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Article by Janet Barrett January 5, 2016

Tree of Joy

When we access heart and our authentic voices in group you begin to realize how much we run on assumption. Because Heart is all about no story, just bits and pieces of information that have coalesced into patterns. If you realize that it is all just fuzzy photons which are bits of light in arrays of patterns you can start to engage differently and it is fun to see what is possible. Those fuzzy photons are subject to change. Just because a pattern is a pattern doesn't mean it has to stay in that particular pattern. Change how you feel and relate in your story and your life begins to play out in new ways.

I have decided that my inner Tree of Life bears the fruit of Joy. Knowledge is all about the joy that one can reap from Wisdom. The magic of my tree is that it blooms all year round. No particular season. It is always fruitful. And it never runs out. It just may blossom somewhere else on the tree.

It has taken me many years to get to this version of my life. My tree has gone through many incarnations and variations of a theme, the theme being "Life Is". All are now present in this tree that showed up on my fireplace mantle in early December. I created it and we have decided we like it so much we are not yet ready to take it down. It is the symbol for us about our harvest as we experience our winter.

Let this year be about the harvest of Joy. How to live life from that space. I have been through many other stages that Life can embody and this will be my focus this year. What will your year be about? What if you could choose? What if you were free to decide the course of your life? We always are and it's determination happens mainly from our assumptions about the past and future being the same. In this reality mindset nothing is changeable or mutable. More just a wearing down of more of the same. You get old and die.

As I start this year and look at the energy of resolutions and come from a much gentler loving version of myself I am free to engage Joy in new ways. I can experience Joy and still feel the pull of unrequited energies. One doesn't necessarily negate the other. The pull is less though as it comes into reference of Joy.

Maybe take the time to access yours sense of Heart Centered Awareness and your authentic voice. Notice how you relate to the idea of Joy as being real and center in your being. You might find you need to play with your patterns a bit to align with it. Is is in a state of of something that happens to others or not long lasting and see what else is possible. Sense your conditions about it. Is it real? Can it be?

What would you call the fruit that is ripe on your Tree of Life?