Article by Kevin Annett October 14, 2016

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HEY PEOPLE! Critics everywhere are kind of raving about Kevin Annett's upcoming new satirical book: A HISTORY OF WHITE PEOPLE IN CANADA

“I couldn't stop laughing, but only to myself, of course ...” Thomas Gray in The Globe and Mail

“Where does this Annett fellow get off calling our honorable Prime Ministers drunkards and robber barons?  Not all of them were!” - George McLaren, Royal Canadian Legion

“Holy Shit! I thought I put out a gag order on that little bastard!” - former Prime Minister Jean Chretien

"Holy Shit! I thought I put out a hit order on that little bastard!" - retired RCMP Inspector Peter Montague

“An unparalleled excursion into the underbelly of our country … Reading Kevin's work made me want to become an American!” - Maude Barlow, former Chair Woman Person of the Council of Canadians

So be a Naughty Canadian and​ plan to order your copy through Amazon and Createspace​, or via this email address​.​

​Why? Because we told you to! And Canucks always do what they're told!

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