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Article by Janet Barrett March 8, 2016

Consciousness Unfolding/Our Bits and Pieces

We are like mosaics of being. Our bits and pieces might not make much sense when we are trapped in our old focused thinking. We donât see the bigger picture of how our daily dramas are playing out in our sense of being Consciousness. Reset your focal point and the WAS becomes the NOW.


Hello Out There!



They look just like bits and pieces, seemingly random. That can be what a close up perspective provides. No way to notice the bigger picture, the wholeness.


As we observe ourselves as ourselves we don’t realize how we are Consciousness. We don’t see how our day to day dramas are full of much more. How the dramas create a mosaic of awareness in being. How today is part of a much bigger sense of time in a reality that has no time. We can think too small. And, it is our smallness that keeps us in small thoughts, small actions and outcomes. It can keep us in denial of the wonder that has unfolded. It keeps us blind to our changes. We only know what we have known. We are indoctrinated to keeping our old thinking. The feelings stirred up now feel like before but they are not. They are only what we have limited ourselves to feel. So new feelings gets cast in the mold of the old.


We are like this. In group it showed up in many ways. Big events happening in lives that were getting lost in old focused thinking. A clear failure to see the fortune in action happening in the bigger picture. It was obvious to the rest of us.


Turn the picture on it’s side. Now look again. For if you look again you can see that there is a sense of order, a sense of space, a sense of color, textures, a sense of placement that begs for a bigger perspective. We do this in order to know what we are really looking at in its entirety. Even now you might see things as you look that have a sense of completeness. We are invited to make assumptions, to imagine the story we each individually see. 


There are no wrongs or rights here. We are free to perceive from any viewpoint. We are free to make assumptions and make decisions. We are free to lock in emotions. We are free to expect to be okay with it all and not question any of it.


It is also an invitation. An invitation to do something different. To embrace the unknown and look again free of mind and emotion as our little self. Right in this moment, close your eyes and a take a moment to allow yourselves to reset: to breathe, be filled with the appreciation of life and feel its’ beat. Become aware of the colorations that come with the beat and just love them. Continue on then to connect to the expansive All, and breathe again. Feel the warmth, support, the quiet and your heart opening like the lotus blossom unfolding and open your eyes.


Now, do you notice something more, something free, something that was not there before? Do you see the pattern that was and realize the WAS? WAS is not NOW. It WAS. NOW is new, fresh and full of potential realized. Something has happened. Let yourself feel that, connect to that, revel in it.


This does not have to be hard. You only have to allow. It is inherent in us. But we can resist. Oh, can we resist. How often has our heart connection provided truth and we fought it. We refused, on grounds that would incriminate us, and make us complicit in our own creation to ignore that call.


Maybe it was a matter of feeling safe. Safe enough to notice what we knew all along. Maybe we can feel how safe it is to let it all go in all that warmth and support. We reflect the collective Consciousness for each other. In this state that is the truth for our bits and pieces to organize in. They will always organize. That is nature and the nature of things. Accessing our sense of Consciousness will help open up to the potential they swim in. And now, they are in the NOW.





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