on a nearby mountain. By the end of the first cloudy day it was already showing us that internet would soon be a distant memory and we would soon be invited into that space that is 100% unplugged from all contact.

The first days’ rain soon became impressive evening storm: Immense lightening and thunder punctuated powerful gusts of wind that seemed to become more intense with each clamp from the sky.  Our dogs all shivered and we became a family of 2 humans and 4 little canines, cuddled together and tucked in for the overnight journey of sound.

Awakening on day two after very little sleep, the deluge seemed to intensify and it was becoming increasingly obvious that this was not a “normal” storm.  Our rural phone system was barely functional and we were able to get a message to our beloved residents that attempting to drive home would not be wise until the storm passed.

Throughout the next 3 days, (5 days and nights total), we witnessed the power of Gaia and the destructive and life-altering, intensity of this storm.  There was the obvious flooding of our two rivers.  The gentle stream of 10 foot expanse became a hundred foot wide, and in some areas the water flooded neighboring fields, creating a football field size lake.  Our 1 kilometer long driveway dropped into one of these ‘sudden lakes’; a boat would have been handy! 

Our structures are all on higher ground and while exiting the property was not possible we were safe from flooding.  But the rain would find its way to us! Our old tin roof had many flaws and the existing small holes soon became larger under the force of extreme wind and rain!  The wind lifted the roof and opened new gaps. With each torrential downpour, we deployed every towel we owned and most of our smaller rugs became devices to assist us to contain the water coming into our home. 

An unforeseen dilemma of the extreme downpour was that the water flooded our primary septic system, thus drainage stopped. No baths or showers were possible.  The dark skies brought the realization that solar power generation had stopped and with only 1 windmill we could not keep up with electrical needs. (Unless we run the backup generator for many hours a day and risk running out of fuel.)

That is when we fully realized that we were stranded, without any communication or contact to the outside world and the inability to drive to get help if we needed it.

That was the moment when we had to make a choice!

To truly survive this type of disaster is a challenge at best, especially if you find yourself stranded and unable to reach out for support.  It is this moment when you become aware that you are all you have.  This is the moment when your conscious spiritual connection provides the tenacity and ability to LIVE the gift of Self-Ascension.  That is indeed your first miracle.

Living with minimal sleep and torrential downpours while trying to navigate flooding rooms and other challenges can be tiring. There is also the reality of maintaining hygiene and feeding humans and animals alike.  The dampness darkness, and physical fatigue can be depressing.

The emotional body and old density fears can arise as they are activated by the uncomfortable situation. There is a “reality” that living in a disaster is traumatic.  The fears and discomforts must be faced or the storm becomes overwhelming and can easily ruin what is left of your sanity, health and joy.

The many tools of Self-Ascension offered us immediate respite from the potential trauma and fear-based thoughts.  The primary orientation to harnessing your harmonic joy through the chaos is simply:  GRATITUDE!

You may ask how is gratitude even possible in the face of so much turmoil and destruction; that is a perfectly reasonable question.  Let us share more.

During the peak moments of the storm after the immediate actions of water control were handled, then the BLESSING of the moment was our dedication to spiritual practices.  We were able to smile at the situation. We were able to spend time with our Shiva Altar and to listen carefully to Spirit.  During the cleansing downpour we were guided to clean and rearrange the altar, using the backdrop of “cleansing waters” to cleanse and uplift.

We looked forward to our fireside evenings as deep communion times. We would discuss the gifts received during the day as a reminders of the greater blessings being poured into our shared life.  These discussions opened a portal of divine reassurance that was far beyond anything we could have received from the third dimension! 

Meals became a fun experience in creativity and preparation.  Rather than lament at running out of fresh food, we found joy in going into the pantry and creatively imagining using stored foods in new ways.  Each dining moment became a celebration and moment of delight.

The spiritual practices of Self-Ascension were a vital gift that sustained our energy and assisted us to remain outside of the “fear” or “depression” that wanted to interrupt our experience.

Books, board games and healthy doses of transparent communication made the time fly by, and in fact strengthened our Union.  As the waters rose and it seemed we would be here, alone, for a long period of time we began counting the miracles and blessings we were experiencing! 

Here are some examples:

Water!  When we acquired this land, the drinking water came from a small stream that flowed on the surface. About 8 months ago we were strongly guided, (despite the huge cost), to shift from the river-based water supply to a 120-foot deep well to supply our water needs.  Had we not honored that guidance and pushed through the financial concerns, we would have been without water.  The river system that had sustained Terra Nostra for many years was first contaminated with mud and then the pump and cistern was washed away due to the velocity of the waters.  Little did we know 8 months ago that we were being given valuable insights and thank goodness we paid attention.  The deep well was not only secure; the purity of the water is unrivaled. Even with this pure water source on site, intelligent planning meant that we still had several gallons of bottled water in storage as a precaution, (should the well pump ever fail).

Food!  Several years ago, Archangel Zadkiel shared in a public Insoulment that there would come a time that it would be beneficial to have 2 weeks of food available.  This loving sharing is one that we have taken seriously and from that moment onward we have always had enough food, for both humans AND animals, for more than two weeks.  While the fresh food was not bountiful, at no time were we concerned about hunger and our animal family never missed a meal!  Having dried foods, nuts, beans, rice and spices on hand offers sustaining energy and support.

Medical supplies, candles and batteries!  We were certainly protected that we had no need for any of the medical supplies we have on hand, however having a good first aide kit with cleansers, sutures and bandages is wise. It was a valuable support to simply know that had we needed them, they were here!  Remember we were literally unable to leave the land.  And, it was unlikely that anyone could reach us.  

We live 45 kilometers from the paved road and our dirt road has four bridges that cross two rivers.  All the bridges were impassable; we were literally cut off from traditional support.  The reassurance of knowing we could handle virtually any emergency was a blessing.  Having sufficient batteries also meant that flashlights and other small electronics, (like a transistor radio to hear weather reports), would continue to function.

Our intention is not to offer to you the “list” of items to have, it is more to remind you that when you trust in the divine and take action from the space of joy, MIRACLES manifest and you will survive anything!  It is a form of self-care to have on hand the physical supplies needed to support your safety and comfort.

This was our second brush with the intensity of mother nature and once again we knew we were in the right place at the right time.  We could write pages of the miracles and serendipitous events that took place just before the storm, during and afterwards, however the greater gift is this:

When you relax and release self-doubt and TRUST that the universe is pulsing through you as a vehicle of the divine, then regardless of the circumstances you will always be protected and you will be exactly where you are meant to be!

Taking smart actions to prepare ahead of time is important as well as it sends a clear signal to the universe that you are listening!  We are grateful we listened to our intuition on the well and to Zadkiel for the supplies suggestions. 

It is what we DO with our intuition and spiritual tenacity that supports our harmony and ignites a miraculous life experience…all ways!

Living in a physical body and engaging the physical world is easier if we bring respect and wisdom to our circumstances. Having water-fasted many times, we knew that food was not a survival requirement.  Yet a hot soup is very comforting in a winter storm!  Calling forward spiritual tools can sustain you through anything the physical world might send your way. 

Keeping a positive mental attitude is far easier when you have cultivated Ascension Awareness.  The ability to detach from the limbic brain (the flight or fight reaction) and instead smile, lift and respond to every occurrence with peace and trust can be cultivated in your day-to-day life.  Then Grace and Miracles become a daily occurrence.

These are a few of the recognitions we gathered from the storm.  May our sharing ignite your recognition that Divine connection is both the Sustenance and the Way.

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira