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Article by Joan Newcomb December 5, 2015

Adventures in Density & Effort

Adventures in Density & Effort describes what life on earth is all about. We are Spirit manifesting in this reality for the fun of experiencing the opposite of who We Are.

Adventures in Density & Effort describes my belief of what life on earth is all about. I believe we are Spirit manifesting in this reality for the fun of experiencing the opposite of who We Are.

Spirit is immortal, eternal, and all knowing ( it *is* the cosmic internet). In the non-physical realm, there’s no time – everything is happening at once, and no space – everything is Unity, and no negative emotions – it’s all joy.

What would be fun or entertaining for Spirit, who has everything? To create a reality to experience dichotomies, limitations and opposites!

Physical reality is density, there are atoms and molecules and energy moves slowly or quickly. There’s physical space and distance, there’s the passage of time, cycles of days and seasons.

Our vehicle in this realm is our body which experiences effort to move its muscles, a life cycle of birth, growth and death, emotions of all colors, physical sensations of cold and heat, and each body has a unique personality to go with it. To One who is All that Is, it’s really quite delightful to be many different things!

As Spirit, you signed up for a road trip through life, and chose different elements and ‘stopping points’ along the way. Since you didn’t have a body yet, you didn’t have the considerations of pain and discomfort. From Spirit’s perspective, the harder the better. The more capable Spirit chooses the most challenging lifetime!

So you signed up to have a dysfunctional family, a crazy or alcoholic parent, to experience a traumatic childhood, painful relationships, difficult job situations, all with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Once being born, it’s WTF??? This is miserable! I don’t like this! Get me out of here! That’s all from the perspective of the body/personality. As Spirit, you’re still having a whale of a time.

Any challenge you create, within you is the ability to overcome it. Not from the body/personality perspective, but from your Essential Self, Spirit.

If you listen to someone complaining about their problems, realize that as Spirit they’re boasting about how capable they are! It’s like an actor that has taken on a really juicy role!

Now you have a chance to approach things differently. Once you operate with the awareness that you *are* your Essential Self, you *are* Spirit, the ‘rules’ change

This world isn’t a school, there aren’t grades you have to go through or lessons you have to learn, although it seems like there are skills you need to acquire. It’s actually a playground, a virtual reality game.

Effort doesn’t work on this level. Trying hard doesn’t work. It’s a much more subtle navigational system.

Law of Attraction is one way to describe it, but many people filter the LOA through their body/personality perspective of Effort. It’s like trying (example body vs. spirit) to fly with water wings.

Inner change creates outer change. It’s changing your energy within that alters your outer reality.

This is Your hologram and you’ve forgotten that you’re the one that programs the computer!