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Article by Janet Barrett February 19, 2016

Ride the Wave

In these current times we can feel like we are riding the waves of Consciousness. We can do this as champions or we can be as beginners.

No matter your trainings or beliefs, spending time with your authentic voice, your inner voice, is more important than the way you get to it. We are using Consciousness Technologies as the medium to being in the field of the Heart or Unified Consciousness. The sea of potential that is Consciousness is what we bask in and allow to permeate our beings.

It continues to be powerful times in the world. In group we surfed the power in belief systems, whether it be medical or sex or family. What we, as the interface of Consciousness, are seeing play out in the real worlds, in the waves of energies around us. We are feeling the highs and lows in the waves in awareness and the turbulence in expression. You are probably feeling it too if you are receiving this email. You may know it or not, you may recognize or not, but I can guarantee that you are feeling it. Look how antsy we are. How uncomfortable we are in our skins. We don’t like what we see happening around us. We don’t like hearing what is coming over the airwaves. We feel unsettled. We wonder what is wrong with the world that we are at this point. 

What we need to do is create the space to sit and listen to the field. The field is the field of Unified Consciousness where we are all One. We need to allow for our awareness of what is present and how we are relating to the information. to become aware of the difference between what is important to each of us and what seems to be happening in front of us. I didn't’t say create the time, only the space. You need to create the space for you to hear and to listen. Can be while you are driving down the road, brushing your teeth, feeding your cat. Being present can happen at any time, anywhere. You need to be present to driving and brushing your teeth and feeding your cat. But, if you allow yourself to hold more than one awareness, as we can, information can flow without compromising your day. Unless it needs to.

Where you can start is by appreciating that you are in a state of Safe. Always. Without question. Trust that you are okay, whether there is threat or not. Many of us don’t operate from this space. Use your skill sets and make sure you are in such a state. Listen to what shows up, play with it and get there. Then you can notice things along the way, holding being present in a new context.

When you tap in, you will notice that, yes there is upheaval. And, much more. The potential is seething with life. We check into how we relate to the Morphic fields that have been built by the Collective.  We get to notice our connections and feeding into the dynamics present. Since we each are part of the whole what would it be like if you related to the Morphic field in new ways? What part have you been relating to? Everything is a spectrum. Undo, disconnect, switch to a new state from your past informational state and what is possible?

This is a great time to be looking inside of each of us. It is easy to do it in a group and if you don’t have a group to physically join in, make one in your mind. We are always here, Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons and on our internet radio show Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet. Listen to us live or as a podcast at your convenience or before you go to bed at night. We access heart space and look at what we are feeling up in the field. Which you are a member of. You, in perhaps your sense of isolation you may forget that. Where ever you are in the world you are not alone. No one is an island alone. We are part of an archipelago.

Surfs Up! Lets go surfing and catch the Waves!!!!!!! Go for the thrill, the unexpected and enjoy yourself! You may get wet so dress appropriately.

Love, janet